49: It wasn’t me

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Chapter 49

The startled Young man looked back.
”Yes, i am Jamal. Who are you” he said.

Obviously he didn’t know me. The job of beating me up had been contracted to Emeka who in turn, contacted Jamal to help out.

”I saw you at the bus stop and recognized your face as one of the people who pushed me into the Gasperdam. I recognized this Jacket you are wearing” i said as i pointed to his ‘Harley Davidson’ jacket.

”My friend, i don’t know what you are talking about. I am not the only person who own this kind of Jacket” he said.

Whoosaa! A big slap flashed across Jamal’s face. It was from Ricardo.

He staggered back and forth and stood in one place.
Dennis had come out to the front of the house pretending to be calming things down.

”I am going to ask you a question Jamal. Why did you push me inside the water to die” i asked.

”I didn’t push you inside the water, my friend here pushed you inside the water. I have told him that what he did was not good. I also told him that we should go back and help you out of the cold water but he said that he didn’t want you to see his face” Jamal said.

He was obviously saying the truth. The Arabs usually cracked under pressure. Emeka was there and he didn’t deny.
Jamal also said that he didn’t know why Emeka wanted to beat me. According to him, Emeka just gave him €50 and told him that he wanted to ruffle me up.
”I followed him but when we got to the lake, he pushed you from the back and told me to run”

”You Know Jamal, i believe you. Therefore i am going to let you go. I want the €50 you collected from Emeka. We need to return it to a man who had sent Emeka to kill me” i said.

Jamal fumbled shaky hands in his wallet and gave me €50.
I told him to leave Bijlmer and never come back if he wanted to live. He walked fast out of the garage and disappeared. I and Emeka walked out of the garage as well.
”I need the money Clement gave you, the remaining €250” i said to Emeka.

He didn’t have the money with him but asked me to follow him to his house. We stopped a Snoda and drove to his place.
He gave me the money and told me to please call off my people from his home village in Delta State.

The visit of Maria had made me lose concentration on the Clement issues. I didn’t know that he could go to the extent of bribing petty thugs to beat me up or even kill me.

I placed a call to Evelyn and told her to take her squad and leave Delta State. Onicha-ugbo to Onitsha was not far. I promised to send her some money the following day to take care of the squad she took to Delta State. They were all my foot soldiers but to maintain them, i usually send the minimum of €100 every month which was a large sum of money then in Nigeria.

At the end of the day, i had cleared my problems with Jamal and Emeka. I had gotten all the information i needed from them.
As i suspected, it was Clement who sent them. Due to the visit of Maria, i had taken my mind off Clement but as it stood, it was time to go after him.
When i left Emeka, i drove back to Billy. Billy was the Chairman of the Enugu meeting in Amsterdam. I had previously reported Clement to him and i believed he confronted him but based on what happened at the Gasperdam, it was obvious that Mr Clement didn’t heed the warning, advice or suggestion Billy gave him. He had decided to attack me by sending petty thieves who had no hope of returning to their countries, to come after me.

Since Maria had left back to Napoli, i had every time i needed in the World to concentrate on how to attack Clement and protect myself.
I had taken my eyes off the ball and the result was that i almost got killed. It was so unlike me. Clement had given me some signs that he was after me. I should have done the things i knew how to do best which was to initiate attack before my enemies. The little relapse in calculation, coupled with the fact with the days i spent with Maria had caused the major scare.
It was luck that saw me got out of the waters alive. It was a pretty cold water which could have even killed me.
I had had to live with the soaked clothes until i got home.

Pat was living in my room throughout the entire period i spent with Emeka and Jamal at the warehouse. She could have returned to wherever she lived but i feared that she could open her mouth anyhow after smoking marijuana in the city. As a result, i gave her enough money to buy a bottle of Hennessy and some weeds, then stay in my apartment. I had also warned her not to reveal anything to Robin.
Robin believed that i was staying with Ify and Samson. It was the reason why he didn’t ask why i left someone in my room alone.

I had also stopped dealing on drugs because the environment had become a little hostile for me. My war with the people of Nando had gone viral. People had become scared of dealing with me due to the fear that i was unpredictable. I didn’t care much anyway since my little investment with Robin was yielding enough money to pay for the house rents and take good care of my family in Bulewijk.
I had also saved a lot of money which i had sent home to be paid into my diamondbank account.

At a stage, i felt that it was time to sneak out of Holland and visit somewhere else for a few days or even weeks. It was the top of my priorities until Clement sent his thugs to deal with me.
Anger had wiped away my thoughts of leaving Holland. It would have been very difficult for me to live with myself if i didn’t do anything  about Clement.

As i sat in my room, i brought out my phone and typed in some of the things i was going to do.
First on the list was to find a way to send Ify and Samson out of Amsterdam. After that i will locate Clement and teach him how to beat an enemy. Then after that, i will leave Holland to allow the dust to settle before returning to Amsterdam.
The list contained the possible destinations where Ify was going and where i was running to after hitting Clement.
Paris, Rome and Napoli were my three top destinations.

” You’re a clever
strategist, but not
all battles require
tricks. Sometimes
the simplest way to
kill something is to
swim up to it and
bite it in half”

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