66: Welcome back Jennifer

Jennifer arrived in Berlin a little past 11am. She called from a pay phone. I told her to enter a taxi and ask the cab driver to call my number for directions.
When they called, I directed them to the Pankow U-bahn station. I walked down there and picked her up.
She was still too lean but better than the last time I saw her in Bremen.
I was planning to be a little strict with reception but when I saw her, the whole plans melted into hugs and kisses. I held her hand as we walked back to the apartment. She demand for her phone as soon as we entered the house. I told her to rest before we go out and get another phone for her. She wanted the phone instantly.

I took her to the electromarkt behind our street and bought her a Motorola Razor, a flat black phone that was envogue. It gulped my €120. We walked back to the apartment. I brought down her gift bag and opened it. Numerous ladies clothes were carefully arranged in it. She was the happiest girl in Berlin.

We rested for two hours and hit the road again. This time, we went to the Afro shop. Chichi was there as expected. Akunne was there too. The time was already a few minutes past 1400hours but the place was already full.
People congratulated Jennifer on her successful asylum process.

I told Chichi to cook a big pot of yam with fresh catfish, the way I used to do back then before going to Portugal. Guys were excited as usual. Ozoigbondu had returned to his senses.

My phone rang. It was Marko. I excused myself and went outside.
”I am in Berlin. We have a party at Charlottenburg. Would you like to come” he said.
I asked what kind of party and he said that a friend of his was celebrating his birthday. I wanted to take Jennifer out anyway, therefore I agreed to attend the party. He asked where I was so they could come and pick me up. I gave the coordinates and waited.

They showed up less than thirty minutes later. The yam and fish I had ordered was still cooking. I directed Chichi on how to distribute. Jennifer was not happy that we were not going to partake in the food I had bought. I bought them a crate of Berliner Kindl beer and left.

We arrived at the party house. Everybody was white except Jennifer and I. It was a white party anyway. We were given seats near the DJ. The discotheque music was loud. Boys and girls were jumping up and down. The door was locked as they distributed ecstasy tablets, a minor drug that was small.
We were served beer and smirnoff. It wasn’t my idea of party but it wasn’t my party either.

Jennifer wanted to know what the tablet they distributed was. I denied any knowledge of it.
That was what I was afraid of about her.She was going to start asking a lot of questions about what I did and the phone calls I answered or made.
I had to find a way to fix her somewhere or in the alternative, explain to her what drug business was all about.
The problem was that she didn’t speak Igbo. I didn’t like discussing drug related issues in English or even any European language. It was safer with Igbo.

The party closed at about 6pm. Marko had introduced me to some of his friends who wanted my phone number. I had told them to get it from Marko. Such things could be trouble if care was not taken.

We left the party house and went home.

The following day, business continued as usual.
Joe who lived in the ‘hospital’ apartment was doing most of the distribution now. I would direct the customers to him each time they called. I only selected Marko and Allen who had started buying in large quantities and supplied them myself.

I had given Joe a staring capital of €4000 and told him to pay me €3000 every month. He was happy since he was making up to that amount as well.

In the middle of may 2006, I purchased a flight ticket to Federal Republic of Nigeria. The flight date was May 30th.
I didn’t tell anybody including Jennifer that I was going home.
I had about two weeks to plan on how to break the news to her. I was sure she would cry. I was sure she would miss me but I was also sure that nobody was going to hold me down in one place forever.

It was time to go home and rest. My ticket was an open ticket. It meant that I could stay in Nigeria for up to three months before returning.

I started buying some clothes and shoes, phones to give to people, even ladies clothes that was not for Jennifer. I had sisters in Nigeria too. I also bought a Mercedes V-boot one door for my elder brother. An Opel Omega car for my Father and a honda civic for my Younger brother who was in ESUT Enugu and shipped them to Cotonou.

Jennifer became suspicious. She caught me packing ladies shoes in a big bag one afternoon and asked who it was for since it wasn’t her size. I said nothing.

She started crying and accusing me of keeping another girlfriend somewhere.

” calm down baby, its not for another girl. It is for my sisters in Nigeria.” I said and kept quiet.
She cleaned her eyes and asked how I was going to send it to them.

”I am visiting Nigeria soon Jennifer” I said while looking her in the eyes.

She stared at me as if it was a joke.

”You are joking, right” she said.
”No, I am not joking” I said.

”You are going to stay here until I return. There are some things I need to do in Nigeria Jennifer. We cannot live here forever. I will leave enough money for you to eat until I return” I said.

It was difficult for her to swallow but when she gathered enough strength to talk again, she asked me
” When”

” Tomorrow” I said and braced up for the tears that followed.


The following morning, I called Akunne to come and drop me to the Berlin Tegel airport.
When he arrived, I gave him money to pay for my apartment for three months. I gave him money to Buy Monat-Farkarte ( Monthly ticket) for Jennifer to move around.

I gave Jennifer €1500 and told her not to ever spend more than €300 each month.

I gave her Joe’s number and told her to call Joe if there was any problem.

Jennifer followed us to the airport. She cried when they were going back.

I entered the Tegel airport and boarded my air Berlin to Amsterdam, then I boarded KLM royal Dutch airline to Murtala Muhammad airport Lagos Nigeria.

Welcome back home Ozoigbondu.


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