42: The old Habit

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Chapter 42: The old habit.

”I warned you about this Ngozi. I knew this would happen. I told you i have a girlfriend in Marseille and that is where we are going now. Do you think she will allow you to live with her if she finds out what we are doing now” i had asked Ngozi.

We were still under the blanket.
After everything i said, she started kissing me again without saying a word. I allowed her.
After satisfying herself, she said, ” i am feeling cold here and i need your body to get warm. Your lips are part of your body and so is your manhood and every other thing. Your girlfriend won’t find out anything unless one of us told her and i bet it isn’t going to be me” she said. I decided to keep quiet and followed her lead.
Ngozi, despite being a teenager, knew every tricks in the book when it comes to Romance and sex. She had grabbed my balls and massaged them gently. I initially pretended that i wasn’t feeling anything but it got to a stage where i had no control over what comes out of my mouth. I moaned softly with pleasure as she rolled my balls and manhood with her left hand while her mouth stuck with mine.
At a stage, i had no choice but to start rubbing her soft body as well. My hand had slowly scrolled down to her hips and gradually found the pubic hairs between her legs. I gently slipped my hand into her tight underwear pants and two fingers from my right hand found the wet spot between her legs. She was already wet. I carefully slipped the fingers into her vagina and she moaned aloud. In a continuous and steady rhythm, i continued going in and out of her with the two fingers. Out of pleasure, she held my manhood tightly and begged me not to stop.
Some minutes later, she turned around and started kissing my body from neck down to the chest, belly button and finally ended up on my manhood. She opened her mouth wide and grabbed my manhood with it. Then she started kissing and sucking on it until the pleasure was no longer bearable for me. ”Baby, you are killing me” i said over and over again until i could hold it no longer, then i got up, pulled her up and made her hold the edge of the wooden bed. Her buttocks protruded as i pulled her tight underpants down in one swift gentle attempt. Her wet vagina became visible between the soft hips and beckoned on me to mount her.
As i guided my manhood into her without a condom, she cried out with pleasure.
”Baby don’t stop, do it harder”. I granted her request by increasing the pumping tempo as the walls of her private part became soft and hard at the same time. It was a new experience for me. I pumped in and out of her until the sperms began to give me sign of its intention to come out. I pulled out my manhood and allowed the Sperms recede back into my balls. I pulled her up gently and lay her on the bed. Her two medium sized breasts stared at me as if to say ‘its our turn to feel your energy”.
I bent down and grabbed them both at the same time, then i Sucked on them one after the other. By the time i was done with the breasts, Ngozi had already started begging me to go inside of her again.
I gently guided my manhood into the open vagina once more while my mouth was still on the breasts. I pumped and sucked on a uniformed rhythm until i could no longer hold back my sperms, then i pulled out my manhood and poured the hot creamy sperms unto her body.
She lay quietly on the bed and stared at me for several seconds before she gathered enough strength and said, ”You are good at doing this”.
I smiled back at her and kissed her lips twice, then i pulled her up and we walked into the bathroom to clean up.
”I hope this won’t happen again Ngozi” i said while cleaning my manhood.
”I hope so too but we can’t control some of our actions” she said.
”Well lets try to control our actions from now on” i said as i turned around and walked back into the room. Ten minutes later she was still inside the bathroom. I got alerted and suspicious.
I walked back to the bathroom and saw Ngozi sitting on the edge of the bathtub.
”What are you doing there” i asked.
”Nothing, i am just thinking about my life and where it is heading to” she said.
”Come on, lets go” i sad as i pulled her up gently and took her back to the room.

”If this is about what i said to you, i am sorry but my life has been on the run since i left Nigeria in 2002. As you are looking at me now, i have lived in Germany, Portugal, Holland and many other Countries. It seems to me as if i am a confused person. In all those places, i left a woman heartbroken and it was because i got too involved in their personal affairs. It is the reason why i don’t want to get too involved with you. I don’t know where i will settle down later on in life but i want it to be in Nigeria. Not just Nigeria but down in my own home state. Due to the things i have done in the past, i am afraid that someone or some people would want to come after me with weapons later on, it is the reason why i want to stay close to my village. One day you will understand but before then, i want you to know that if we get too involved, you will miss me too much when i go away from you and knowing how i operate, i am definitely going to leave you someday” i said.
”It is Ok, i understand now but since you are still with me here, let us pretend that you won’t go away” she said, smiled and found my lips with hers one more.

The reality was that no matter how strong minded and principled we believed to have been, there were some people and some things that knew how to finds it way into those fortified fortresses of ours. Ngozi was one of them. She believed that she could manipulate me with tricks, she knew that i had soft spot for people who were being oppressed. She was going to use that old trick to get me to do whatever she wanted me to do. But i hoped it work for her because knowing how i attracted troubles, it was a matter of time before she hit the metal fence.

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