65: Going Back

The Night train from Austria to Berlin was not as luxurious as the ICE or even the Inter regional train. The good news was that it had coaches with beds in them. I had purchased a ticket for coach 15 which had four beds in it.

There were 2 other people in it when I entered. Two white punk skinheads. The racist type. They could strangle me in the Night if I had chosen to sleep in that cabin, therefore I went to Cabin 16 where I had passed earlier and saw only one decent looking man.
I greeted him and climbed to the top bed opposite him.
The train left Austria Wien westbanhof at exactly 8:30 pm. It was not a fast train and it stopped in many cities before reaching its final destination. The time stamp on the ticket said it would get to Berlin by 6:15am.

”Ausweis bitte” those German police again. They never allowed anything to slip past them. I climbed down and handed my passport back to them. The Portuguese resident permit was inside it. The Train ticket from Berlin to Austria was inside, the tickets from Austria to Slovakia and back were inside too. The Slovakia visa which I had gotten from Berlin was in the passport as well. There were too many things to show that the document was real.
The fat German Immigration police checked everything for several minutes and finally asked what I went to do in Slovakia.
”Business” I said and decided not to say anything more.
”What kind pf Business” he asked.

” Used clothes and shoes. I buy them from all over Europe and send to Africa” I said and kept quiet again.

He excused himself and left with the documents. A few minutes later, another policeman came and handed the documents back to me. He apologized and left.

At about 10 pm, my phone rang. It was Laz. He wanted to know if I had released all the drugs from my stomach. He had agreed to buy them at €100 per gram.
” I am in the train going to Germany. You had your chance. You should have known that in the business of drugs, quick and instant decisions are very vital” I said.
I also told him that I would return to Vienna anytime soon.
He said he knew the Amechi I was talking about but that it was a mistake contacting him.

He said Amechi never touched drug all his days in Austria and usualy disconnect himself from anybody who was a drug dealer. He promised to get his new phone number and send to me since he must have probably changed his phone number because I contacted him. It was funny but I didn’t blame Amechi. Some people were just too afraid to see the walls of prison. They preferred partying and womanizing all day. Their type hardly make enough money to return to Nigeria and they never cared if they spent a million years in Europe.

Jennifer called next. She reminded me how early she would come to Berlin the next day. According to her, she had missed me so much and could not live another day without seeing me. She said she had purchased a new simcard but no phone yet.
She asked about the phone I bought for her when I visited Bremen.
”I am using the phone now” I had said.

I had taken the phone with me to Slovakia since I needed two phones. The double-sim card phones had not been in existence then.
I promised to buy her a new better one as soon as she come to Berlin the next day.

I called Joe and told him to Come to my main apartment by 11 am the next day. I called Johnson and told him that I was already back in Berlin.
He said ‘thank God’ and said he would come to Berlin when he had time.

We were already in the German territory of Bavaria, the state that hosted Munich, Nurnberg, Regensburg and numerous other developed cities. The call rates had dropped again unlike when I was calling in Austria with a German Number.

Our slow train continued its journey towards the Bundes hauptstadt of Berlin.

The business of weeds was about to commence in full force once more. The loyal admirers of Ozoigbondu were going to start feasting on my pocket again. But above everything, the major occupant of my mind was Jennifer. I didn’t know what was going to happen between us from there on.
Traveling to Nigeria was already on my mind. I wondered how she was going to cope, not because I was going to Nigeria but because I would go to Holland from Nigeria.

The weed business was just a stepping stone. I had already fortified my mind and had also raised enough capital to join the Amsterdam bandwagon.

But then, Some things had a way of fixing itself. I would wait and see how the whole things turns out.

A few minutes past 6 am, we arrived in Berlin OstBanhof station where the journey started. I was tired, therefore I decided against using the train to my apartment. I went down from the platform and called a cab. He drove me to two blocks before my apartment. I paid him and walked down to my place. My electricity bulbs were still on as I had left them. The heater was on too.
I dropped my bag and found the warm bed. I didn’t care if it was dusty or not, I just fell on it like a sack of cement and slept off.

It was welcome back home.

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