46: Game on

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Chapter 46: The game is on.

I left Bulewijk and went back to Krainest where most of my things were. When i got to Krainest, i found an old simcard where i had stored all my phone contacts. It was already night which meant that i couldn’t get a new phone immediately, therefore i switched off the phone i picked at the lake and slept.

As soon as it was 8am, the following morning, i took a cab to Amsterdamse Poort and bought a new Samsung Phone, inserted the old simcard and copied all the contacts from it to the phone memory. I bought a new Lebara simcard and sent the number to a few people.

Then i called Patricia. Patricia was a Calabar lady i met a few months before at the snooker house near the redlight district in Amsterdam Central. Patricia was also a stubborn lady who smoked Weeds.

When Pat came to my place, i told her what happened to me the day before. She was angry after hearing my story.
The job i wanted Pat to do was what Ify could have easily done but i didn’t want to involve the young mother in what i was planning. I felt that i could get one or two moves wrong which could result in implicating Ify.

”This is what we are going to do Pat. I am going to put the phone on again. If he calls, tell him to meet you at the Kempring building by 8pm. If he asks why you put the phone off, tell him that his battery died” i said to Pat as i switched the phone back on.

The coward called again. As expected, he wanted to know why his phone was switched off.
Pat told him to come to the Kempering and pick his phone in the evening, he agreed.

Ricardo was a Suriname guy who owned a small warehouse at the back of Kempering. The area where the warehouse was located, was an isolated place which was built mostly as private car parks. The warehouse was a concrete enclave which had one metal door. Ricardo used the place to store used items such as fridges, TVs and other second-hand items which people bought from him and ship to Africa.
I had met Ricardo when i bought a bus and needed to load it up with used items before sending it to Africa. We had managed to become close.

After the call from the coward who pushed me into the water, i called Ricardo. He said he was at the warehouse. I drove there and met him.
When i settled down, i told him everything that happened to me and the things i wanted done. He said that he will call his cousin to help us carry out my plans. His cousin’s name was Dennis.

Abou was a Pakistani Snoda driver whom i used each time i moved drugs around Bijlmer. He was a good guy who knew what i did but never sold me out. He made good money from me too because each time i moved drugs with him, i would pay him more than triple of the journey’s worth.

When i left Ricardo, i called Abou. He met me at the front of the Kempering building.
Inside his Mercedes C Class car, i told him everything that happened.
He was very disappointed that the Nigerians had started behaving like the Surinames.

After Assembling my small army, i went Home and rested. It was going to be a long night.

At about 6:30 pm, The coward called his phone again. When Pat answered, he reminded her that he was coming to Kempering to pick up his phone.
Pat had remained in my apartment ever since i first called her that morning. She was a girl who loved weeds and alcohol. Due to the operation which i wanted her to play a role in, i had bought her a large quantity of Marijuana and whisky to wash it down. She had relaxed in my room since that morning and smoked.

Robin had asked me who she was and if she could be trusted to stay in the apartment in our absence. I had told Robin that she was a good girl who wouldn’t attempt to steal anything from us. The truth however was that i didn’t know Pat that much.

At about 7pm, i called Ricardo and told him to stay at the entrance of the garage where his warehouse was located. I also reminded him to tell Dennis to be at the Kempering Bus Station at exactly 8pm; that was where i intended to drag the coward to pick up his missing cheap Nokia phone.
Then i called Abou to come to my house.

Abou Arrived some minutes before 8pm.
After reminding him that he came late, i told him that he would be driving Pat to the bus station where she will hand over the phone to the coward who pushed me.

When i made sure that everybody knew what to do, i took another snoda and went to the front of the Kempering house. I was on a black overall Jeans and a black face cap.
It was already dark and difficult for anyone who didn’t previously know me to be able to know that it was me.
I walked behind the building and went up to the warehouse where Ricardo was sitting. He was there.

We sat inside the warehouse and talked until around 8:12pm, when we heard an approaching vehicle.
We had kept quiet and waited until the vehicle stopped five meters from the warehouse.
It was clearly Abou’s Mercedes.

Pat was the first to Jump out, followed by a strange figure who was blindfolded, then another strange face with a gun in his hand.

The man with the gun, presumably Dennis, dragged the blindfolded man up and into the warehouse. I motioned Abou to leave the place with Pat and say nothing to anybody.

Inside the warehouse, we pushed the blindfolded man down to an old chair and removed the piece of black cloth that covered his face.

”Emeka, Nwannaa do you remember me”? I asked.

He looked up at my face and got startled.
”Sit down before i tell this man to shoot you” i said.
He slumped back on the chair immediately.

”I am going to start asking you some questions. Each time you lie, i will inflict one pain on you, do you understand”? I said.
He kept quiet and nodded.

A small light bulb hung above our heads. We had closed the warehouse metal door and caged ourselves inside. Luckily for us, Ricardo had a small standing fan which we plugged on the wall to ventilate the place.

”Do you know me”? I asked.
”Yes, i see you on the newspaper” he said.

I hit his toe with a large metal rod.

” It’s always better to
attack than to

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