48: Go back to God

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My hands found her big bosoms and started squeezing as soon as i sat down beside her. She resisted a little and relaxed. I had decided not to kiss her. I squeezed the bosoms four or five times and put my hand inside the cup of her large Bra.
Her bosom was warm and soft. She had started enjoying it.

The electricity light had just returned and the DVD had started playing. The movie’s sound was audible from the DVD’s internal speakers but the TV itself needed to be powered on before it could show the images.

”put the film on for me abeg” she had said.

These Damn Power authorities knew how to interrupt good situations.

I pressed the remote control and the movie started showing on the TV.

Two little men named Aki and Paw paw were tterrorizing the people. I wasn’t interested on it since I was supposed to be acting my own live movie with miss ‘call girl’.

She half focused on the TV while my hand ventured into her bra and does some wonders there.

Her attention returned to me when I slipped my hand under her black skirt and touched the top of her Cunnt.

She moaned softly and abandoned Aki and Paw paw on the TV where they belonged.

Her hand unzipped my pants and brought out the hard dicck in the open. She lowered her mouth and swallowed the entire length.

Hmm… I was actually going to get a MouthAction.

I laid back on my back and moaned as she sucked on my dicck for several minutes. When she was done, I stood up and dropped my pants on the floor.

She had started unbuttoning her blouse as well. I helped her unzipped the side of her skirt and it fell on the floor. She removed her feet from it and laid back down on the chair. I told her to lie on the floor. I need to hold unto something pretty solid while I digged.

I was disappointed with Bisi and I figured since the call girl had big A.rse like Bisi, the different wasn’t going to be much. But Ozoigbondu was wrong this time.

She laid on her back and pulled out her underwear. I tore a condom with teeth and slipped it easily on my dicck and mounted her.

The call girl was tight as hell despite her large backside. It took me several attempts before I gained full penetration.

I pumped in and out as she moaned softly until she climaxed. Since I had been fvvcking for the past two days, my sperm seemed to have been dried up. I Fvucked her until she climaxed again and began to beg me to do it harder, a request I welcomed as I pumped harder in an attempt to influence the easy release of my sperms.

It came several minutes later and I collapsed on top of her.

When I recovered, I got up and went to dispose the condom. I was really impressed with her. She was thoroughly satisfied as she smiled while putting back her cloths.

She later went down after promising she would come again the next day.

What! These girls want me dead.

When she was gone, I went down and asked Issa not to allow her in again without my permission. Infact, I told Issa that nobody comes up to my flat again without him coming to let me know first.

Some hours later I went down to the call center and sat on the plastic chair. There was nobody there at that time, therefore, it was time to talk about what we did.

She said she once had a boyfriend but he left her for another girl.
She wanted to read Business Administration at the University but Mr Jamb had refused her easy entry into the University.

There! The landlord’s daughter had come downstairs and was walking up towards the road. I avoided looking at her but the moment she disappeared to the left towards the Cyber Cafe, I excused myself and went inside.

I had come down with my car keys, so I just started the car and followed her. I saw her walking down towards the Catholic Church in Onireke. I followed her slowly until she went into the Church premises, then I parked my car and went inside the Church too..

It was time to seek God’s face once more. The sins of fornication had started to engulf me.

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