47: Genova Convention

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”The elderly taxi driver needed no language understanding to know that there was trouble. He fumbled in his pocket and brought out a phone to make an emergency call. He was going to call the Police, it was going to be two edged sword since the police was definitely going to ask for our documents which would put Ngozi in trouble. I quickly grabbed the phone from him and asked him to move the vehicle. Another cab had stopped behind us and was watching the drama. As if he was hit by a rock, the cab driver engaged the automatic transmission and pedalled the gas throttle at the same time. The Alfa Romeo surged forward with its two rear tyres screeching in protest. The thugs stood behind us without any hope of chasing after us. Ahead of us were two Police vehicles standing along the road. Our cab driver got there and stopped. The police officers were not in the car, they were inside the mall opposite where they left their vehicles. The cab driver had opened his door and left the car. I quickly opened my own door and came out as well. The thugs could still be seen about two hundred meters near the entrance of the train station. Without being told Jennifer came out of the cab with the bag and stood near me.
The cab driver walked over to me and said something in Italian; i didn’t understand him. I didn’t wait for him to explain since it seemed he knew no English. I quickly opened my wallet and gave him a â‚€10 bill, then i pointed towards the thugs and said ”Kriminale”. I didn’t know what the Italians called ‘Criminal’ but whatever it was, i had hoped that the cabman understood me. As i turned to look at the entrance of the mall, i saw four Police officers coming out with a man in handcuffs. The man in cuffs had apparently did something bad in the mall and the police were called.
”Ngozi, take the bag and go inside the mall, don’t stand there” i said quickly. She grabbed the bag and entered the mall at the same time with the cab driver who was going to meet the policemen halfway. Since i didn’t know what he was going to tell them, i rushed in front of him and stopped the Police officers first.
He was about to say something as Ngozi walked past us and went into the mall.
”Excuse me, there are some people at the train station, i think they have guns” i said to the police as soon as the old man was about to talk to them. One of the cops quickly brought out his gun and shifted away while pointing the gun at me. I threw my hands up and pointed outside. One of them dragged me through my hand and took me outside.
As soon as we stepped out, we saw the thugs walking up fast towards the mall. I quickly pointed at them. As the second police officer pulled out his gun, the thugs started running back towards the station. The taxi driver was confused as he just stood there watching the drama unfold. The third police officer pushed the man in cuffs inside one of their cars and asked me to join him. I did as i was told. As i sat at the back of the car and watched as the remaining three cops jumped into the second car and pursued the thugs down to the station, i prayed that they escaped. I didn’t want the cops to capture them, it could complicate things for me. More than five minutes later, the cops had not returned. The one police who was watching over us in the car had started asking me questions. I had prayed that the Cabman would just enter his car and drive away but he didn’t. He stood there until the other three cops returned, then he walked up to them and started talking.
The good news was that the thugs had escaped. I was sure i could defend myself against the taxi driver but i knew he was going to tell them about my second; Ngozi.
I wasn’t on cuffs which was encouraging. I didn’t commit any offence anyway, i was just a victim as well as the cab driver.
After speaking with the cab driver, two of the officers walked up to me and asked me about my second. They asked if she was my girlfriend or my wife.
”She is not my wife and she is not my girlfriend” i said to them and kept quiet. They asked who she was and where she had gone.
”Officer i don’t know her. I am on my way to France when i met those bad boys inside the station. They asked me to give them money but i told them that i don’t have money. They started pushing me and i ran outside and saw the taxi man. She ran out of the station as well. I think they were chasing after her too” i said.
One of the officers was writing down something as i talked. When i finished, they asked if i knew the thugs, which i denied. They asked where Ngozi had gone and i told them that i didn’t know. When the question and answer session was over, they took my Portuguese permit card and wrote down the data on it. Then they asked me to leave Italy within twenty four hours. I thanked them and walked into a nearby bar where they sold beer.
”Give me a glass of beer” i said to the bar man. He had seen everything that happened outside. Some other people had watched as the police chased the thugs down the road. The bar man asked me what happened but i ignored him. I was thinking on how to go and bring Ngozi out of the mall. Twenty minutes later, i called her phone but it was switched off. The only confidence i had was that there was enough money in the bag she was carrying. After another twenty minutes of waiting for the coast to be clear, i walked into the mall and started searching for my co-runner. Ngozi was nowhere to be found. I wondered if the thugs had found her before me. I searched the large mall from end to end several times without success. I got tired and frustrated. Right inside the mall, i didn’t know the next thing to do. If i just walked out and go back to France, everything i had nearly died for would be in vain. Where was my little girl? The only explanation was that she was taken by either the thugs or the Police. Which ever team that took my girl, i was going to find out.The France trip had just been cancelled.

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  1. Olaleye Olusegun

    seriously de best way to do justice to this story, is to engage good movie director to make it a series cause if u make it in a movie it will not be detailed

  2. kobenol

    OGA Zubby you mistakenly named Jennifer on this line “Without being told Jennifer came out of the
    cab with the bag and stood near me.”
    I guess you really have a thing or two for her even after these years, in narratives…

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