44: Magic Mirror – By All Means

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“Before you go, let me also tell you that you can see the mirror without drinking the medicine. But you must know that there is no guarantee that you will see anything” He said.

“Well i prefer that one but the price have to go down as well” i replied.

After having a long look at me, he told me that i shouldn’t be more concerned about money. He said that i should concentrate more on finding my brother rather than discussing money.

It was one of the silly comments black people were known for.
The stupid man had asked me for money and despite the fact that i didn’t even attempt to beat the price down, he still went ahead to tell me that i shouldn’t be concerned with money.
How could he not know that i wouldn’t have come to him if i had no money.

“You will give me 20,000 Naira for that one and remember that it is not refundable” Emeka Ozuo said.

Since i already made up my mind to see the mirror out of curiosity, i counted the money and gave him. This time, he forgot to share it among the gods like he did the first time.
He just pocketed the cash and opened the door to the Magic Mirror.

“Sit down there” he said.

I did.

He walked to a wall and removed a red cloth that covered a large LCD screen TV fixed on the wall.
The way the TV was fixed, it would be difficult to know that it was a TV.
I knew that because i had seen numerous such electronic gadgets in Electromart Building in front of the Amsterdam Arena, the Ajax FC Stadium.

My first impulse was to tell him that it was a TV and not a mirror. But i decided to wait a little longer.

I would have attempted to take pictures of it but he had told me to keep my phones outside.

The glass cup containing the liquid he asked me to drink earlier was still sitting on a small table opposite me. He had deceitfuly, placed it on top of a piece of red cloth and also covered it with another piece of red cloth.
He had chosen red because we generally perceived it to be the colour representing danger all over the World.

The Mortar and Pestle he used to pound whatever herb/s it was, sat on the floor on my left hand. A bottle of Local whisky (Kai Kai), sat beside it.
From the look of things, he had obviously mixed the herbs with the drink.

“In two minutes time, keep your eyes on the Mirror. Dont look away. You must try to be in spirit World. The medicine would have helped you but you refused to drink it. Try to concentrate very hard or you may not see anything” He said as he walked out of the room and closed it.

I didn’t wait for two minutes before keeping my eyes on the mirror. I wasn’t there for anything else except that mirror, so if he had asked me to keep my eyes there for two days, i would have done that.

From a distance, i heard a Small Tiger generator powered on. It was in the middle of the night and everywhere was quiet.

Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.

The distance of the sound made it look like the generator wasn’t in his compound. In truth, it could have been in another compound but then, Emeka Ozuo Could have called someone to put the generator on for him.
He had a mobile phone and he must have been working with other people.
That and other things occupied my mind but all of a sudden, my mind returned to the mirror.
He had warned me to concentrate hard; whatever he meant by that.

About four minutes after he left, i saw something like black smokes on the Mirror/TV.

It formed apparitions, Ghostlike figures that moved from one place to another.
To me, it was clearly a video in a memory card or some other storage object.

I had seen such things in a Science Movie in the past.

That was it my fellow runners.

That was what i drove from Enugu through the highway on a highspeed, to view in Imo State.
That was where i was supposed to see my missing brother.

The initial plan was to drug me with some kind of mysterious drink, which would definitely change my way of seeing things, just like alcoholic and Marijuana did, though those two were more known to the general public.

With the help of Victor, Emeka Ozuo had lured me to a town i never knew existed. A place where i was as helpless as an American Soldier in Iran.

I knew that my life was in danger from the moment i was told that my turn would come in the night.

The African man that i knew would have given me an express service provided i would give him more money.
But instead, Emeka Ozuo was busy attending to people with slight headache, running stomach and other minor issues while someone whose brother was missing, sat under a thatched house and waited for several hours.

As i watched the apparitions walked up and down the TV, i wondered what my next move would be.
It was time to plan how to leave the bush safely.
Emeka Ozuo’s house was inside a bush.
It would take about seven minutes of fast driving to get to the tared road. But unfortunately, the road to his place was very bad that i can’t move more than 5km/h.

I had money inside my car. If any group stopped me on the road, be it Police or Vigilante group or robbers, they were likely to search the car.

I watched the apparitions for about 30 minutes before the sound of the generator died down.

If they planned to stop me on the road, they would definitely stop me. It was important that i suspended every feud and argument between me and Emeka. The best thing to do at that stage was to pretend that i saw what i came for.

Being wise was important when we encounter difficult situations.

I knew that if i pretended to have seen those who kidnapped my brother, he would have calmed down and call off whatever plan he had for me.
The best way to even convince him more was to drink the medicine in the cup.

It was time to do everything it takes to stay alive.

As a result, i grabbed the cup and gulped down the contents at once.
Sure, it was mixed with Kai Kai.

Five minutes later, Mr. Ozuo opened the door and covered his mirror.

“Did you drink the medicine?” He asked,

“Yes, I drank it and i saw the people that kidnapped my brother” I said.

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  1. seunbrad

    That’s one thing I have learnt about you.
    You plan your way out first before anything.
    Thanks for being my mention.

  2. TADE

    can you imagine
    This Zuby sef
    You indeed saw the people that kidnapped your brother.
    ‘African magic – the movie in the mirror’ or is it the mirror in the movie?

  3. dejust

    oga zubby don enter one chance …..hahahaha hahahaha….. chai chai chai…..

    so na so this man take dey make money by deceiving ppl with projected electonics IMAGE……. business dey for naija oooo

    laff won wound me……. bros just maintain make wahala no burst ur head..

  4. Tunapa

    nothing we noor go see or hear for this our naija@boss pls dont loseguard urself ooooo@

  5. Chidex

    Holy spirit take Control…… this has always got interesting, still I run! Keep it up boss. U rock

  6. sharmarke

    u get mind o
    ordinary black native soap I can’t use it not to talk of to drink/chop

  7. Berta

    Chei …oga Zuby u shld have poured the drink out. It was so dark & I’m not sure he would have noticed the liquid on the floor.

  8. Poundz

    Seriously? That fake magician was up to no good. But taking that drink..? ^_^

  9. mark10

    Its so sad that even when you have issues and need help, other people still want to take advantage of you. Been down this road before, but I was smart enough to avoid going deep.

  10. solomon sly

    Zuby u are too much,if u don’t do what u did he will plan for u by putting spell or charm on u because he knows that when u get outside u will expose his business he will do anything to bring u down.I thank God for u.Keep running

  11. timifakay

    na wa oh, you will pay the 17500 with you for the drink, this Emeka’s cinema is damn expensive

  12. moyosore

    Lol,funny enough…I was hoping you’ll comfirm such things exist outside nollywood.

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