43: Magic Mirror – The Stubborn Customer

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I dropped the money on the floor and watched as he hit his gong several times. I didn’t know if he was reminding the gods that the money was complete.

After hitting the gong about five times, he dropped it and picked the money up.
He counted out some part and kept it aside.

“Ala Urualla lee nke gi ooh” (the land of urualla, see your share ooh). He said.

I watched and sat in silence as he continued.

“Ala Imo lee nke gi ooh” (the land of Imo see your own ooh” He kept another part aside.

“Ala Igbo lee nke gi ooh” (igboland see your share ooh).

“Ogbu onye ubochi ndu na ato ya nee nke gi ooh” (he who kills a man when life becomes sweet for him, see your own ooh).

“Onapuru Agu ihe okpu n’onu nee nke gi ooh” (he who snatched what the Lion was eating, see your share ooh).

I watched as he divided all the money in smaller parts and called different names he knew his god with.

When he was done with that part, he said, “I told you the money is for the gods”.


I have always known that There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.

Since when did the gods prefer Naira over Pounds or Dollars.
What exactly were the gods going to buy with the money?

If Emeka Ozuo was clever as he claimed, he would have noticed that i never really feigned surprise during his incantations.
I just sat there and watched.

If i had an android phone with me there, i would have been playing my favourite Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run while he did whatever he did. But unfortunately, i had non with me.

“Oh, how are you going to give the money to the gods?” I fired.

“You ask too many silly questions boy” He said.

Of course my questions were silly because he had no answers for them.

“I told you that the ways of the gods are different” he continued.

“I am going inside to prepare the room for our final sacrifice. When i return, you will go inside the room to see the great mirror” He said.

“No problem Sir” I said.

As i sat and waited for Emeka Ozuo, i thought about the circumstances that brought me to his place. It was a chain of events that kicked off with the kidnapping of my elder brother which led to many people contacting me to render advice on how to find him.
It was difficult to blame those who had been giving me advice on what to do and how to find him, i blamed those who kidnapped him and those who rushed to report the case to the Police without following it up.

The whole experience was overwhelming. It had given me the opportunity to find out what my black people went through on daily basis just to find solutions to their problems. It was a pity but then something must always be done when misfortune showed up.

From where i sat, i heard some pounding inside the dark room where the great mirror was located.
I didn’t know what he was pounding but then it must have been one of those things that would make my brother appear in the mirror. One thing i had decided from the beginning was that i wasn’t going to drink or eat anything inside that shrine, especially things i didn’t know its ingredients. It was almost close to 2am when he came out of the Secret room. There was sweat all over his body as he cleaned his face with his hand before sitting down beside me.

“You will go into the Mirror room alone. There is a drink in the glass on the small table opposite the chair. When you get in there, drink it at once. Dont remove it from your mouth until it is finished. If you remove it, you won’t be able to see everything you are supposed to see, but if ……….” he was saying before i interrupted.

“Wait wait wait here Mr. What exactly is in the glass cup?” I fired.

There was no need trying to be gentle, i had decided even before i left home, that i wasn’t going to eat or drink anything i didn’t know how it was made.
My mother had even warned me not to do so.. She was afraid something could happen to me and so was I.

I knew that the native doctors used leaves and herbs to form one medicine or the other but the unfortunate truth was that my body system was still finding it difficult to adapt to the foods and drinks available to me in Nigeria. Yet despite all that, i was expected to drink one formula from a dirty native doctor.

“I cannot tell you what it is, it is between me and the gods. Infact it was the gods that showed me the medicine” he said with laughter.

“Oga Emeka, there is no need trying to deceive yourself here. I have not been in Nigeria for a long time and i am sure whatever Medicine it was could cause problems for my body. So if there is another way to see the mirror without drinking anything, let us apply that method. If there is non, i will assume that what i came for didn’t work out. In that case i will just get up and leave this place” I said.

He was trying to talk between my own talks but i held my hand up indicating that i wanted him to wait.

He waited until i finished before he said, “The gods may get angry with you if you dont do what they ask you to do. You are here to see people that kidnapped your brother. If you really love your brother, You must do everything i say”.

Here we go.

At that moment, It seemed that i have had enough because i instantly stood up and started picking up the money he spread on the ground.
It was the money i gave him and since they were all in 1000 Naira notes (except one 500 note), it was easy to pick all of them up. Emeka Ozuo watched as i counted my money and made sure it was complete, then i said, “Emeka i am leaving this place this night. It has been nice meeting you”.

“Do you know what time it is?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter. I will get to Orlu in 20 minutes and find a hotel there. Meanwhile the Army man who came with me left back to Enugu yesterday evening. He knows where i am and i already told him that if anything happen to me here, he can invade this place with the Nigerian Army” I said.

“Are you threatening me?” he shouted while beating his chest.

“No no, i am just telling you what will happen if anything happen to me. Please open the door for me” I said.

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37 Responses

  1. Konmight

    Seriki n trouble.

    Baba werey himself.

    I love that action of yours. The drink was going to make you lose your sight or sense and see whatever they want you to see.

    It was a scam. Nice one there Bro.

    Patiently following.

  2. prugged

    Hmmm dis Emeka guy is a scam…I love wat u told him about your Army friend..gud one boss

  3. sonickay

    emeka oz uo has met his nemesis. you should av robbed d daylight out of him

  4. Eulag

    Nice move boss, that’s how they drug people all in the name of herbal medicine .

  5. suntonia

    Haha haha haha hahaha, Emeka must have been thinking hard who you was. You got him on that. Thumb up Zubbu

  6. suraaj

    Did you call your friend before you start to bluff?what about if your friend was detain on his way out of the vvillage.

  7. Tunapa

    oga zubby….@if emeka is a real native doctor an powerful..u are in for a big time trouble for ur actions

  8. Dammyoni18

    Oga Zuby, I lyk ur beliefs, u realy get mind, if it were 2b an average Nigerian, he would not ask questions to talk more of picking d money. I laugh in Kiswahili ​​‎​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t understand why you still gave the money to him. It seems to me from the word go you knew it was scam yet you gave him the money.
    When it comes to Africa, I have given up. It seems the whole continent is brain dead.it is a continent populated with idiots and riff raffs

  10. yeye

    You shouldn’t have gone there.
    I expected you to do things the normal style.
    tell the cops to release the guy they have in their custody.
    kidnapp the guy and torture him till he confesses the whereabout of your bro.
    not visiting a miserable native doctor.
    Its all part of the story sha.

  11. ach4u

    @Tunapa…I agree with you but a real native doctor won’t scam you in such way …this Emeka Ozuo is a big time 419.

  12. solomon sly

    Zuby I don’t know maybe u yourself u are a spirit on ur own. U don’t have fear at all. Well I always remember u in prayer. Just becareful I will continue telling u these.

  13. Amina Williams

    Omo see gobe ….. Chie pple don suffer ooooo. Dat formula was black charcoal he pounded frm the so called godss.

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