47: The arrival of Stella

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As I walked Olabisi down towards the gate. I saw a taxi stopped in front of our house.

And behold, the most beautiful girl in the entire Lagos state alighting from it. She looked once at me and proceeded to the boot to get her bags. I had never seen her prior to that moment. I didn’t know who it was and I silently prayed that she was not somebody’s wife.

We passed her and I waved with my right hand to her.

”Good evening sir” she had said. She looked even more beautiful when she talked.

I was almost tempted to abandon Bisi there and asked her to go but it could create a bad impression on the new girl. I walked reluctantly with Bisi to the road where we stopped a bike.

The bike said he would take Bisi to her house with N500.
Bisi was about to argue over the price but since I wanted her out of the road as fast as possible, I paid the bike man from my pocket and asked her to drive safely.
I joked that I would kill him if anything happened to my baby Bisi.

They left and I walked hurriedly back to the house. By the time I got there, the taxi had left and the girl had gone to one of the apartments in the house.

I thought about how to find out. I didn’t know if the gossip call girl down the street had seen her, but asking her could cause some confusions, as a result, I decided to go inside and wait for an opportunity to see her again.

As soon as I walked into the compound, i saw the gateman walking up towards me from the main building.

”Issa, I dey look for you before.. Where you come go” I asked him.

”Ah Oga, I go help Landlord daughter drop bag for upstairs” he answered.

”Its ok.. I wanted to see if you can wash my car tomorrow but don’t worry, I go carry am go car wash center” I said and walked up.

Landlord’s daughter! In the same building with me…

How come my cousin never said anything about her..

I sat down in the bed and called Daisy.

I liked daisy a lot but I didn’t want that cobwebs of controversy called Amaka to be stalking me. If I abandon Daisy, Amaka could leave me alone but that would mean ‘defeat’ on my side. That little girl can’t hold me hostage forever.
Besides, Daisy’s young cunnt was still tight. It was what I needed, the Nature’s recommendation for all the Suffering I had gone through in Europe.
How could Amaka destroy all that? That wasn’t fair.

”Hello” a strange voice picked the call. It wasn’t daisy. I cut off the phone without saying a word.

About twenty minutes later, Daisy called back. She said her mother was the person who picked the call and that her mother had asked who I was.

The silly little Daisy had told the mother that I was her new boyfriend and the mother had said she would like to know me…

The entire neighbourhood had started becoming too hot and unliveable for me… I believed it was time to relocate to a new area or Atleast go to somewhere else and hide for some time.

Then I remembered Okey’s place in Jakande estate. It was time to go there and disappeared for some time, maybe a week, two weeks or even a month long sabbatical from the encroaching situations.

But There was a new beauty on the block. I wasn’t going to leave the house without making any move. I won’t forgive myself if I did something like that.

‘Naija Fuel Girl’ called me an hour later. She said she didn’t know it was me who called the other time. I wasn’t ready to argue with her, it was her life and her a.rse, she could afford to lie from morning to night.

”Its ok, I thought so as well, how is work” I had asked her…

She said she would have time on Sunday and asked if I could come and pick her up. I agreed.

The following day, Issa came up and knocked on my door.
”oga Somebody I dey look for you” He said.

I asked who it was and he said it was the girl who made calls at the business center.. I considered whether to allow her in or not.. She wasn’t a beautiful girl but one thing I like with those kinds of girls was that they hardly expect you to chose them as partner.
They knew how they looked and would chicken out with every small force that pushed them.

”Tell her to come in” I told Issa the gateman.

The call girl had made a tremendous attempt at looking presentable. She had rubbed red powder all over her face and had painted her fingers red too. She must have emptied her safe while trying to impress me.

She came in and sat down without waiting for me to offer her the seat. I like people like that a lot. They usually go down to business as soon as possible.

”Are you not doing business today” I asked just for the making of starting a conversation.

”I will, business no dey good for morning and afternoon” she said.

I excused myself and went into the room.. I sat down on the bed and considered how to start my move with her. I usually use caution but since I wouldn’t feel bad or miss her even if she refused, I decided to try the ‘direct approach’

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