48: Jamal Van Algiers

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Chapter 48.

When i returned back to the warehouse from where i had gone to send some money to Evelyn for her transportation and other expenses to Onicha-Ugbo, Ricardo and Dennis were still there. They had moved Emeka to the back of the warehouse and blocked him with four large freezers.
They explained to me that they needed to open the door of the warehouse to avoid suspicion from people who usually see the door open.
I understood.

I had sent €100 to Evelyn and told her to go straight from the Bank where she received the money to Emeka’s village.
I had told her to give N5000 to the woman she was going to visit.

”Emeka, Your mother could call you anytime. It could be that your wife had located her. If she calls, tell her the necessary things she need to hear. Like i told you, i want to know your place so that you won’t do anything after this ordeal. I am going to give my people instructions in Nigeria, to locate your place and burn everything in it including humans, if they didn’t head from me at three days intervals. You see, you put yourself in this situation. I don’t know what Clement gave you and what he told you but pushing me into a lake to die was extreme. It is unpardonable” i said to our captive.

From my wallet, i produced another €500 and gave it to Ricardo. I needed to make him understand that we were still together.
He was all smiles after receiving the money. Things were very hard in Amsterdam and the entire Europe. €1000 was such a big money especially if you had no serious work that gives you money constantly.

At 10:20am, Evelyn called. She  had located her mother in-law and they were getting along pretty well. She had answered some questions and had given some money to the woman.
She had also managed to meet with two of Emeka’s siblings. They had exchanged numbers too.
She did very well. I felt a little guilty sending her to that kind of dangerous errand but someone was going to do it for me.

”Evelyn, the guy you visited his mother tried to kill me here but i survived. I have him now and that is why i sent you to locate his place. When you get back to Onitsha, call Kapito, Awilo, Chiko, Chuks and Umunede. Tell them what happened. Take them to Onicha-Ugbo and stay around the place you visited. Don’t show your faces in public places. If i call you, i will tell you what to do. If i don’t call every 30 minutes, call me. If i don’t answer, pick the woman up and tell her that you returned to take her to Onitsha and show her the house Emeka bought there, she will follow you” i said to Evelyn on the phone after she left Onicha-Ugbo.

”Now that we have settled the village matter, it is time to call Jamal. I am going to remove every rope that tied you to the chair. I will also give you your phone. If you try anything funny, your mother and siblings dies” i said to Emeka.

I removed the ropes on Emeka and gave him his phone.
”Call and tell Jamal to meet you in Bijlmer. I will allow you to meet him at the bus stop” i said.
I called Ricardo aside and told him to tell Dennis to go and hide the gun somewhere.
I walked with Emeka slowly to the front of the Kempering building. There was an Afroshop owned by a Nigerian there. We got into the shop and bought recharge cards, then we stepped outside and called Jamal.
Jamal said he would be in Amsterdam Zuid-Ost (South East) in an hour.
Amsterdam South East was where Bijlmer was located.
As we waited at a cybercafe opposite the bus stop, i lectured Emeka on what to do when Jamal arrives.

”You can see that i am not a killer Emeka. You people started this nonsense and that is why we are doing this. I am not going to do anything to Jamal. I just want to see and know his face so that i could be careful with him in the future. Therefore when he comes here, tell him that you bought a fridge at the warehouse which you wanted him to help you carry out to the road. He may be angry that you brought him to Bijlmer because of such small reason. Remember to be apologetic. Remember also that one wrong move could be dangerous for your people down home. I don’t care if i die or not” i said.

Emeka pleaded with me to forgive his actions. According to him, he didn’t know things would escalate to that level. They were only sent to ruffle me up but they saw an easy opportunity when they saw me sitting on the edge of the water.

”I am not like that. This man even gave us just €300. Now see what i have gotten into because of such small money” he had said.
”You mean i was supposed to die because of just €300”? I asked him.
He didn’t say anything.

As i reflected on his latest revelation, i came to the conclusion that the lives of humans were only hanging on threads.
It was so ridiculous and shameful to die because of €300 after everything i had gone through in life.
I didn’t die for deals worth Thousands of Euros i had done. I didn’t die for the Chase by a connected Madam Grace in Portugal. I didn’t die when the Okada group nearly lynched me in Lagos. I didn’t die when the Nazi skinheads and the Arabs were after me in Germany. I didn’t die when i was nearly caught at the Cathedral in Abdijan Ivory coast.
No, i couldn’t just die because of €300.
It was the crab that blamed himself after swimming across the ocean and ending up in an old woman’s pot of soup.

After reporting Clement to the Enugu meeting, they had confronted and warned him but it seemed that the warning escaped from his ears.
Since he wanted violence, there was no need to report him to anybody anymore. It was time to take the laws into my hands and do what i loved doing; Revenge.

Emeka and I waited patiently for Jamal until he showed up, then Emeka approached him and convinced him to follow him to the warehouse. I walked about 100 meters behind them, making sure that they didn’t see me.
They got to the warehouse where Ricardo and Dennis were working on a damaged Computer CPU.
I had warned them to hide the gun and every incriminating object in the warehouse.

”Are you Jamal”

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    “It was the crab that blamed himself after swimming accross the ocean and ending up in an old woman’s pot of soup.”

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    I knw u will get all the money u spent on emeka and jamal back. And mr clement will pay it and be deported back to nigeria. Still following you. Obinorai all the way

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