45: Friends of fishes

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This Chapter is dedicated to little Master David Chibuikem Nwabuisi who is celebrating the second anniversary of his dedication today.
My shout out also goes to Miss Cute Bliss who celebrates her Birthday today.

Chapter 45: Friend of fishes.

As i walked out of the waters of the Gasperdam, i was soaked from hair to toe.
I had floated and swam slowly up about 100 meters to where some Dutch people were having a small beach party.
A small shrub had separated the Dutch people from me, they didn’t see what happened.
Someone had pushed me into the Dam.

I had gone to the Dam to sit and think. It had become a a continuous habit for me since i decided to avoid the general meeting points of the Igbo people.
That evening at around 7pm, the sun was still in the sky. I had quietly walked down to a point on the bank of the dam where i usually sat and looked down the waters. I didn’t hear the footsteps since i was playing a song with my earphone which i had also connected to my mobile phone.

They were two of them. One had pushed me strongly from my back and i had fallen down into the waters. They had started running away before i could see their faces. But i was able to see the jacket of one of them.
‘Harley Davidson’ was boldly written at the back of the jacket, a large strange motorcycle was also drawn at the back of the jacket. Those where the only things i could see before they disappeared.
Since i couldn’t come out of the waters from the point where i was pushed down, i had swam slowly up to the point where the Dutch young people were having fun. That was the only point where i could come out from the waters. They had stopped their party for some moments and looked at me strangely. It was a strange moment for all of us.
The waters were very cold.

I had emerged from the water, smiled at the partying group and walked up back to the point where i had been pushed into the water.
My phone had fallen into the water and so was the earphone.

A quick look around turned up a small Nokia phone which belonged to one of the people who pushed me down. It must have fallen out while they where running back.
I picked up the phone and started walking back to the bus station where i was to take a bus back to my place.
They were not so many people inside the bus when it arrived. The driver had looked at me strangely and asked what happened. I told him that i mistakenly fell into the water.

I got to my house and changed clothes, then i started going through the phone i picked up beside the lake.
Sure enough, the phone belonged to a Nigerian, it belonged to an Igbo man. Among the names listed on it were Igbo names; Ugochukwu, Ifeanyi, Nnamdi, Adaeze, My Baby, My Mother etc.
I opened up ”My Mother” and checked it, it was a Nigerian phone number that started with +234, i dialed it.
”Chukwuemeka my son, how are you” The woman said in Igbo.
I hung the call and dialed ”My Baby’.

”Emmy good evening” a female voice said. I hung it again and put the phone off.

After some quick thoughts, i went outside and drove to Bulewijk. Ify was eating when i came. I joined her and we ate together.
After the food, i told Ify what happened at the Lake. She started crying before i Finished my story but when she calmed down, i told her what i wanted her to do.

”I am going to switch on the phone again now. Someone will definitely call the number. I want you to put the phone on speakout. I will be telling you what to tell whoever the caller will be” i said as i switched on the phone.

As expected, a call came instantly. It was from ‘My Baby’.
”Hello” Ify had said.
”Who is this” the caller said on realising that it was a female voice.

”I picked up this phone along the road and i don’t know the owner. Please if you know the owner, tell him or her to call the line so that i can return it” Ify said.

After a few hesitation, The caller excused herself and stopped the call.
We waited.

When the second call came, it was from a number which was not registered on the phone. It was a male voice, probably from the coward who had pushed me into the Lake.

”Hello” Ify said.
”Who are you, this phone belongs to me” the arrogant coward said.

”Uhm, i picked this phone along the road in Gein and i don’t know who the owner is. I want to……” Ify was saying as i motioned her not to talk too much.
He asked where Ify was and she told him that she lived in Bijlmer but had gone to Weesp for an errand.
”I will return to Bijlmer later and give you the phone” Ify had said and hung up.

”Good Job” i said to Ify and took the phone from her.

I would have checked my phone to see if i had any number in common with the coward who pushed me to the water but unfortunately, my phone had fallen into the water which i didn’t know how deep it was.
I was lucky because i could swim.
I learnt to swim back in the village when i was a kid. It had saved me from drowning which i believed was the original motive of the cowards. Peharps they even came to shoot me but saw an opportunity not to attract attention with a gunshot since some Dutch people were having a party up the bank of the Lake.
Swimming up to the Dutch people’s point was one of the most difficult tasks i had taken on. I was swimming against the current. I was lucky because the movement of the water was very slow. It would have been difficult if it was a river. I had managed to maneuver my way up to the point where i exited the lake.
Although it was cold but my anger had shielded me from feeling anything. I was just numb from the effects.
The reason why i even walked back to the point where i was attacked was to check if my phone had fallen before i was pushed down. It could have been obvious to me that i was pushed into the water with everything on me but i was confused.
The Photocopy of my Portuguese resident permit which i carried around each time i was around Bijlmer had soaked.
It could have easily been my International passport and the original resident permit.
My wallet and its contents had been soaked as well.

The cowards had done their part. It was my turn to track them down. I was sure that i will track them down. I already had a linking phone number from Nigeria.

“IT is ridiculous and strange to be
surprised at anything which
happens in life”

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