41: The Lawyer

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“What are their names?” the lawyer asked me.

I had searched for ‘Lawyers in Karlsruhe’ with my phone and found lots of them. However i decided to go for the one close to me.

I didn’t go immediately because i knew that adding the girls’ data to the illegal immigrants database was going to happen that morning if it would happen at all.
I had waited at the hotel until around noon, then i paid for another night before going to see the lawyer.
The lawyer said that finding where they were taken was going to cost me €200, while taking up their cases would cost €1500.
I gave him €200 and asked him to find their locations first.
I was an Igbo Nigerian by heart and we were all good at cutting costs.

“Iniobong Togar and Sandra Togar” I said.

It took less that a minute to locate Sandra Togar.
“There is no Iniobong Togar here” the lawyer said.

A quick thinking revealed that the girl could have used ‘Ini’ instead of ‘Iniobong’.

“Try just ‘Ini Togar” I said.

He keyed in the name and sure, the search engine found her.

“They are at the Karlsruhe Central Police station now and will be transported to the asylum camp later today” He said.

“Let me see their pictures to make sure we found the right girls” I said as i walked to his back to take a look at the computer monitor screen.

“No, wait there, i will show you” He said.

I returned to my seat and waited as he sent commands for the data and images of the girls to be printed out in black and white.

I picked the two print-outs and it didn’t take a second to recognize them.

The positive was that they were being processed in Germany. If they were lucky, they will be sent straight to the camp like the lawyer said. They were both teenagers and girls for that matter. The authorities were going to handle them with maximum care.

Maltreating such girls of that age range could spark up protests and riots all over the country. I recalled when a police man hit a teenage girl in Leipzig Germany in 2005, it sparked nationwide protests among the minority communities especially the Turkish people who were the second largest group in Germany after Germans themselves.

“Give me the names of the asylum camps here in Karlsruhe, i will go looking for them by myself” I said to the lawyer.

“They may be posted to another city or town very far from here. This is my job and all you can do is to pay me” He said and laughed.

“I understand Sir but i don’t have such money with me. I can only afford €500 now” I said.

After a little negotiation between us, we ended up at €600.

I gave him the money and my phone number, then i returned to my hotel and waited.

While at the hotel, i called Berlin.

“Man, i am in short of money and i need it now” That was me to Johnson in Berlin.

After asking where i was and advising me on staying one place to have a descent life, Johnson agreed to send €2000 to me in an hour. He was happy that i was in Germany but wondered why it has to be in Karlsruhe which he believed was not close to Berlin both in land mass and Population.

After talking to Johnson, i called Kenneth who said he has no money.

I had €1400 left with me and with the in-coming €2000 from Johnson, i would have enough for the foreseeable future.

It took about two hours to receive the Western Union secret number and question from Johnson who also added below the main message, that i will return the money in one week.
I didn’t care what he said, there were times when i left huge amount of money in his custody for long.
Finding out the whereabouts of the girls was the priority; I will take care of the loan when i could.

After clearing the money from Western Union, i went to eat at a restaurant near the Lawyer’s office. I called the lawyer from there and he asked me to wait while he searched the database once more.

“They were sent to Mannheim” He said.



The city of Mannheim was also in the state of Baden-Wurtemberg as was Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and others.

He gave me the address of the the camp and i thanked him for a job weldone.

Apparently there was no more need to go to Stuttgart. The circumstances has directed me to Mannheim and that was where i was going.

I believed they were going to be processed in Mannheim, including fingerprinting and other things. There was no need rushing to Mannheim as if they were going to face firing squad there.
I decided to take my time and travel to Mannheim in the evening.
I liked hitting cities by night.
Besides Mannheim was just 50 Kilometres from Karlsruhe which meant that it was less than an hour ride to the city.

I relaxed in the hotel and waited for late evening to come; despite the fact that i didn’t suspect that someone who knew me could see me but one can never tell. Europe was not that big especially with railways and highways connecting every city to each other.
Traveling by night increased the chances of me not being spotted by anyone.

I waited at the hotel until 7pm, then i returned to the the Karlsruhe Hauptbanhof and took a direct train heading to Mannheim.

As i sat in the train, i wondered what the girls would be thinking of me. We humans were never patient when it comes to our security. Somehow i believed the girls would have been expecting me to do something about their conditions not knowing that i was also making sure that i wasn’t dragged into something that could expose my identities in Germany.
The good news however, was that they used the names i gave them. That was the only link between me and them. If they didn’t used the name ‘Togar’, it would have been almost impossible to locate them. But just like the CIA and the Mossad, The M15 and the other intelligence agencies, we had managed to produce a code which was ‘Togar’.

We Africans were not dumb afteral except that most of our leaders were Dumb since most didn’t know that Technology has advanced the human reasoning.

One of the Presidents in Africa introduced Facebook to Nigeria in 2011 but then I joined Facebook since 2007.

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  1. Corpspissed

    Now that was a great joke there and it got me lol like a mad man! I mean the last verse. 😎

  2. SF-oluLESHIE

    No oh i think facebook was introduced to Nigeria bfor 2011 oh cos i joined in 2007 oh and dia were alot of pple who facebook even bfor me . . .anyway 7th to comment

  3. Lagos Boy

    which day will i be lucky to be the first to comment, but i dey try na

  4. horlabiyi

    Lol at the quote of an African president that introduced fb to 9ja in 2011. I joined fb back in 2006 when the going was tough. Nice update

  5. Otunba

    u dont deserve to return to this shit hole,it aint for hustler like u

  6. Otunba

    joined facebook june 2009,europe is for you,still wondering why you retruned to 9ja

  7. Nche95

    i joined facebook in 2010, when i was in ss1. our leaders are clowns.

  8. Anonymous

    No President said he brought facebook to Nigeria o, it was a dumb Minister under a President that made such comment. But I believe he wanted to say thank the President for making facebook a platform for campaign in Nigeria and also giving people a platform to air their views about the government. Thank Nigerians, we blew the mistake out of proportion.

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    Right away I am ready to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming yet again to read additional news.

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