41: What money

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Around 3pm, I switched my phone back on.

In the evening, Linda called again. She asked if I had paid in the money and I said No…

”I am not giving you any money Linda. You are a liar and a bad one for that matter. Why can’t you tell me you need money for yourself instead of telling me it is for school fees. I want you to stop calling this number until you learn to tell the truth” I said.

She started shouting on the phone. I opened the Menu of the Motorola Razor phone and started recording the call.

” You useless man. I will show you na we get this Lagos. Wawa boy. Look at you. You think you can just Fvck anybody and go” she stopped.

I hadn’t recorded enough, therefore I provoked her again.

”You came to my house and lied to me Linda’s you are a liar. Anytime I see you, you will pay for all the things you ate in Tantalizer” I said.

”Yeye man. No be your mate de buy car dash woman, na small chicken and rice wey you buy na im make you dey cry. Wait until I see you again” she finished and hung up.

I replayed the recording and it was perfect.

I called Zainab and asked her to come to the house. She begged me to come pick her up in mile 2. I did.
When we got home, I told her everything that had happened between me and Linda. The only place I lied was that it was Linda who asked me to give her my number instead of the other way round.
Zainab was angry with me but I was able to beg her down with promises never to do it again. She eventually said that since I was honest enough to tell her, she would forgive me unconditionally. We even had one round of sex before we relaxed in the parlour.

Around 4pm. A knock came on my door and was followed instantly by another bigger knock.

I asked who it was and a male voice said it was the Police.

I opened the door and saw three Policemen with Linda standing behind them.

”welcome officers, please come in” I said.

All of them entered. Linda was shocked to see Zainab in my place. Both of them started exchanging hot words. The Police forgot about me and concentrated on separating them first.

When everywhere was quiet. I walked to a police officer whom I had seen his name written as Sunday Okafor. I knew he was Igbo and would understand me more.
”Oga, Sunday, please what brings police gentlemen to my house” I asked.

Another police man took up the question.

”This woman here said you Molested her. I want us to go to the Police station. You will explain well when we get there” the officer said.

”Thank you officer and welcome once more. However, I would like to change to another cloth before we go” I said. He said he would follow me to my room.

The officer named Okafor asked the other one to stay back while he followed me.
The women had started shouting again as we walked to the room.

As soon as we entered the room, Officer Sunday said he didn’t trust that girl and asked me what happened.
I opened my fridge and got out a bottle of JW and handed it to the Police. Enjoy yourself while I wear my clothe.

As I wore my clothes slowly, I narrated the summary of what happened between me and Linda to the policeman. I showed him the message and played the recorded phone call to him. I told him that Linda was a liar and that I wanted to help her. I said that I even offered to take her to the school and pay for her school fees which she refused.
”Oga Sunday, this girl is our sister from Igbo and should not be behaving like this in Far away Lagos” I said in Igbo.

He was visibly angry when I finished my story. He stormed into the sitting room and slapped Linda twice.

I had started laughing inside as I walked with my unbuttoned shirt out onto the parlour.

Sunday had started narrating what happened to the other police men. When he finished, the smallest ranked one among them brought out a handcuffs and slammed it on Linda’s arms.

I had come out to the sitting room with the JW and a glass. They all took turns in filling the glass and drinking it.

They later announced that they were leaving. I brought out N5000 and handed it to Officer Sunday and told them it was for their troubles.

When they left, Zainab laughed for ten long minutes.

”Baby you are a genius” she finally said when she stopped laughing.

”Baby, the police had made me change to a new set of cloths, lets go catch fun outside” I said as we walked down the stairwell down to the place where my car was parked.

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