41: Pescara

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Chapter 41: Pescara.

We were still at the Napoli Central station when Ngozi’s phone rang. It was Fatimah. I told her to pick it up and tell her that she was on a train going to Formia.
”Pretend that you haven’t seen me and that you are going to Formia” i said.
She picked the call,
”I am in the train to that place he told us to go, are you coming, i can wait for you there, i am scared” she said as i made a sign for her to stop talking.
After listening for a few seconds, she said ‘Ok’ and cut of the line.
”She said i should wait for her in Formia. Lets tell her we are in Napoli, she didn’t tell Maria anything” Ngozi said.
Here we go.
”Now listen, she is coming with Maria and they are bringing thugs with them. I know the attachment between you two but if she wants to meet up with us, we will send her money for transport. The thugs are probably after us by now, they could kill you if they catch you. We can’t trust Fatimah again” I said. Ngozi seemed to be convinced with what i said because she asked what was next for us.
”We are taking the Adriatic Sea coastal train line. If they are looking for us, they will definitely use the west coast line to Rome. We are going to avoid Rome, Milan and possibly Torino. We will stick with smaller cities. If they are after us, they must have alerted their networks all over the country to look out for us in those major cities” I said.
Ngozi didn’t understand the train routes and where they went. She just nodded and followed me as we changed platforms and stood on the lane going to Benevento which will also take us to Forgia and Pescara. According to the digital time table on the platform, The train to Benevento will come in 10 minutes. It was a long time but sometimes we had to believe that we would be safe whether that was the case or not, especially when we didn’t have other options.
We waited at the corner of a small automart machine until the train arrived, then we entered and waved goodbye to Napoli.

As we sat on the bumpy train heading east to Benevento, we talked about small issues such as what she would do when we got to France. She would of course take asylum first and go to school, that was the plan. I really wanted her to become a positive person in the future. I wasn’t hoping of any payback from Ngozi or Naomi or any of the girls i helped one way or the other but i knew that someday, i would sit in my study somewhere in Eastern Nigeria, drinking some cognac and whisky brought to me by the people i helped or their Children. It would give me so much joy to sit down and tell the stories about the things i did with those girls, excluding the sex parts of course.

The announcement that we had arrived in Benevento jolted me back to reality. I was almost half asleep. I didn’t have a decent sleep for the immediate past two days. I had been sleeping with one eye open, planning on how to move the two girls out of Italy.
I felt bad that Fatimah bolted at the final minute. It was true that it made My task easier for me nd probably saved up money for me but the money would have done a greater thing if Fatimah had followed us. Since there were some things we could never change, i swallowed my anger and walked down out of the train.

At Benevento, we entered another train to Pescara through Forgia. At Pescara, i told Ngozi that we will sleep over. I had suddenly felt that there must be intensive hunt for us, it was better that we threw them off chart as much as we could.

We walked out of the train station in Pescara and found a hotel near the city’s football stadium. We paid €50 for a room and settled down in the neatly decorated and organised room.
From the hotel room, i called Nonso Ukeh in Paris and asked if there was any development in my resident permit application, there wasn’t. It had suddenly occurred to me that in less than three weeks, my paper would expire and when that happened, i was going to be grounded in one Country. It was important that i was inside France before that happened, at least i could be walking around with the receipt they gave me during application; it didn’t mean that i was documented but it meant that i was in the process with the immigration.
I called Dublin and talked with Ify. Ngozi asked who Ify was, i told her everything about her.
I called Naomi in Marseille and told her that we were on the way. She said she had found a one bedroom apartment that went for €350 monthly. That was a perfect one for her and Ngozi. I asked her to tell the woman who found it that we will send money through western Union the following day.
I called A few more people and when i finished, i took Ngozi down to the city to Eat.
Pescara was a coastal city near the Adriatic Sea. The breeze from the sea hovered over the city skyline like ghosts.
Since we didn’t want to venture far, we ate at a restaurant near the stadium and on our way back, Ngozi held my hand as we walked. She had relaxed to a level that made me comfortable. I had succeeded in calming her nerves by telling her about Naomi, Jennifer and Ify.

We got to the hotel and Ngozi went into the bathroom to shower. Ten minutes later, she came out tying the only towel in the bathroom around her body. A quick look at her young body made me understand that it was only a matter of time before one of us bumped into each other intentionally.
I also went into the bathroom to take my own bath but when i finished, i put on my boxers right there in the bathroom, hoping that it would stop her from making any move on me. But as soon as i came out, she was on a tight pant and Bra only.
”Wear your cloths now” i said.
”I don’t have any other cloth except the one in your bag which i will wear tomorrow” she said.
She was right.
As i opened my bag to get her a decent short to wear for the night, i heard her voice said, ”Its Ok, i will sleep with this, just come to bed”.
I walked into the bed and crept under the single blanket with her. Then a few minutes later, her mouth found mine.

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