46: Good girl

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As soon as I got to the business center and sat down, my phone rang. It was Olabisi. She said the school had closed and that she would like to come to my place before going home.
”Stop at Barracks bus stop and call me” I had told her.

”Why do you call Amaka anytime you see the other girl come to my house” I asked the call girl.

”You no know say them be friends Abi? Wetin Daisy dey do no good at all” she said.

I was expecting her to deny but the bold girl gave it to me straight. There was no need to argue with her, as a result, I decided to try a different approach.

”Amaka is not my wife, Daisy is not my wife and you too is not my wife. It is not your business what I do with my life. It was you that I wanted to even talk to but you held me here because of N20. So I decided to forget about you. Now you call Amaka because I talked to another girl. Stop it” I said.

She kept quiet.

”What is your name” I asked slowly trying to make her feel free.

She mentioned a Yoruba name that I had forgotten. I asked why she was not in school like other girls.
She said she was still looking for admission. According to her, she had finished secondary school three years ago and Jamb had been seizing her result.

As soon as I had gotten her to a state of mind where I wanted, I asked her when she would visit me.

She said she didn’t know. I asked if she could come in the evening, she said it was the best time for her business but said she could come tomorrow in the morning or afternoon.
Great! She was going to pay for her sins too.
She wasn’t beautiful, Atleast not in my own eyes but she had a big A.rse that vibrated on her short skirt. Her legs were short too but her bosoms were a good compensation for the bad features.

I left her and went upstairs to get my car keys. I figured Bisi would call me any moment.

I drove to Barracks bus stop and started buying fruits while waiting for Bisi. She called some minutes later and said she was already under the Trade fair bridge.
I told her I was at the barracks.

She came later and we drove home.

The ugly call girl saw my car entering the compound but she could not see whether there was somebody inside it or not.

I took Bisi upstairs and made her feel at home in the sitting room. I went to the kitchen and peeled Pineapple for us.

We ate and talked. She said her mother had been asking of me and that she would be glad if I visited again. I told her I would visit when I have time.

When we finished eating, she offered to remove the remains and the plate. I allowed her.
I usualy like it when women play their roles. It doesn’t really mean that it was their responsibilities to remove plates after eating but from where I came from, that was how it was done.

I asked Bisi if she would like to take a bath, she agreed and went into the bathroom. I gave her a towel from my down drawer. When she finished, I went in and took mine.

I returned to the sitting room and carried her on my laps.
I didn’t really know how to start with her. I usually try to learn some of the things a girl want before making any move. But when I carried Bisi on my laps, she initiated the kisses.

Good enough for me. I had noticed that women naturally feel free and confident to do whatever they wanted whenever they found themselves in an apartment that belonged solely to their partner.

Bisi was all over me, teaching me some kissing tricks while my hand explored her big backside. One of her hands had found my crotch and was squeezing the hell out of it.

At a stage, I felt that it was time to go beyond just touching and kissing. I pulled down her clothes and exposed some huge laps behind them.
she was wearing a tight pant which was elastic. I pulled it down her legs too and decided it was a waste of time to remove the blouse and bra.

I searched for my wallet to get a condom, Damn! I left it in the car.

I rushed like a blind bull to the room stumbling upon anything that stood between me and the dripping cunnt I had exposed a few moments ago.

I pulled out a drawer and snatched a pack of gold circle condom and rushed back to the Parlour.

Bisi was smiling when I came.

”Take it easy baby, I am not running away” she said as I slipped the rubber on my hard dicck.

I turned her around and made her kneel with both knees on the leather sofa while supporting herself with both hands. The mouth of her cunnt opened up like the London bridge, then I entered her from behind.

The entrance was too free. Nothing whatsoever tried to grab my dicck on the way in. It was a first time for me and as a result, I decided that it would be the last time with Bisi.

What on earth had she been doing with her cunnt, I even felt that she had had sexx that same day before coming to my house.

I pumped in and out freely, pretending that I was enjoying every bit of it.

It was a massive punishment for me because the sperm refused to come. It usually happened whenever I had sexx prior to another one. Daisy had taken the first and second fruit that morning.

I tried as hard as I could and when it couldn’t come out, I turned her around and made her lie on her back. The famous missionary style had never failed me.

I climbed her and entered even more freely.

”I hope you are enjoying it baby” I heard Bisi said.

”Yea baby, you are sweet” I said knowing that she didn’t even believe it.

Eventually, my prayers was answered as the warm watery sperm flowed slowly into the rubber. I pulled out as soon as it happened and smiled at her.

I went into the toiled and disposed off the condom.

I sat there on the same seat and watched her put her cloths back on. We talked for several minutes before she announced she was leaving.. It was getting dark, therefore I excused myself with the flimsy reason that I didn’t like night driving. I gave her N2000 and asked her to call me when she got home.

Right inside me, I knew it was good bye Olabisi.

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