42: The same side

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Chapter 42. The same side.

“We had hoped that Aunty Joy was going to reward us with some cash for helping her out the day she hosted the ceremony. When we came to her house, there were some big men with cars, the power generator was also on. Aunty Joy recognized us and told us to sit in the sitting room with those scary men. We were scared but there was nothing we could have done. She offered us Stout beer but we refused and told her that we want Malt. Then all of a sudden, Aunty Joy had said that she would like us to follow her to Italy. She said we can start our University there while we helped her take care of her house; she told us that she lived in a big house alone in Italy. We told her that we cannot decide that on our own but assured her that we will discuss that with our Parents. She agreed and allowed us to go. When we came outside, i told Caro that i wasn’t going anywhere. She said that we should go. Two of us argued about it for many hours until that evening when we went to Caro’s house and told her mother. The mother congratulated us and told us that our World had just become better and that we must be so foolish to even give it a second thought. That was how we agreed that we were going to Italy. When i got home and told my mother, she reminded me that she didn’t have money to train me in the University and told me to follow Aunty Joy to Italy and do whatever she was doing. I think my mother knew what Aunty Joy was doing in Italy” She said and stopped.

“Maria and Rose were extremely quiet during Peace’s narration. They were absolutely familiar with such stories. One thing i discovered in most of their stories was that the teenage ones were tricked into coming to Europe while the older ones clearly knew what they were coming there to do.
I wouldn’t have really cared if the girls i met in the streets were 20 years and above. But there was a time I imagined how it looked like to meet a 16 year old girl standing in the street by 11pm in the night, chewing gum like a goat and asking if i want to take her home; To me, that was the height of crime. That was what i would never wish to even my enemies.

When i met Jennifer in Lisbon, she was just 17 and half. I didn’t care about prostitutes and i didn’t even know what they i did. I was there in Lisbon for my resident permit documents. I only decided to go to the street and pick up a girl for the night, only to end up with Jennifer who bluntly made it clear that she was not happy with what she did. I had asked her why she couldn’t just forget about what she did and find another work. That was when she told me about their Madams who brought them to Europe.
As it stood, i had diverted from a drug master to a women liberator and freedom fighter; by the time i wanted out of the game, i had already gotten too deeply involved with the trade. The only thing i believed that could save me was to just run away from Europe to a place where there was no prostitution business because if I go to another Country where teenage girls walked around the street looking for men, I would definitely get dragged back into the game.
The Middle East was my best bet then but i was scared to go there. Rumour and news had it that people got beheaded and armputated over there for dealing on drugs. I vowed never to live in a place where such measures were taken.

“How old are you Peace?” I asked.
She said she was 17 and so was Caro/Sharon. According to her, they were like twins throughout their school days. People even called them twins despite Peace being darker than Sharon in Complexion. It was the reason why Aunty Joy found it relatively easy to convince them to follow her because as soon as Sharon agreed, it was so easy for Peace to say yes as well.

“How did you come to Europe, I mean the transportation method” I asked.
“We were taken to Libya by a trailer. We spent a week on the road before we got there. It was after two weeks in Libya that they took us to the Sea and put us inside the boat. It was the boat that brought us to one land that was surrounded by the big sea. Another boat picked us up at that small land inside the Sea and brought us to one City in the middle of the night. Some white men picked us up there and drove us to the middle of the city with a small bus. We didn’t know them or where they were taking us to. We were kept in one building while some of the people who came with us were taken to another place. Three days after we arrived in that city, Aunty Joy came. We were very happy to see her again. She was with us in Libya but did not enter the Sea with us. Aunty Joy took us to the train station after giving some money to the white people who kept us in the house. We spent one whole day in the train before we got to Venezia; that was the name of the place Aunty Joy lives. It is a city built inside the water. When she told us that we were coming here, Sharon said she wasn’t going anywhere. It was the reason why she is behaving stubborn to you; she is not happy because she told Aunty Joy that she wanted to go back to Nigeria. I also wanted to go back to Nigeria because she chased us out to the street everynight and told us to follow other girls to go and sleep with men. Brother it is not fair what she did to us. She promised to send us to school but she never talked about that again” Peace finished.
“Have you ever told you parents about that?” I asked.
“Yes i told my mother but she told me to stay in Italy if that is what other people are doing”.
“What about you Caroline, does your people know what you are doing here?” i asked.
“I don’t know. I told my father last week but she said there was nothing he could do about it” she said.
“Pay attention my beautiful girls, you all have opportunities to revenge on your Madams but first of all, Those who have not taken asylum here in Sweden will go to camp. When you are safely in camp, i will initiate a process that will make your Madams pay for what they did to you. I will need your help and cooperation because they won’t believe me if they didn’t hear your voices but when the time comes, i will let you know” I said.
Sharon got up and hugged me. She thanked me and said she thought Aunty Joy brought them to Sweden to start sleeping with me.
She was scared of what her life was turning into but the good news was that they just found out that we were on the same side.

“In addition, I have also noticed that in this World you find wickedness where justice and right ought to be”

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