44: The Different guy

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Chapter 44.

Maria and I took a cab and went to Sinners Nightclub. It was situated in the middle of the city. It was mostly attended by white people which was the new style of life i had started. The black community believed that i was strange because i acted first against the Nandos.

There was one problem with we blacks. We were never prudent. We, in this case, meant majority of blacks.
Someone had threatened to chase me out of Amsterdam. I didn’t know if he meant it or not but i wasn’t interested in finding out. What i did was the best i could do in that circumstances. He may not have meant it but how was i supposed to know. I wasn’t ready to leave Amsterdam, therefore, anybody who said he would chase me out should go first.
As a soldier, we were not required to talk about what we would do, we were required to act first and talk about it later.

In Amsterdam, i found myself in a society where all the blacks cared about was their own pockets. They could buy you beer worth of €20 but they can’t give you €10. As a matter of fact, most of the black people in Amsterdam already believed that it was the norm.
There was a day Dozie called me in his sitting room. He made me sit down and told me that people don’t keep people in their houses in Amsterdam. I had barely spent a week in his house. I guessed he reminded me of that so that i would know that he was my god for allowing me to stay in his house.
That was also part of our people’s mindset.

I came to Amsterdam hoping to meet a large organized group of blackmen that can unite and move up together. Rather, i found a divided units that feared and suspected each other.
The Enugu people were on their own, the Anambra, Delta, Edo were also on their own. It was only the Yoruba people that looked a little bit united.
Inside the Anambra, they also divided themselves into units. The Nanka people were the largest in Numbers, they had their own clandestine organisation. So was the Onitsha, the Nnewi and the Obosi people. The other towns were not big enough to hold their own meetings, therefore, they just scattered all over the place like sheeps without a shepherd.

The Enugu people had one organisation but the unity ended there in the meeting. Anything outside that and you were on your own.
One of the richest among us was a Man from Ituku in the same local government with my town. That was supposed to be a blessing for me. I had approached this man more than twice, to give me small connection or even put small thing for me so that i could Make small money, he gave me one silly excuse after another. At the end of the day, he would drive me to KFC or McDonald and buy me burger and chicken as if i was in Amsterdam for food or fun.
There were numerous others who behaved that way. Each time they needed to do something on the internet or to fix their computer, they would call Milla.
I was not really angry with them but they should have been angry with themselves. 
All the girls were beautiful but non was brilliant.

At a time, i began to think that such hustlings like the ones obtained in Bijlmer, were meant for non brilliant people. If not so, i wouldn’t have been seeing them the way i did; or peharps i was the person who got it all wrong.
I didn’t develop my academic capabilities. I should have opted to continue my studies right after my secondary school but somehow, i had gotten involved with trading business. Surprisingly, i had always felt that i was grossly different from my business partners. For instance, when i joined the used spare parts business in Onitsha Nigeria, i had always went to the market with one book or the other. I would do some businesses in the morning and start reading one novel or the other. During that period, i had gone through so many books from James Hardly Chase to Sydney Sheldon. I had also read many hints and hearts romance magazines. My friends and business partners had always insulted me over the issue of the books; some said that i wasn’t serious with my business, some said i was useless, some said i should have not joined the business while some stopped dealing with me as a result of what they termed ”my non commitment with the business’. Most of them believed they were better than me in everything.
The reality was that i loved reading. It was a hobby. I was a brilliant guy who went through the entire primary and secondary school systems with first positions in the classes. Yes, nobody ever toppled me in any class. I had this special memory that enabled me to remember everything that passed through my mind. I knew every story in the Bible before i entered secondary school. I read many literature books including Animal Farm, The Concubine, African Child, Things fall apart etc, right before i entered secondary school. I started reading things from my elementary one.
There was a time people believed that it was my parents who had always influenced my results by telling the teachers to give me the first positions, but the truth was that i was a special brilliant kid.
I would have continued studying but i had grown in a small rural village where anything hardly got out.
There was a time i used to be angered by how dumb people were but at a stage, i began to understand that it wasn’t even my doing that i was brilliant. Yes, it wasn’t my doing. It just occurred. A lot of coincidence determined what we would ever become. We lived in a society where good people died young while bad people lived long.
The blame was not entirely on my people. But i foolishly blamed some of them because they should have acknowledged the fact that some people were different from them. But according to them, the only thing that mattered was money.
Just make the money and the most brilliant people would fall on their knees in front of them.

Nobody was a god to me. We were all humans. Steal from me and i will find you. And when i find you, you better give me a good reason. If you dont, then i will.

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  1. carexy

    ve meet up wit u guyz finally,dis story is one of a kind. I jus luv it. Mr zuby ure doin a great job more ink to u pen. Ozoigbondu ome of Berlin, i hail oo.

  2. achi4u

    You made a very good psychological point here.Many people are dumb and myopic not because of their own making but some because of some conditions beyond their control.
    We blacks need re-oriention.

  3. achi4u

    You made a very good psychological point here.Many people are dumb and myopic not because of their own making but some conditions beyond their control.
    We blacks need re-oriention.

  4. Makizee

    One of the most valid points thus far, Reading, many people do not know how much education one can get by just that simple act of reading, I preach this to people too..I dare to say that Zubby is as educated as any University Lecturer if not more..thumbs up bro !

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