46: The imminent Scandal

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I arrived in Freiburg with an ICE train from Heidelberg minutes before 10am the following day.
It was a Sunday morning which made the city look quiet.

I left the Freiburg Hauptbanhof and asked someone where i could get a good Hotel, He directed me to a place called Bismarckallee.
According to him, the Bismarckallee was very close which meant that i could just walk. My bag wasn’t heavy; therefore i walked until i found the place.
Bismarckallee was a major area in the city with numerous shopping places, restaurants and hotels.

I found the Intercity Hotel at the beginning of Bismarckallee and entered.
The prices were slightly high but i was tired and i liked to treat myself to some higher level of luxury once in a while.

After resting for a few hours, i called Madam Grace again.
“Today is Sunday and i want no wahala. Please leave me alone Solomon” she shouted.

“There is something i want to tell You Madam Grace. You will..” i was saying when she cut off the line again.

I got angry and brought out the two phones i took from Sandra and Ini. Immediately i switched them on, numerous text messages and missed calls came.
I searched and found Madam Grace’s phone number in Ini’s phone and dialed it.

“Where have you been, i have been calling you since three days. You silly girl, i wanted to come to France tomorrow but your God has saved you” Madam Grace shouted from the other end of the phone.

“Maybe you can now listen to what i have to say” I said calmly.

“Who is this? Solomon”

“Yes Madam Grace, this is Solomon. Can we talk now or do you want to forget about Ini?” i asked.

It took her over one minute to finally say something.

“Where is my girl, is she Okay?” She said.

“You are more matured now Madam Grace. So you can ask for someone’s welfare? Anyway call me back when you want to talk; either on this phone or on my own. Do that quick before we cross over to Germany” I said and cut the call.

Madam Grace called me five minutes later and asked what i wanted.

“You haven’t asked about Jennifer” I said.

She kept quiet for a while before she said, “Jennifer called me”

“When was that?” i fired back.

“It is not important” she said.

I cut the call and dialed Jennifer in Berlin.

After the usual greetings, i asked if she ever contacted Madam Grace.
She said she did and also sent her €20,000.

“And you didn’t think i should know about that before you gave her the money?” i said.

“I couldn’t get you on the phone then, i am sorry but i want to settle everything about me and live my life” Jennifer said.

“Settle everything, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“I want to pay off my Madam. I want to give her all the money she said i would pay when i came to Portugal” She said again.

“Jennifer where is your husband?” I asked.
She said he went for a footballer match.

“Does he know you sent money to Madam Grace?” I asked.

“Yes, he knew. I told him the truth about everything and asked him to help me out. He was the one who gave me the 20,000 Euros i sent to my Madam” she said.


The news was a slap to me. It meant that Jennifer was still scared of Madam Grace. She sent her huge amount of money in the name of paying back.

It was the reason why Madam Grace went to Africa to bring two more girls to Europe.
Yes, Ini came to Europe with another girl according to what she told me.
I didn’t really ask for details but i remember she said they were two girls who came to Portugal.

Indirectly, Jennifer was also sponsoring girls to Europe without her knowledge. Those un-repentant devils called Italian Mamas never change.
Madam Grace got €20,000 from Berlin and the best thing she thought she could invest the cash on was more teenagers who would come to sleep with men to pay her.

Then i understood why she didn’t want to talk to me. I was going to take advantage of that news but first things first.

“Jennifer listen carefully. I understand your husband has money to spend but that doesn’t mean you should help him spend it carelessly. Such things has a way of coming back to hunt people at last. The easiest decision a white man can take about marriage is divorce. It is easier for them to get divorce than it is for a black man to drop his girlfriend. You might be thinking that he love you so much but trust me, he can hit you hard with a strange decision someday. I don’t pray for that because the whole thing will fall back on me but you need to be careful what you involve your husband in. I will visit Berlin to talk to you and him soon but before then, don’t send any more money to Portugal. Do you understand me?” I asked.
She said she understood.

“If Madam Grace call you anytime from now, tell her that i was aware and that i was even the person who told you to give her the money” I said.

“I don’t understand why you want me to say that” she replied.

“Here is why. Madam Grace used the money you sent her to bring two other girls to Europe. I just found one of them and took her out of the street; therefore tell her that i was the person who told you to pay her” i explained.

She said she understood me and was angry that Madam Grace used her money to bring girls to Europe.

I pitied Jennifer; she needed to be very careful because if this impending scandal blow out of proportion, it could damage her husband’s career which would also mean the end of the marriage no matter how much he loved Jennifer. There was something our women never understood about love. Love can only thrive and succeed in a peaceful environment. As soon as scandal shows up, couples usually begin to find faults with one another.

After talking to Jennifer, i called Madam Grace again.

“I am with Ini. Do you know why i took her?” I asked.
She kept quiet.

“I pressured Jennifer to balance your money but you never called to say thank you. The punishment is that you will give me half of the money Jennifer gave you. I knew you brought two girls to Portugal. I was in Portugal for months but you never knew” I said and cut the call.

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  1. akarolo

    Meaning Jenifer still feared d power of olokun. So much for being brainwashed. Way to go, Zuby!!

  2. neotrinity

    Grace needs capital punishment. The cash you requested for is small

  3. Otunba

    olokun folkz brainwashing folkz on nairaland,saw our bozz Zubby there too,cant just imagine what jennifer is getting her self into,well do bozz abeg try give us double update tomoro,i beg

  4. lightbearer

    Zubby I think most of the girls you save must be rebrainwash again and again oooo.

  5. sam

    Thanks for all the updates today. It’s a great birthday gift to me and other May 23rd birthday celebrants. God bless you our global pilot Zubby.

  6. Adaugo77

    So jenny stil fears d stupid jaz her madam did b4 bring her to Italy abi? Yeye gal lik her, gud madam Grace must share d money simple

  7. Anonymous

    Zuby, I have tried to log in several times today but the latest is a 503 error “too many IP address trying to access one area”.
    You guys should know zuby better now na. Madam Grace is going to pay more.

  8. horlabiyi

    Jenny babe,did a very wrong thing by sending the money to that pot belle madam Grace. To bad

  9. Anonymous

    To say I’m dissapointed in jennifer is an understatement after all she went thru wit zuby she stil went back to pay off this grace madam sad

  10. poundz

    Na wah oooh. Zubby’s analysis is right, if she ever has prblms wt her hubby, he can use ΐτ̅ against her.. and then back to square 1. Good you’re goin to talk sm sense into her head.. Some decisions we make in life could make or mar us.

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