44: Will you Marry Me

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Chapter 44. Will you Marry me?

“William, I encountered the Police the last time i went to escort someone to the asylum camp in Uppsala. I have other people i want to send to camp but i don’t want to go to Uppsala again; running into those huge mean cops once more could get me a one way ticket to France. Is there any other camp you know around here?” I asked.
William had come out of his room with a comb which he was using to arrange his hair. He had just finished taking his bath and was preparing to go out.
“Lets go out, we will talk in the car” He said as he dropped the comb on top of the Television. He was my kind of person who didn’t know how to keep things back where we took them from.
“There is one camp i know but it is very far from Stockholm. People who took asylum there are usually posted to a town near that region. It is in the North near the sea. The place is called Lulea. It is also very close to Finland. Going there with a train will take almost the whole day. But let me ask you, how do you meet all this people you are sending to camp?” What is going on with you? First you came here and rushed to pay for your own apartment despite asking you to hang around in my apartment for some time, then you started sending people to camp” William had said while we were on the lift descending to the ground floor.
“Yea, something is going on but it is something you can’t involve yourself into. I will brief you when i return to Stockholm because i think i will be going to the place you mentioned tomorrow. What is the name of the city again?”
“Lulea. Just be careful because if anything happen to you here, it will be on my head”.
He dropped me off near my apartment and went to work.

I walked up to the apartment and met Maria still on the bed. The Aunty Joy brigade occupied the sitting room and i didn’t want to stop the movie they were watching. Rose has not returned from picking up her bag.

“I am traveling outside this city tomorrow. I want the girls to take asylum in a far place where nobody could stumble on them easily. I have a feeling that aunty Joy will return to Sweden soon” I said.
Maria asked why i believed that Joy will return and i told her. She wished me safe journey and continued staring on the ceiling. Something was wrong with Maria, i just didn’t seem to care. It could possibly be the entrance of Rose but my hands were tied.
“We will go for a movie this night, just husband and wife” I said.
“I am not going anywhere” She said.
I didn’t want to return another sentence very quick, therefore, i kept quiet and climbed beside her on the bed.
“I feel that something is bothering you baby and since i don’t know what it is, i really don’t know how to approach it. I need your help by telling me what the problem is if you really care for me” I said with a soft voice.
She kept quiet for a while before she said, “There is this guy in Nigeria that took drinks to my kinsmen. He said he wanted to marry me”.
The information she dropped wasn’t enough to go on; i didn’t know yet why she said that. It could be that she wanted to let me know that she was already taken. Or that she wanted to know if i would tell her to stop the guy from the marriage. As a result, i kept quiet and opened the Opera Mini Browser in my Nokia phone. In the Google search input panel, i keyed in ‘Lulea Sweden’. Everything about the town came on the search results. The Usual Wikipedia was the first on the result list, therefore i opened it and read about the town.
I was sure Maria was expecting me to say something and as a result, i shared my concentration into two and used half to browse while the other half considered how i was going to handle the issue at hand.
“Did you even hear what i just said?” Maria said.
“Of course i did, only that i don’t know what to say yet” I returned.
“My mother called and wanted to know your intentions since you sent people to give her gifts. Young men don’t just buy things and send to women with adult single women” She said.

I didn’t even consider the current issue when i was sending Ajegunle and his squad to Benin but it has just become a serious issue.
“What did you tell her then?” I asked, trying to gather as much information as i could before commiting myself to anything.
“I told her that you haven’t told me that you will marry me” She said.
“Well you told her the truth, why are you so worried today then?” I asked.
“You are a mysterious person Azubuike. It is as simple as that but the truth is that the only wish i have is to be with you. Our paths have crossed four times and it will be foolish to think that God has no plans for us. I feel that if i tell the man in Nigeria to forget about me, it could come back to hunt me later but yet i don’t know what you want to do with me. I don’t blame you because you never asked me to be your wife here in Sweden but i have to know where to stand so that i won’t blame myself later” she said.
“Are you that desperate already for husband?” I asked for the sake of saying something.
“No, i am not desperate but i am a woman. In the next two years, i will be 30 and my people will be expecting me to get married. It is just the culture down there not that anybody is going to do anything to me” She said.
“I don’t like to make decisions when pushed on the wall. We will discuss this time and time again between now and the next one month. Then we will surely come up with a very good result” I said and continued reading about the town of Lulea.

I really like Maria. I would have easily married her but both of us were on the run. We needed to be settled somewhere so that we can be able to take care of any issue that would surface from the union. I was planning to even return to Nigeria in the next few years and if i happen to get myself involved with Maria, she was definitely going to decide to stay back in Europe. All the women i knew where like that; they liked it in Europe better than Nigerian because the system in Nigeria was very bad. I as a soldier was ready to adapt to anywhere i found myself; Getting dirty was never a problem for me. The following few weeks was going to be very critical in the lives of Maria and I. But whatever that comes out must be managed. I had been in situations worse than that and if I was able to get myself out of them, the current one wasn’t going to keep me on the mud.

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  1. mark10

    You have a sound mind Zubby, Maria has a point too by asking, she needs to know her stands too.

  2. Hi-goat

    Will u marry me! That is usually a very big question thrown to any man by a woman…… And such question shouldn’t be answerd in hest, to avoid misfortunes in furture………

  3. prugged

    Maria loves u,she wants u to marry her..about d man she clams dat took drinks to her kinsmen,I don’t think its true. she wanted knowing how u did react to d news…coming days will definitely b critical for u both,but no mater wat happens,I wish u both well

  4. zubis05

    This guy needs to work for SSS. High planning and thinking na ur work

  5. brian

    That was a test from Maria
    I believe she is feeling insecure
    with the presence of Rose

  6. meexteeriox

    Zubby is always one step ahead at all time. Highly unpredictable guy….

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