41: Police Works for me

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Chapter 41: The Mistake again.

I bent down for a while and when i got up, i looked straight at Joe and said:
”Did you bring them to beat me up or hear what i came to say”.
Joe was angry that Clement slapped me. He had asked Clement to apologize which he refused to do.

”You think Ikenna has nobody in this Amsterdam, i am his senior brother. I will show you pepper in this Amsterdam. I went to the Prison to visit Ikenna. He said they have given him two years term in prison and would deport him after that. Do you know how much i spent to bring him up here?’ Clement was shouting.
Since i was alone, i knew that it would be suicidal if i started to argue, therefore i just kept quiet.
I would have come with Robin and Nduka but they had no documents.

When Clement finished shouting, Oga Joe asked me to tell them what the lawyer said.

”I need some water to clean my face. I also need paracetamol. My head is hurting from the slap he just gave me” i said as i pointed at clement.  

”You are not getting any paracetamol or water until you tell us what you called us here to tell us. Don’t waste my time because i am coming to slap you again” It was Clement again.

At that moment, i wondered if Madam even saw my beeps. There were chances that she wasn’t with her phone. We had spent atleast 15 minutes in Joe’s house. The cops should have been there already.

”Well, i am not saying anything until i get the paracetamol” i said.
My last statement angered Nando so much that he rose up and slapped me again, he also grabbed my shirt and tore the buttons.
Oga Joe stood up and separated him from me.

Everybody started shouting at the same time. Clement was barking like a dog on how he was going to make life miserable for me in Amsterdam.

Fat Willie was being restricted from hitting me by Ezenwa.

Oga Joe was standing between me and Nando.
The entire apartment was filled with noise, exactly the way i wanted.

”I told you. This is just the beginning. By the time i fini….” Nando was saying.

”Towaa” the door just busted open. It was some Gorilla Police men with firearms.

”Everybody on the floor now” one of them shouted.

I had started crying. Tears were running down my cheeks. They were fake tears which i had planned to use to buy more time since the police hadn’t come.

All of us had fallen quickly to the ground except Willie who was kicked down by a Police.

The police tied our hands behind our backs with a white rubber cuffs. They walked around the apartment searching for whatever they wanted. About ten minutes later, they marched all of us down to the police bus in front of the house. Some people had gathered across the road watching the incident. I bent down my face to avoid being caught with Cameras.

We were driven to the Police station near Bulewijk metro station where we were questioned.

We were asked to provide our documents.

Oga Joe had Spanish resident permit, but he had no ticket indicating when he came to Amsterdam. His passport Was stamped a ‘no entry’ to Holland for four years.

Clement had Dutch Resident permit.

All the others had no papers whatsoever.

I on my part gave them my Portuguese documents which contained a ticket that arrived to Amsterdam two days before with another ticket going back to Lisbon in three days time.
I was asked what i came to do in Amsterdam. I told them that i came to smoke weed and look around Amsterdam’s red light district which i had heard so much about. I also told them that i had asked where i could meet with Nigerian people and were directed to Bijlmer where i met with these people. They had called me to their house and asked me to give them my money. I had refused and they had started beating me. I pointed at Nando and spoke in Igbo which he responded. He had just proven that he was a Nigerian. He was definitely going back to Nando. Wherever that town was located.

After over three hours of interrogation, Clement and I were discharged to go. We were given our papers and phones and were told to leave the police station.

Oga Joe was told that he would be driven to the train station where he would take a train to Spain and was also warned not to visit Holland again until after four years. He cried like a baby.

As i walked outside the police gate with Clement, he said:
”So this was your plan. You gathered us together and called the police. You bought a ticket to Portugal when you are not going anywhere”

”You slapped me Clement. I don’t know you but you just escaped my net. If you don’t come to apologize for slapping me, the war between us will continue until i make sure that none of your Town member remains in Amsterdam. You understand i just packed all the people From Nando and sent them out of town. Your brother Ikenna stole my drugs, i didn’t see you. He impregnated my girl, i didn’t see you. I sent him to the police for those crimes and you showed up from nowhere. I am coming after you sooner than you know” i said.
He suddenly stopped after hearing me out and started walking back to the Police station. I didn’t know what he was going back to do but i wasn’t going to wait and see.
I quickly crossed the road and ran up to the Bulewijk metro station where i took a train to Duivendrecht, then another train to Krainest where I changed cloths.

”They said the Police took you away with some people. The news is every where in Gazenhoef” Robin said”

he had already called my brother back home and told him that i was arrested.

After eating and taking my bath, i showed up in Gazenhoef. I wanted everybody to know that newspaper guy wasn’t arrested. It was a rumour. Some people said they never even believed the news. Some said they saw us. I denied that it wasn’t me.

The day after the incident, my phone rang.
It was an unknown number which i didn’t register in my phone.
When i answered the call, the voice was a little Familiar.
It was Clement from Nando, he wanted us to meet again.
Could that be a trap?

” Remember not only
to say the right
thing in the right
place, but far more
difficult still, to
leave unsaid the
wrong thing at the
tempting moment”

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