45: I saw her

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”Hello, who is this” I said as soon as I picked up my phone. A call had come to the phone ten minutes after Daisy left.

It was from the tormentor-in-chief, Amaka.

”What did Daisy come to do in your house” she asked.

I cut off the line and put the phone down on the table.

She called again.

”You are disturbing me” I said as soon as I answered her.

”I am coming to your house now” she said and hung up.

I picked my car keys immediately and walked downstairs.
As I drove out of the compound with the reverse gear, I saw her standing outside the compound.
I ignored her and drove past where she was.

I had no plan to go anywhere, as a result, I called Olabisi. She said she was at school and would call me as soon as she got out.

I called the number which Amaka had called me with, it was from a business center. I cut off the line turned back and headed to their cybercafe. She was there when I came.

I opened up my Yahoo chat. She was already on hers. As soon as she saw me online, she started.

”Did you have sex with her” She sent to me through yahoo chat,

”Yea, and it was sweet. What is your business about it” I sent her.

”Why are you doing this to me, is it because I love you” she sent.

I ignored her and thought about what to say next.

”It is not fair and you know it” she sent again.

”If you don’t stop disturbing me, I will let your mother know” I sent her again.

”You can tell her whatever you want. I don’t care. Please even if you don’t want me, it doesn’t have to be my friend” she sent.

I logged off and went back to my house.
Less than an hour later, Daisy called. She said she had finished in the market and wanted to come to my house before she went home. I asked her to come.

She arrived later and sat on my laps. She had gained more confidence and freedom. She talked to me freely and fed me with some chin chin she bought from the market.
I wasn’t really interested in the chin chin but to refuse it would be too bad for Daisy who had suddenly discovered love from her friend’s friend.
Some thirty minutes after Daisy’s second mission to my house, Amaka knocked on the door. I felt it was her when I heard the knock. I even told Daisy that it must be Amaka.

I opened the door for her. She came in and sat opposite me.

”Daisy, I didn’t know you could do this to me. I trusted you” Amaka said.

Daisy kept quiet. It was good since I didn’t want any noise or shouting in the house. Amaka kept talking.
At a stage, I asked Amaka a question.

”I never told you I wanted to be your boyfriend. I like you but I would not be happy to see my sister of your age running around with men” I was saying.
She cut the words from my mouth..

”What about Daisy, is she not just one year Older than me” She said.

”No, Daisy is 20 years and not 18” I stammered..

”You see, she lied to you, she is 18”

Daisy had had enough.

”Its a lie. I am 20. Is it because my mother said I am one year older than you”. Daisy said.

What! How the heck did I get involved with these kids?

”Enough, I want you both out of this place before I count to 5” I yelled.

They both jumped to their feet and walked out.
I called Daisy back to come and carry her bag full of foodstuffs. When she returned, I told her I would call her on the phone.

When they left, I figured out someone must have been telling Amaka each time Daisy came to my house. There were only two possible suspects; Our gateman or the girl down the street who had seized me because of N20 call.

I was going to find out and whoever it was will definitely pay for that.

I walked down to the security house and saw the gateman sitting inside..

”Issa, Why do you always allow the yellow girl to come inside here” I had asked him.. He said the girl claimed to be my girlfriend.
After some more questions, I found out it wasn’t him. Then I went down to the business center where the ugly black Yoruba girl made commercial calls.

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