42: Magic Mirror – The gods and spirits

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It was already past midnight when i was called to go inside the compound.

“Your brother is missing” Emeka Ozuo said as soon as i entered.

“Who told you that?” I fired immediately.

“Taaaaaaa, dont ask questions to the spirit” He shouted.

Intimidation detected!

“The spirits sees everything” He continued.

“Emeka someone told you that i was coming here and i think i know who it is. If you bring your phone, i will find out who the person is” I said.

He starred at me for long. Apparently his shouting didn’t have any effect on me.

I wanted him to know that i couldnt just believe his spirit crap. I have never seen a spirit physically, so what was he talking about.

I was told he had gone to India to receive his powers. How did he turn to spirit after returning.

“The ways of the gods are different from the ways of humans” He said.

“I am sure of that Sir” i replied.

How could the ways of the gods and that of humans be the same thing? They were not called gods for nothing.
But one thing i was sure, was that Emeka Ozuo was a human being.
I had seen his wife outside while i waited for my turn.

The woman had called me out around 8pm and asked if i wanted to eat something. She had also asked for the person who came with me whom i had told her that he had left back to where we came from.
There were other people sitting close to me when the woman came to ask if i wanted to eat something. She didn’t ask anyone else.

Fortunately for me, i had purchased Banana, groundnut and water in Orlu earlier in the day. That was what i eventually ate that night when the worms in my stomach started demanded for their dinner.

“Your money is 37500 Naira” He shouted.

Why on Earth did this people not tell me the price earlier in the day?
I could have decided that i wasn’t going to pay such amount but the good news was that Victor, who had directed me to the place already told me the price range.

“Ok Sir, but what results am i going to get after giving you this money?” i asked boldly.

“Taaaaaa the money is for the gods not for me” He shouted.


Was it the gods that built the upstair house i saw in his compound?
Was it the gods who paid the bride price for the wife or wives, cos i saw more than one woman with children in that compound.

Black man was full of deception and lies. But then it was me who traveled all the way from Enugu to visit him. He must have known that whatever brought me to that place and kept me until past midnight, must have been a very serious thing.

“Oga Emeka, i will pay the money. But i need to know what i am going to get after payment” I said.

“It depends on you and your god. Whatever they decide to show you is what they will show you” He said.

Then he hit his metal gong twice and said, “Your missing brother lives in Onitsha. He has a wife and two children. The wife is pregnant. His name is A…..”.

He actually got everything correct but i wasn’t surprised. I knew someone already told him everything He needed to work with. It was the normal standard practice for the African native doctors.

I on my side, believed that there was no way humans could know or describe what or who they dont know.
It was even impossible to recognize someone you dont know after dreaming about the person, let alone someone you never see or dreamt of.

It was all scam, designed to extort money from gullible people and the way things stood, i had just become one of the gullible people; pushed to the wall by circumstances and there was nothing i could do.

I had started doing what i never knew i would do, what i never did all my life and what i didn’t think i would ever do again.

It was all good experience, knowing first hand, what my people were passing through on daily basis, just to solve physical problems.

“Wow! You know everything about my brother, you must know the people who kidnapped him” I said.

He looked up and said, “only the gods know that one”.

Really? But you knew the other things about him.

I thought he said he was a spirit or god a few minutes back. Now it was only the gods that would know the kidnappers.

“Those who kidnapped him had dangerous charms which stopped me from seeing their faces. But you will see them in the mirror if you are strong in the spirit” he said and blew a whistle loud as if a footballer had scored a goal.

I detected a clause in his last statement. He said i would only see the kidnappers if i was strong in the spirit.

‘Strong in the spirit’ what was that?

How was i supposed to know if i was strong or not?

He was most likely going to tell me that i was not strong in the spirit if i didn’t see anything.
Africa! How did this happen to us?

It was the same route every religious body took.
The moment your sickness was not cured, they would tell you that you didn’t have faith.
What was that?

What instrument measured faith?

Somehow i felt that i would have been absorbing everything about black man easily if i had not traveled out to see other cultures in Europe.
Humans were bound to believe in something.

Before the coming of Christianity and Muslim, the black men believed in something of their own and they had their methods of worshiping their own gods.

Christianity was good. It was a more transparent system of worship even though they had their own secrets hidden from the common members.
The only issue i had with that beautiful religion called Christianity was that criminals had invaded the Church in the form of Pastors, or Prophets or Bishops. Their primary objective had become money. Salvation had become for sale. Prayers had become for hire. The Church had turned into business and the poor masses had no more hope of keeping up with the speed and development.

There was no need arguing with Emeka Ozuo. I had come and i was with the money he demanded, therefore i counted out the money and stretched it out for him to take.

“Put it on the floor, the gods doesn’t take things from humans’ hands” He shouted.

My Gawd!

You can fool yourself, you know. You’d this is impossible but trust me, its the easiest to to do

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  1. Konmight

    Could anyone scam Zuby?

    Let’s see how it goes.

    I’m a Christian, yet I believe spiritual powers exist somewhere.

    Patiently following.

  2. Eulag

    Religion is a scam designed to brainwash Africans ,now that the westerners have what they wanted from us,they now abolished it in their administrative systems.

    After detecting these deceits used by our slave masters,Africans now use religion against each other and most importantly,as a money making tool.

  3. shammer

    Anyone that scam/dupe zuby have ended up paying with interest…let see how this will end.

  4. sonickay

    I hope this man didn’t hypnotise zit and day he takes his money back or launch an op to recover it later

  5. suraaj

    i always learn new things every time i read an episode.many had fall victim of such.

  6. Poundz

    Correct! Con-men has invaded the church, turning free salvation to money making venture! Preach on boss

  7. Delis

    My thinking is that you delibrately gave him that money for the sake of sacrifice because the gods like them sacrifices but woe betide all these self aclaimed whatever they call themselves… In fact let me stop here.

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