45: We don’t leave people behind

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“Togar, T.o.g.a.r” I said again to the camp receptionist.

He keyed the name on the computer and said there were two Togars in camp.

“Sandra” I said.

He nodded and asked me to wait.
He called someone on the intercom and sent him to fetch Sandra.
While i waited for Sandra, the receptionist explained to me why he couldn’t open the door for me.
A directive came from Berlin which prevented visitors from entering into the Camp after the protests by the punks two days before.
He asked if i was aware there was a big protest rally in town two days ago; i denied having any knowledge of such thing.

Sandra came out ten minutes later, she was with Ini.
They were not allowed to go outside either; therefore we talked through an open window.
They were very happy to see me and wanted to narrate everything that happened since they were taken by the immigration police. I told them not to say anything since the entire place could have been bugged with listening devices.

I told them that i would hang around town until they were allowed to come out again.
The German authorities had taken some precautionary measures to stop foreigners from venturing freely into town due to the fear of being attacked.
Some of the people who came for the protest at the camp were not from Mannheim; they were from all over the state including Stuttgart, the City of Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

Before i left, i gave them a phone number i wrote on a piece of paper and asked them to call me as soon as they were allowed to go out.
I also asked Sandra for her Madam’s Phone number in Paris and she told me the name she used to save it in her phonebook.

Since i took their phones on our way to Germany the day they were arrested, i was going to check for the number in Sandra’s phone when i returned to the hotel.
I had deliberately switched off the phones because i knew their friends and their Madams were going to be trying to contact them. Another reason why i switched them off was that i needed to first of all, find out where they where taken and what they were expected to become in the following days. There were massive chances that the girls could be processed and send back to France if some traces of having been in France was found on them. I didn’t want to become foolish by contacting their Madams without knowing where the girls were taken.


German Polizei

Now that i have secured everything the way i wanted them, it was time to begin what i was known for. It was time to contact the Madams.

I left the camp and took a cab back to the hotel. The cab driver who was a Turkish man started a conversation about the protests staged by the Nazi Germans at the camp. He condemned racism and said that the Germans were bunch of ungrateful people.

“It was we the Turkish people who came to Germany to rebuild the country after the World War 2. This people should be giving us more respect instead of asking us to leave their country” The taxi driver lament.

It was good that he was a foreigner because He could have been interested in finding the man who threw Ammonia to a fellow taxi driver. He could have been interested in taking the 10,000 ransom slammed on my head for anybody who could give information that will lead to my arrest.

It was very good that i came up with the plan and prosecuted it alone. The second person was always a weak link.

“Wait for me here, let me get my bag. I want you to take me somewhere else” I said to the Turkish driver as soon as we got to my hotel.

I jumped down from the cab and walked up quickly to my room, picked up my bag and on my way out of the hotel, i saw two Police men showing a pencil sketch to the receptionist. It was a sketch of the man who threw Ammonia to a German taxi driver.

A quick thinking told me that if i just walked outside, i could be in danger of being called back.
One of the weakest point of every police establishment all over the world was to walk up to them and ask whatever you wanted. Don’t ever wait for them to come to you especially when you were guilty.

“Excuse me Sir” I said with America accent as i took one sketch from the Police men and looked long at it while shaking in my head in clear indication that i have never seen that person.

The sketch wasn’t close to what i looked like. The sketch wore a face-cap which covered the face a little; exactly the way i wore the cap on that night.

The sketch also has straight long face while i had a round face.
The sketch was with some carved bears while i cleaned everything called hair on my face.
Ten thousand Euros was written over the head of the sketch while i had only about €3000 left with me; hahaha, Ozoigbondu ride on.

“I will alert the authorities as soon as i set my eyes on the bastard” I said and asked if i could keep one of the sketches; they obliged.

Yea, i gladly called myself a bastard to cross the bridge first.

The Turkish taxi driver took me to the city of Heidelberg.
It cost more than i wanted to pay but i needed to get away from Mannheim. I believed that the more i get away from Mannheim, the more i get away from the area the authorities concentrated their search.

Heidelberg was a large organised city divided into two by River Neckar. Locating a hotel in the beautiful city wasn’t a problem as i saw some 3Star hotels along the Bismarckplatz.

I told the Taxi driver to stop me at the Crown Plaza Hotel Heidelberg. I paid him and watched him leave before i walked down to a cheaper hotel and paid for a night. I was traveling south to the border city of Freiburg where i could easily slip into Switzerland or France.

A certain kind of operations were about to begin. It required that i stayed at a place with access to three or four countries.
According to my map, Freiburg was that city.

A single airport called the EuroAirport which served Basel (Switzerland), Mulhouse (France) and Freiburg (Germany) was close and there was no other escape route that could be compared to that set up.

The City of Freiburg was going to host me.

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