47: Plan B

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Chapter 47: Plan B

Before Emeka could let out a scream, Ricardo held his mouth tightly and muffled the sounds from coming out.

”I asked if you know me and not where you see me. If you try to give me another silly or dumb answer, i will try your head next. I don’t care if you die here or not” i said.

”Brother please, i will tell you everything. It was not me, it was Mr Clement who sent us to you. He wanted us to beat you. We followed you for many days before we tracked you down to the Gasperdam lake” Emeka said.

”I have not asked who sent you or why, i have just asked if you know me, although your statement helped. But i want us to do this one after the other. Who is your second at the lake”? I said.

”His name is Jamal, he said he is from Algeria. We smoke weeds together at the coffee shop inside the canal near the Amsterdam central station. That is where i met him” he said amidst sobs.

”I want to know where he lives. If you give me the address, you will leave this place alive but if you don’t, i am sorry i can’t help you”. I said.

He said he didn’t know where Jamal lived but said he could give me his phone number and tell me how to track him down.

”Well, i am going to lock you up here and gag your mouth with cloths and tapes until i find Jamal. By the way, since Clement only asked you to beat me, why did you push me inside the water to drown and die”? I asked.
He started crying.
As always, it was the handiwork of the devil. The devil had manipulated him to push me inside the cold water where i could have died.

”Where are you from”? I asked.
He said he was from Onicha-Ugbo in Delta State.

He was apparently of Igbo Origin.

”Do you have brothers and Sisters and Parents”? I asked him.
He nodded.
I want you to call your mother now and tell her that your girlfriend will call her in the morning and talk with her. Tell her that your girlfriend lives in Onitsha and that you met her on the internet. Tell her that she will call her later tonight and speak with her. Remember, if you say one silly thing, you die. I am not going to do anything to your mother Emeka. I only want to know your village and compound. That is the only way i am going to make sure that you won’t try anything on me again if i let you go; you can see its for your own good” i said.

I gave him his phone and he called the mother. He told her that the girl she wanted to marry will call her and will possibly visit her the following morning.
The woman, as would many other mothers, was happy that his son was going to bring a wife home.

Right inside the warehouse, i called Evelyn in Onitsha and told her what to do.
I lied to Evelyn that the woman she was going to visit in the morning had been disturbing his son Emeka to get married.

”I will send you some money in the morning. Give the woman N5000 and use the rest for transport” i had told Evelyn.
She was happy that she was going to get some pocket money. She was my cousin wo depended on me for her school fees.
”What if i had died inside the water you pushed me into, would you have told my people”? I suddenly asked Emeka.
”You can’t die like that, the water is not too deep” he said.
I hit his head with the log of wood i was holding.
As usual, he was stopped from crying out.

”You are going to remain here until your wife return from visiting your mother tomorrow. I may release you and go after Jamal alone, if you leak any information to him, i will capture you again” i said.
He swore never to tell Jamal anything if i allowed him to go.

Right inside the warehouse, i knew that i had just kidnapped someone. It was a major offence everywhere in the World. It was something that could easily land me in prison for a long time but whatever risk i was taking was minor compared to the fact that i could have drowned in Gasperdam lake.
There were things that fortified our nerves whenever we witnessed them. Pushing me down into a lake was a near death experience. I could have hit my head on the metal rail that ran down to the water, which could have in turn, rendered me unconscious. There was no way i could have been able to swim or survive if i had been unconscious.

And there was the lunatic called Emeka who sat in front of me, telling me that i could not have died.

At about 12pm, we gagged Emeka’s mouth with a piece of cloth and tied his legs to the chair he was sitting. His hands were also tied in front of him. The Surinames wanted to tie his hands at his back but i took pity on him.
Dennis left with his gun around 1:25am while i stretched myself on top of a long refrigerator.
Sleeping was out of question since our victim could have started anything anytime. At around 4am, i got up and sipped from the bottle of Hennessy sitting on the floor.

”Emeka, we will stay here until the afternoon of today” i said to him after swallowing the hot liquid from the bottle of Hennessy.
”Like i warned you earlier, if you try anything, i will hit your head with this big metal on the floor and you could die instantly. You know how African deaths are treated in this Country. The Dutch government won’t care as long as you cannot come to defend yourself in court. The worst that could happen to me is three months prison term and deportation from here. Therefore, i am going to warn you one last time. Stay quiet especially if you hear any noise outside. I have people who are monitoring the movements of people outside and they will be walking past here from morning to afternoon. Do you understand” i said.
He nodded and remained calm.

As a result of his obedience, i removed the cloth in his mouth and allowed him to breathe heavily.

Around 8am, Dennis came with some food. They all ate except me. The food was some Suriname junk which i wasn’t interested in eating.
Apparently they had to do something since i had given €500 to Ricardo for their services. I had also promised to give them another €500 for each day that i used his warehouse for my operations.

” War is nothing
more than
organized insanity.
That’s why crazy
and unexpected
tactics work most
of the time. When
they don’t, we
won’t live to tell
about it”

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