47: Many ways to kill a Rat.

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Madam Grace called me back after an hour and half.
She said she can only pay me when Jennifer send the rest of her money which she claimed was about another €20,000.

“I am sure you would have never told me you were paid if not that i decided to have a collateral first. You should have known who i am” I said.

“But how did you know Ini?” she asked.

“I warned you back in Portugal to stop asking silly questions. I was in Portugal when they came. The news was everywhere among Nigerian people. I knew when she left for France, so i followed her. It took me almost a month to locate her in Strasbourg but the good news is that i have her now. You won’t be able to talk to her again until you send the 10,000 euros. That is my share of the money because i am sure Jennifer would not have balanced you up to that amount if she was still with you” I said.

After haggling from 5 to 7, we finally agreed that she was going to send €8,000 the following day.

The truth was that i had been thinking how to extort money from Madam Grace ever since i found Ini. I wasn’t able to come up with a concrete plan and it was one of the reasons why i didn’t contact her on time. It was when Jennifer revealed she sent money to her that i decided to merge the whole affairs and gamble on a well articulated lie.

About thirty minutes after talking to Madam Grace, Jennifer called back and said Madam Grace called her.

“So you were also foolish enough to give her your phone number? If that devilish woman cause problems between you and your husband, you won’t find me. What did she say?” I asked.

“I am sorry for everything. I need you to stop blaming me now and tell me how to handle this. My husband already warned me that he doesn’t want to get involved” Jennifer was crying on the phone.

“What did Madam Grace say?” I asked again.

“She asked why i didn’t tell her it was you who told me to send her the money”

“Very good. Nothing has changed much. You will deliberately lose your phone even if it is an expensive phone. Your husband will blame you naturally but it will be better than dragging him into Prostitution scandal. Lose the phone and get another one. Send the new number to people you believe will never give it to Madam Grace. Start a new life Jennifer. You are a big hope and inspiration to the new girls i have been removing from the streets because i always use you as an example when trying to convince them. It was you who started this mission that very day you returned to my apartment in Lisbon and told me that you were tired of what you were doing. Without you, i would not have gotten involved in this game. Now imagine that those girls i sent to the UK heard that you are balancing Madam Grace money, what do you think they will do? It will put pressure on them to make quick money and balance their own Madams. The reason is because Madam Grace could decide to circulate rumour that it was Olokun that forced you to pay or die. Such rumours are always powerful and difficult to disproof. Always Understand that i won’t be available to tell all of the girls that it was a lie. Now you understand why you have to deliberately lose your phone and get a new one. Among the girls i rescued, you are still nummer Eins (number One). I hope you know German very well now” I said in an attempt to make her laugh because there was this Igbo adage that says “Ewelu ofu aka tie nwatakiri Ihe, ewelu aka nkeozo kpukite ya azu” which loosely translated to “When we beat a kid with one hand, we use the other one to draw him back and console him”

After settling the case of Madam Grace, it was time to call Sandra’s Madam. I believed that was where the run was going to begin.

I knew all along that Madam Grace wasn’t going to pursue me. She knew i was a slick slimy Snake who was capable of sending you north while going south. Madam Grace was never going to leave Portugal to come after me because she knew she wasn’t going to see me. All she could do was just to send the money and pray that Ini return to her; anything outside that was just a day dream.

The killer line in all that just happened between Madam Grace and I was that Jennifer agreed it was me who asked her to repay Grace.
Since Jennifer also agreed to send another 20000 to her, Grace must have known that i was capable of stopping the transaction. I believed it was the reason why she decided to pay me and bid her time.

“Hello Sandra, we have been searching everywhere for you. Where are you, what happened”. That was the voice of the woman who answered my call.
I decided to call her with Sandra’s phone since the style worked wonders on Madam Grace.
I was sure the woman would not have listened to me if i just called and started to introduce myself.

“Are you Tina?”

“Yes, who is this? How, where did you get this phone?” she yelled.

I always liked it when i heard their surprised inconsistent voices from the other side of the phone.

“There is little airtime in this phone; it will cut off soon and when it does, call me back immediately” I said.

“I asked who you are and how you got that phone” she shouted.

“Sandra is in trouble. You are the second contact in her phone i called. If…” I was saying when the phone died. The credit in it finished. I checked it before making the call and knew it won’t get far.

“What are you talking about?” that was Tina as soon as she called back.

“Listen to me Tina. I don’t have time for question and answer. Sandra is in trouble, if you know her people, send me their phone numbers so that i can contact them” I said.

“Did anything happen to her? Please tell me” She said.
“Are you her mother?” I asked.

“No but she works for me, i mean i brought her to Europe” she said.

“I will contact you again soon” I said and cut off the phone.

I replayed the recorded phone call and was amazed at how efficient the little Samsung phone worked.

Tina has just confirmed that not only that she brought Sandra to Europe but that she also worked for her.

Recording days returns.

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    slimy Snake who was capable of sending you
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    Tina is playing wit a rattle snake dat knows what’s Good for biz

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