48: Power Don’t Always Win

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In a bid to show Mr. David that i had no grudges against him, i had given him my phone number and asked him to always call me whenever he came to Enugu. Little did he know that he was going to start to make use of the number the same day.

I ignored his calls and continued rolling down slowly towards my hometown.

I was still sick, especially in the stomach axis but since most of the thing Emeka Ozuo gave me had been vomited out, the natural organs in my body had started to balance things up again. I was getting better by the minute but i knew that i still needed to visit a hospital.

Five minutes after Mr. David stopped calling me, a strange phone number called.

I suspected it was the DPO or the Urualla Police Station or even another Superior Police officer there in Enugu.
As a result, i ignored the calls as well and maintained my slow driving until i arrived in my compound back in the village.

People were gathered discussing one thing or the other. For some reasons, most of them knew where i went and what i went there to do.
Some even went as far as asking me to tell them the result i got from Urualla.

After starting my power generator, i went into the bathroom and had a long bath, then i changed my clothes and went outside.

The gathered crowd listened as i told them that the man was a scam.
Some said they knew he was a scam while some said he was genuine.

Among the people who said he was genuine, was a man named Orji.
When i asked Orji if he had visited Emeka Ozuo in the past, he said he never did, but that he knew someone who knew another person who had gone to the Mirror and saw the people that killed his wife.

There was no need making arguments with them, I just warned them never to venture there, then i returned back to my room.

It was time to make some important calls.

The first one was to Queen. She had called several times during my dangerous quest but i didn’t answer her.

There was a general belief in Igboland that we shouldn’t talk with women when we intended to visit a native doctor or even on our way out of the native doctor’s place.
We were made to believe that if we did, whatever thing we tried to achieve won’t work.
It was something that was put inside our minds right from childhood.

As a result of all that, i had ignored every call from women.

“Hello Angel” I said to Queen on the phone.

“I haven’t even spent a few days here and you have abandoned me” She said.

“That’s not true Queen. You know i would never do that” I said.

“So, why have you been ignoring my calls?”

“Listen, i told you the kind of issues i was going to be facing here in the East. If i dont answer your call, have patience, i would definitely call back when i could” I said.

After pleading and more pleading, she accepted my apologies with a condition that i shouldn’t be ignoring her calls, no matter what the reason was.

There was no need arguing much with her; therefore, i agreed.

After talking to her, i called Uche and Blessing in Enugu. They complained that they haven’t gotten quarter of the attention they deserved from me. But since they knew what happened to the kidnapped guy, they told me that they understood why it was that way.

After every important call, i decided to have some fun with myself.

I called Mr. David Erobo back.
He didn’t know how to start dealing with the matter. He knew i did what i did deliberately because he said he suspected i would want to get some kind of revenge on him after what he did.

“You are a clever man then, only that you would have asked for your remaining 5000 Naira as soon as we got to Enugu territory. However, i want you to learn not to abuse people you dont know. Where are you now?” I had asked him.

He said he eventually had to beg his way out of the restaurant since i had already told the girl that i would pay.
He also said he couldnt return to Urualla that night since he had no money with him.

“I am at the New Heaven Police Station” He concluded.

To make him feel fine, i told him that some Police men picked me up when i went to get the money in the car.
He knew it was a lie but what options did he have?

“Send me your bank account number, i will send you 5000 Naira by 9am Tomorrow morning” I said.

Two minutes later, he sent his account number.

I called the DPO of Urualla Police Station.

“Listen you wicked boy, after everything i did for you you still went ahead and…” He was saying when i cut the call.

He called back.

“Officer, i like the police force and i like what you did for me. Police is my friend and i know that. But i expect you to ask me what happened before blaming me” I said calmly.

“Is that why you hang the phone on me?” He fired.

“Oga i am having headache here, you know what happened to me today. Please lets stick to the topic at hand” I said.

He asked what happened and i told him how i went to get money from my car and met Police men who said that i didn’t park well.
I narrated how they took me to their Station and how i spent three hours begging them before they released me with 5000 Naira.

“You should have called me when they picked you up” He said after listening to me.

I told him that they took my phone too.

“I went back to the restaurant where i left your boy and he was not there. When i called him, he said he was at the New Heaven Police Station. I will send him money early in the morning to find his way back to Urualla” I said.

“That would be good if you do it”. He said before cutting off the call.

For some reason, i called the hotel manager at the Barry Gold Hotel. He said he was at the hotel.

I told him that i would be there tomorrow evening and asked him to book my favourite room.

I also told him to give 5000 to Mr. David Erobo who was currently at the New Heaven Police Station directly opposite the Barry Gold Hotel.

When i called Mr. David back and told him to go to the hotel and take the money, he thanked me but said that he still wanted to see me before he returned.

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  1. Stephen

    Well, I think Mr David still wants to pull a stunt since he still decided to see Zubby….

  2. prugged

    U have a good heart Zuby, after everything u still made up with your police friends…. But why is david insisting on seeing you before leaving…next update will tell

  3. Areekee

    U will never cease to amaze me, ur ways r just unpredictable… weldone oga zuby

  4. davido

    The Zuby I hv knw since we started running wldnt give David a dime…wonder y d sudden change.

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