44: Deny

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I woke up the next day and called Europe. Johnson wanted to know what was keeping me back in Nigeria. I told him. He offered to link me up with the man who did his Visa from Cotonou but I asked him not to worry. I wasn’t going to Cotonou to look for any Visa.

At about 10 am. The Daisy girl called. She said she was going to market and would like to use the opportunity to branch to my house. I asked her to come.

She came an hour later. I didn’t know who she actually was but she was a tall beautiful girl too.
She had gotten to the house and called me. I went downstairs to pick her up. I had held her hand while walking back upstairs.

”Your palms are very soft” she had observed and said.

”Yea, I don’t do hard jobs” I joked back.

We had gotten to the flat and sat down in the sitting room.
I switched off the motorola razor where all the Ladies’ numbers were registered and stored. Daisy played with the phone but I told her not to switch it on.

”So baby girl, what did Amaka say about me” I asked.

She narrated how Amaka had been telling people she was my girlfriend and that I had returned from Germany.

When she finished, she asked if I had really returned from Germany, which I affirmed.

I had always believed that the easiest way to get rid of a girl was to date her close friend, cousin or even sister. As a result, I started the ‘Operation Get rid of Amaka ( OGRA)’ scheme.

I had tried with Linda but after Amaka stormed out of my house, she had gone to a business center and called me from there. She had told me how I broke her heart and how she had forgiven me.
It all seemed that the Linda saga had done little to persuade Amaka to leave me. It was the major reason behind inviting Daisy to my house.

‘Daisy’ how old are you?’ I had asked.

She said she was born in 1986. A quick calculation placed her at 20 years. She looked it anyway.

”I am not Amaka’s boyfriend, she is just infatuated with me and since she is still 17, I cannot proudly date her. If she is your age, I would have welcomed her but since she is not old enough, I’d rather date you instead of her” I said to Amaka.

She looked up in Surprise and said nothing. I told her that I admired her and that I would love her to be my girl. She said she would think about it.

Yea, she would think about it.

However, when I got up, moved to her seat and carried her on my laps, she made the decision quicker than she had thought.

She was young with full red lips. She had come to my house on a light gown which exposed the upper parts of her sumptuous bosoms.
My hand had intentionally ventured into her gown and squeezed her bosoms. She had willingly kissed me while holding the back of my neck.

We had somehow managed to romance each other until we wanted more than that.

I carried Daisy to my room and laid her on the bed. Her gown was easy to be rolled up instead of removing the entire thing. I pulled it up to her stomach and pulled down her tight pants.

Her cunnt was not shaven. The pubic hairs had covered the entrance of her Vagynna and made it more exciting to venture into.

I found the mouth of her cunnt effortlessly with a finger of my right hand and dipped it inside. She was already wet and slippery.

I manipulated her slowly while she moaned like an amateur that she was.

At a stage, it became apparent that she wanted the dicck inside of her. She had held me tightly and moaned while her eyes was closed. It was time to put her out of her misery.

I stood up and pulled down my short sports pant, found a gold circle condom I had purchased a day before and slipped it on my already hard dicck.

The entrance into Daisy was memorable. It was between easy and difficult; which somehow meant that she had done it before but with her mates. As serious dicck had not gone inside her until that moment when I pushed my own inside.

She had cried out in pleasure, holding me as if she didn’t want me to stop what I was doing.

I Fvcked her for several minutes before I climaxed and poured the warm creamy liquid into the rubber.

”Lets go and bath together” I told her when it was over.
We walked together into the bathroom. I removed her entire cloths and pulled down my chargeable electric shaven stick. She watched as I shave my armpit before diverting the stick to her cunnt. She held me as I cleared her pubic hair until the top of her cunnt became smooth and neat.

She I finished, she thanked me and took her bath.
We went back into the room and had another round before she left for Mami market where she said she was going to buy food stuff.

I had tried giving her N2000 but she refused.

Daisy believed she had found a boyfriend, a caring one.

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