44: Troubles

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Chapter 44. Trouble from every angle.

As soon as we stopped at the Florence station, they scrambled fast out of the train and stood near the ticket machine. Ngozi and I also got down. There were usually Police officers walking on the platforms of every major Italian Train station. I suspected that there would be police in the Florence station and i was right. It was a thoughtful gamble but gambling works sometimes.
I took Ngozi’s hand and walked to the two police gentlemen standing near the head end of the recently arrived train.
”Excuse me Officers, Which way goes to Genova from here, is it through here” i said as i pointed towards the thugs who were watching every of my moves. As soon as they saw that i was pointing towards them while standing with the Police, they started running. The two Police officers suspected that they were drug sellers who had just spotted them. They started pursuing them. That gave Ngozi and I time to plot our next move. We watched the thugs ran towards the exit while the two Policemen ran after them. People were watching the drama. I quickly pulled Ngozi’s arm and dragged her back into the train that had just stopped us. We were on time because as soon as we entered, the train doors closed and the ride started again. I didn’t know where the next station was located but it was better to leave the station first. Unfortunately, the train was heading south again towards Rome but since it was a regional train, it stopped in every station along the way. It took us less that an hour to reach Arezzo city. At Arezzo, we got down and went out of the station. A quick look at my small map revealed that if i wanted to go back North, i was definitely going to use the same train route. I got angry with myself for the little panic at the Florence Station. I was supposed to wait and take a train heading North-West to Genova. The process of getting to Genova which was the last big city i intended to visit, was going to cost me much more money and time. The good news was that i had enough money with me.

”I want to go to Livorno, how much?” i said to a taxi man standing outside the Arezzo station. He started advising me to take the bus since the journey was over 160km. He said it would cost me a lot of money. When i insisted that i wanted to take a taxi, he said the price was €160. I opened the backseat and threw my bag there, then i motioned Ngozi to enter too. I took the front seat, opened my wallet and brought out €160. I handed it to the cab driver and asked him to move. He shook his head in disbelief and started the engine. It took us over an hour and half before we got to Livorno. Since the little scare in Florence, Ngozi had not said much. I believed she was still in shock. As a result, i decided that the running for the day had ended. We went into the Livorno city and found a three star hotel. I wanted a cheap hotel and would have gone for it if i were alone, but i decided to give Ngozi a good time while in Livorno. At the hotel reception, we paid €100 and went up to a large room furnished with large flatscreen TV, large bed with four pillows, a fridge with four beer bottles and two bottled water.
As soon as we settled down, i decided that it was time to start the normal confusion game. I opened my bag and brought out my France simcard, put it in my phone, then i called Maria. The recording application was switched on.
”Hello Baby, how are you doing”? I said.
She kept quiet for some moments before saying ”They told me not to trust you but i was stupid enough not to listen”. ”You are not stupid for trusting me, rather you are very stupid for trading on human beings. I thought you were just a street sex worker and i was ready to forget that and live with you but i was disappointed when i found out that you trade on human beings. You and your gang buy your sisters from Africa and sell them to Europeans for money. To you, it is all about making money, every other thing doesn’t matter. I am in France now after sending the Police to go after your thugs. Look at your life Maria, you even have thugs on your payroll. You also perform diabolical sacrifices here in Italy. I saw some diabolical items inside your bag some days ago. How can you, after living for years in a civilized society, still believe that an item such as a small calabash can perform wonders?. It is OK, after settling Ngozi down here, i am coming back to Napoli to take you and Fatimah out of that place. I believe you are not with your senses and that you are no longer human” i finished. She started crying hysterically. Ngozi listened to everything since the phone was on speakout. She also started crying. I decided against consoling her. It was better that i allowed her to cry. She had started realizing what she had gotten into.
A few minutes after she stopped crying, Ngozi asked ”Are we in France now, i heard you tell Aunty Maria that we are in France”. ”No, we are still in Italy. I just wanted her to recall her thugs from hunting for us. I believe she may have sent some to Genova which is our next destination” i said.
”But how do you know so much about prostitution in Italy” she asked.
”My dear, if i tell you where i have been and what i have seen on the road, you won’t be comfortable sitting on this bed with me but for now, i think you deserve some kisses and care, you have been brave all through our journey from Napoli” i said while looking at her face. A small smile formed around her lips and before she could say anything else, my lips closed in on hers as i pushed her on the bed and started removing her pullover. Her young breasts greeted me as i placed my mouth on the left one and started sucking it. She started rubbing my back as my manhood started increasing in size right inside my pants.
”Remember i said you have the right to refuse if i ask for sex” i said.
”Shut up” she said as she started pulling my shirt out of my body.
The time had come for the inevitable.

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