42: The Police again

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Zainab had played the role I assigned her on the Linda Police case very well. As a reward, I took her to the Trade fair complex and bought her a wrist watch, blouses and some bumshots. After that, we drove to the Tantalizer and ate some food again. She said she would go back to the school the next day but I wanted her to go back that very Tuesday. I gave her flimsy excuses about me going to Cotonou.

I drove her back to school and on my way back, I branched to the same Oando filling station where I had filled my tank a day before. The ‘fuel girl’ was there as expected. There was a small queue of about three vehicles on her own pump, I decided to join the queue ignoring the free pumps.
When it was my turn to buy petrol, I told her to fill the tank again.

She looked up and recognized me instantly.
”Bros you no call me again” she said while filling my tank.

”I told you I would do that when I have time” I said.

”I dey on leave tomorrow” she said.

”Fine, I will call you then and tell you how to find me” I said as I paid her. The tank required only 20 Litres, therefore it got filled easily.

On my way home, I called Aisha again. I had decided that it would be my last call to her. She seemed to be either too busy or too reserved.

”Hello Asibike, how are you”. She said as soon as she answered the call.

”I am Ok Aisha. Where are you?” I queried.

She said she was in Victoria Island but would go to a friend’s party in the evening.
I asked if she would like me to accompany her but she refused.

After the call, i deleted her number on my phone and drove slowly towards home.

Driving in Lagos could be confusing sometimes. I knew the highways to my place very well.
I knew the route from Lagos Island through Liverpool to Wharf and Mile 2. I knew the route through Orile to mile 2 as well. I knew the route through Western Avenue past the National Stadium and Branching right through Anthony. Then I knew the route through Third mainland Bridge down to Gbagada and Oshodi-Apapa Express to Mile 2 but on that very Tuesday, I decided to venture into town more.

I found myself magically in Ojuelegba and drove under the bridge into town. I think it was in Surulere or a place called Lawanson. I eventually found myself in Oshodi-Apapa Expressway through Iyana Itire. I had to face Oshodi again just to turn the vehicle around but I did that at the Iyana ISolo bridge which busted out from Mushin area.

I believed there must be a School around the Isolo Bridge because as soon as I turned and faced the expressway heading down to Mile 2, I saw numerous students standing there. I stopped and brought the front passenger glass down.

” Please which way go to Maza Maza” I asked no one in particular.

A boy pointed towards Apapa and said I should head towards there. Another boy said he was going to that Direction. I opened the door for him. Two other girls jumped at the back . We headed to Mile 2.
The boy who entered at the front seat stopped in Ijesha Bus stop. I asked the girl I liked most among the two to come to the front.

Her name was Olabisi. She lived in Old Ojo road behind Maza Maza. Fortunately for her, I was heading that way.
Olabisi and her friend were apparently enjoying the air conditioner and the music I was playing. I had switched from the Osita Osadebe music I was playing to Tuface Idibia. It was apparent that the girls didn’t understand what Osadebe was saying and even if they did, I was sure they preferred Tuface.

”You are my African queen” boomed from the speakers. The song was a hit track from Tuface and I had heard it back in Portugal before returning to Nigeria.

The girl in the back of the car stopped as soon as we joined the Badagry expressway.

Bisi and I drove down to Maza Maza where she wanted to stop.

”Don’t worry, I will take you home” I said.

We drove down to an area where we turned back and headed back to Maza Maza. We got near the ‘Young Shall Grow’ park and turned right to old Ojo road.
Olabisi’s house was along the road. We stopped in front of the house and got out of the car.
Her mother was in their store in front of the house when we came. She sold drinks and groceries.

We entered the store and greeted her.

”Good evening mummy” I said as the woman looked me up and down before responding.

I demanded for a bottle of Guinness Stout as Bisi explained to her mother how I helped her from the school.
The mother thanked me as I sipped the bitter black contents from the beer bottle.

About 30 minutes later after I had consumed two bottles of medium stout, I paid and announced my leaving.
Olabisi volunteered to walk me to the car outside.
She was a fair skinned girl with big round waist.
Judging by the size of her mother, she was definitely going to be a fat woman. However that didn’t stop me from asking for her phone number.
She watched me keyed her numbers on the Samsung Razor and saved it with ‘Olabisi Ojo Rd’.. My database of Lagos girls was getting bigger.

I promised I would call her in the night and left. I drove through the bad old Ojo road down until I busted out of Abule Oshun where the road ended.
I turned left, drove down and turned right towards the Dangote factory plant in the area and went home.

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