46: The Unfortunate Escort

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I saw pupils in School uniforms surrounding my vehicle, many of them looking into the car through the Glasses.

I though i was seeing them in dreams until a big bang occurred on the car door.

I saw three Police men standing around the car, One of them had obviously knocked on the door.

“Open the door” He had shouted.

Slowly, i raised my head up and opened the door.

“Dont move, stay where you are, You are under arrest” Their Captain shouted.

“I think he is sick, look at what he vomited inside the car” Second Cop said.

At that stage, i recalled that i had vomited earlier.

“Come down slowly and show me your hands” The Captain said as he brought out his handcuffs.

“Oga i think he is sick. Let us…” second cop was saying before the leader shout him down.

“Shut up, he is a criminal. He must have been returning from robbery” He shouted.

He was demanding for my hands so that he could cuff them but i was still weak. I didn’t move an inch from where i sat, i just remained there and said nothing.

“Who are you?” The third Police officer intervened.

I pointed at my stomach and said nothing.

“What is wrong with your stomach?” He asked.

“Poison” I muttered.

“Poison, who gave you poison?” He asked.

I pointed to the direction of Emeka Ozuo’s house and said nothing.

“E be like say na that Native doctor again” the third police man said.

It seemed they knew Emeka Ozuo and they had seen a similar case before.

“Can you drive?” He asked.

I shook my head.

“You need to drive with us to the Police station to make a statement. Your car is messed up, so we can’t drive you” he said.

I slowly got down from the car and picked my phone from the passenger seat. About 20 missed calls had been recorded.
The digital clock on it showed that the time was 13:26.

I usually set all my time in 24 Hours format.

I must have passed out for more than five hours.

I stretched myself for a minute before i told the Cops that i could manage to drive but not far.

“Our station is not far, we will be there in three minutes” one of them said.

I returned into the vehicle and started the engine.
One of them entered at the back of my car and directed me and i slowly drove down to the Police Station.

“What happened at the man’s place” The policeman at the back of my car had asked.

I told him that i didn’t know what Emeka Ozuo gave me.

Rather than following that line of topic, the idiot told me that it was my fault.

“You are the one who went looking for him. He could not have given you that thing if you didn’t go to his house” He said.

I instantly got angry and wanted to shout at him but i was weak.

But i managed to say, “If you talk that rubbish again, you will get down from my car”.

He started ranting and cursing and telling me how he was going to deal with me when we get to the station.

Agbabawo m N’agi, Agbabawo m.

“Eze Eligwe Agbabawo m N’agi, Biko Bia Nyere m Aka”

“You are a thief. All those story you are telling us will Not help you today” He had said.

He wasn’t with a gun. If i was strong enough, i would have diverted the car and head to the highway. I would have taken him to the middle of nowhere and ask him to get off my car.
He was a young man, about my age or a little younger but i was sure he wouldn’t be able to defeat me in a fist fight.

As soon as we entered the station, he jumped down with anger and rushed to open the door to my side.

I locked the vehicle and stared at him as he shouted out what he would do to me.

The other two Police men who had returned to the station with a 504 police pickup, walked to where we parked and asked their colleague what the problem was.

He rambled about how i insulted him and how he would make sure that i would be detained.

I unlocked my door and stepped out of the vehicle, then i locked it with the remote censor and followed the cops into heir counter.

“Go behind the counter” The idiot who came with me shouted.

The other two cops didn’t say anything, they just watched as i argued with the idiot.

Mr. David Erobo was a Nigerian Police officer. A native of Edo State Nigeria, he was about my age. On top of his shirt pocket was the Police Identification number ‘388-465″.
He had been transferred from Zone 9 Umuahia to Urualla on a special mission.

As the argument raged, i told the policeman, Mr. Erobo that i wasn’t going behind any counter.

He had already slapped me twice before the DPO came out.

“What is it David?” The DPO asked.

“Its this armed Robber. He refuse to go behind the counter” He shouted.

“Did you come to report to me?” DPO asked.

Mr David kept quiet.

“What is the issue Young man?” DPO turned to me and asked.

In response, I threw up on the counter.
This time, it was deliberate.

Since they wanted intimidation, i was going to use the arsenals i had.

“Is he OK?” DPO asked.

Everybody kept quiet.

“Are you OK Young man?” The DPO asked.

“No Sir. I told him that i am dying here and he continued beating me” I said.

I was bending down clutching my stomach.

The DPO held my hand and led me to his office.

“Who is the IPO for this case?” The DPO asked the two Police men that followed us to his office.

“No one yet. He is the man whom the Principal called us that he was sleeping inside the car in the field” one of them said.

“What is the problem Young Man, what is your name?” He asked.

After telling him my name, i told him what had happened. I didn’t leave anything out, i gave him details of how i returned from Europe to look for my missing brother and how i was told to visit Urualla.

He said he knew Emeka Ozuo and also said he had warned people to stay away from him.

The DPO took pity over me and asked if i was even able to drive to Enugu.

I told him that i would try.

“I can ask one of my men to escort you to Enugu but you will have to pay us 10000 Naira” He said.

“Alright Sir. I can do that” I said.

“Corporal, call David Erobo to escort this man to Enugu Immediately” DPO said.


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  1. IamJames

    Hahahahahaha…. The corporal is indeed an unfortunate escort. His name will change to sorry by the time he’s dealt with. Rubbish Nigerian police.

  2. mark10

    Lolz @corporal, this Nigerian police no get pity at all, person wey sick them still dey demand for money from am

  3. dejust

    so the police cannot do Anything to help you or arrest the scammer…. NPF, God dey record una matter ooo….

  4. dolapom

    You are a very strong man, even when you are very sick, you still want to drive.

  5. Areekee

    I hate Nigerian police eh, any small opportunity dey get dey would start misbehaving, btw David is in trouble oo…

  6. Chidex

    Unfortunate indeed…… David sorry ass will tell the sorrowful story! I don dey pity am already! But I hate the niggeria police with passion….

  7. quinine

    David by the time u are dealth with, your DPO will be asking ‘David are u ok?’

  8. newbie

    Interesting. David was all yours. Gently! You might still need him at another time.

  9. suntonia

    That is Naija for you. Nigeria police, I pity who enter their net
    Their mindset has been programmed to think only money.

  10. MeKing王

    If tins goes wrong , accidental discharge is like to happend , so I think Zuby will behave well

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