45: The Livorno Kissing Center

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Chapter 45. The kissing galore

”I love you” Ngozi said as soon as we finished the first round of sex.
”Don’t say that again” i replied.
”Remember i told you that i have a girlfriend somewhere in France. We are actually going there to meet her and you are going to stay with her. She won’t be happy if she finds out what we just did” i said.
”Are you engaged or married to her, why would she be angry” she asked.
I made her understand that she herself would be angry in that situation.
”What if i don’t want to stay with her and and follow you to anywhere you go”? She asked.
Here we go again. I was afraid this could happen. It had happened with every other girl i encountered on the way. I wondered what attracted these girls to me. I wasn’t tall or handsome. I was just a regular guy but each time i came across these girls, they always wanted to stick around longer than required.
”You don’t have travel documents, i will be waiting for you until you get one, then we will stay together. I like you and you know it, it is the reason why i didn’t want you to start prostitution” i lied. She believed me.

After another round of sex, we cleaned up and went out to the city of Livorno. It was already night. The street lights lead us down to the square where we saw a lot of people eating and drinking wines. It seemed the Italians loved wines. Their girls had long legs. The streets were very small and required expert drivers to be able to squeeze the cars into the small parking spaces. Most of the vehicles in Livorno were small sized. The Fiat Picanto seemed to be the popular car in town followed closely by alfa Romeo. One or two Ferrrari cars were seen parked around the square. A water fountain could also be seen vomiting and swallowing water in a funny way.
Ngozi held my hand as if we were lovers as we walked around the fountain and touched the waters. It was the kind of life she required rather than standing in the cold nights of Europe waiting for men to sleep with. The environment was so good for lovers. I couldn’t help but wondered if i should just hide with Ngozi in Livorno, got her pregnant and had a baby with her. We could just live there and start a family. I knew she would be happy with that arrangement but knowing who i was, it would be a mater of time before i started running again. If nothing would be chasing me, i would be chasing myself. I already stired the trouble waters of Italy. Staying back in Livorno was going to be dangerous. It would be a matter of time before the Nigerian people in that city begin to mix up with us, then one way or the other, Maria would find out. She would come for revenge and that would destabilize my family. No matter how strong i was, i knew that the best form of staying away from trouble was to Make sure that the trouble didn’t find you. However i looked at it, i was going to leave Italy and even if i had to settle in Italy, it was going to be in a very small village in the mountains near the Switzerland borders Where no black person lived. Ngozi reminded me of Jennifer, naive, young and beautiful. She also reminded me how Jennifer suspended herself to me. The feeling had returned. Right there at the fountain, my mind wondered what Jennifer would be doing in Berlin at that moment. How was she doing, feeding and taking care of the baby. What was she thinking about me? Did she think that i was a devil for abandoning her? Were there things i could have done to avoid what happened between us back then in Berlin? I had left her alone in an apartment and traveled to Africa. She had gotten tempted and invited a man to live with her. The result was a pregnancy and her current situation. The entire thought brought out some moisture in my eyes.
”Lets go back” i suddenly said to Ngozi as i pulled her towards the road to our hotel.
”We just got here, its beautiful here” she protested as she removed her hand from mine and stood one place.
”Please lets look around more. I haven’t been in this kind of place before” she said while looking into my eyes. After some moments, i said ”can you find your way back to the hotel”.
”I can do that but i can’t e out here without you. I am scared and you know it” she said.
I went back closer to her and hugged her.
”Its OK baby, lets go and look around more” i said.
We took a large street to the left and walked down to a cinema hall. The receptionist gave us two tickets and said a new movie was going to show by 10 pm. A quick look on the digital clock on my phone revealed that 10 pm was still an hour away. We walked down to a series of stairs that led to a large public building. There were some Italian teenagers who sat there with their girlfriends and boyfriends kissing and caressing. We joined them and sat at the foot of the stairs where every one of them would be able to see us, then i carried Ngozi on my arms and started kissing her as well. Since it was a kissing game all around us, i believed that we were humans as well and should participate in the game. We had been running day and night for many hours while the Italian teenagers were busy kissing every day and night. I wondered why Africans were created to suffer while others enjoyed. Even smaller countries of Europe with money less than that of my Country Nigeria enjoyed themselves daily while some crooks were busy stealing our money back home, enjoying it alone with their families while surrounding themselves with gunmen. I wished i was just one of the gunmen who guarded the idiots, i would have shot many of them dead.
But right there at Livorno Kissing center, it wasn’t time to criticize, it was time to kiss while we waited for 10 pm. The Italian teenagers didn’t even care about us, they were busy doing what they wanted. At about 10 minutes before 10 pm, we held hands and walked back to the Cinema hall. It was good that i listened to Ngozi when she refused to return back to our hotel, it didn’t always have to be about me. She was also part of the running.

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    ”What if i don’t want to stay with her and and follow you to anywhere you go”? She asked.

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