40: The new Arrivals.

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Miss Joy of Venice left Sweden the following morning. I didn’t meet with her before she left; therefore i never saw her. I had woken up that morning and told Rose to go back home; she had refused to go and said she will go when i want to check out from the hotel.

“I am not checking out today Rose, you need to go now” i said.

“If i am not disturbing you, please allow me to hang around here with you. We only go out in the night and sleep in the day but i have slept all through the night here and don’t know what to do when i get home. The  girl who lives with me must have gone out” she said.

“I will be going back to my place anytime soon. What are you going to do when that time comes?” I asked.

“I can go with you if you don’t mind” she said.

I kept quiet for some moments because I didn’t know what to do or say. It was too sudden to make a decission since I needed to inform Maria about the new development. I had hoped that she won’t find out I slept in the same room with Rose but she was going to suspect that as soon as she see the girl.


Since i promised not to contact Maria on my own, i waited for her call and when she eventually called, she said she was on her way to see Joy off to the Central station where she will take a cab to the Arlanda Airport. I told her to call me as soon as they left the house.

When she sent a message that they have left the house, i took a cab with Rose and drove to my apartment. Since i was with a spare key, i opened the door without knocking and we walked in.

The two girls who were watching a movie jumped up in surprise.

“Its Ok Girls, we are not thieves. We live hear.

“Please who are you, Aunty didn’t tell us that other people live here” one of them said.

“We are not other people, we are your people from the same Country” I said as i walked towards the door to my room.

One of them stood up and blocked my way. I stood in one place and thought about the next thing to do. I didn’t know if Maria was still with Joy, Calling her could jeopardize everything we have been doing.

“Alright girl, we will stay in the sitting room with you until your Aunty comes back” I said.

“No, you cannot stay here unless you call her in front of us” The brave girl said again.

“Hey, it’s very cold outside; we can’t stay there and wait until she comes back. I don’t have money in my phone” i said.

“I don’t care, go out before i start shouting now” She said.

The second girl got scared and said, “Take it easy Sharon, you can see they are not stealing anything”.

Rose said something in Edo language, i didn’t know how she figured out they were from Edo but when she finished talking, Sharon said, “You can sit there on the floor and wait for her”.

There two chairs in the sitting room; Sharon was lying on the long one which i was sure she wasn’t going to allow us to sit. The remaining one was a one sitter which the second girl occupied.

“I will sit on the floor but why don’t you shift for my friend to sit with you?” I asked Sharon.

She looked at me scornfully and continued watching her movie.

Rose and I obediently walked to the floor near a wall and sat there. I allowed Rose to sit on my bag while I sat on the floor and concentrated on my next moves.

I didn’t really care about what Sharon did. It was a matter of Some minutes or an hour at most before Maria shows up. The tiled floor was cold but i had been through worst conditions. I could have gone outside to a bar but it was too early for such things.


It was almost thirty minutes later When Maria called. I picked up the phone and listened to her.

“She has gone to the airport now and i am at home. You can start coming back” She said.

I didn’t say a word when she finished; i just cut the call and stayed put where i was.

Ten minutes later, she opened the door and saw me on the floor.

“You people don’t  have respect, you lie there on the chair while my boyfriend is on the floor. Will you get up there, stupid girls” Maria shouted.

“Two of you should run to your room now” She continued.

Maria was visibly angry; even more angry than i was.

“No, leave them please. They are new here and need the comfort. We must learn to make our visitors comfortable. However this Sharon of a girl is leaving this place now. I begged her to allow Rose sit with her on the chair but she refused. I am chasing her out, not because of what she did to me but she can’t stay here with that attitude” I said as i got up and dragged the skinny teenager out of the sitting room and out of the door. I slammed the door shut behind her and walked back to the sitting room.

The other girl was crying by the time i returned.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Peace Sir, my name is Peace” she sobbed out.

“You better stop that tears before you joined her outside” I shouted.

“Do you have any food in the house?” I asked Maria.

She kept quiet and gazed at me.

“I don’t like repeating myself” I said.

Maria and Rose walked up to me and knelt down.

“Please allow her to come back inside, she doesn’t know any place here and it is very cold outside. Remember she is not wearing a jacket” Maria said.

I looked at her and said “Go and open the door for her”.

Despite being a little annoyed by the actions of the small girl, i needed to keep the house united if we are going to achieve anything. But it was good that i stamped my authority in the apartment.

I was the only man in the house, living with three young women who were all certified sex workers plus another one who had followed me back from the hotel; i still didn’t know her plans yet but i was already prepared for whatever she will throw out later. Living with one woman was difficult let alone with four but as a master, all i needed to do was to create a small division between them; that way, each group will always try to outshine the other by telling me how bad their opponents were while they were the good ones.


“Brother I am sorry” Sharon said and continue chewing her gum like a prostitute in the Nigerian movies.

“Whatever, just understand that you came back here because of Aunty Maria. One more bad character from you here and you are on the next flight to Italy” I said and walked into the room with my bag.

“What is Rose doing here and where did you bring her from” Maria asked, She had followed me to the room.


“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”

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35 Responses

  1. Dejust

    This girls don’t have respect for the Oga on top…..

    Make ur power knowned to everybody know…

    • iykmora

      Make your power KNOWNED to everybody KNOW….

  2. Manshyne

    “ Death is no more than passing
    from one room into another. But there’s
    a difference for me, you know. Because
    in that other room I shall be able to see.”
    -Helen Keller
    nice one Zubby.

  3. bashman

    with women is berrer to stamp ur authority, d divide and rule tactics is better with them

  4. jodeci

    Patiently waiting to see how you pull it off, Sharon doesnt seem like she wants to be emancipated

  5. Lance

    If no be say I no dey beat woman, I for slap that sharon, I so much dislike rude attitude….

  6. Quinine

    Sharon is a learner she doesn’t knw wu d boss is…she wil soon cry afta orientation wit zuby

  7. Zacchaeus

    That sharon is a funny lass. She is playing with fire. Could you please increase the updates to three per day. The suspense is killing.

  8. Hi-goat

    Oga zuby u are dollin dis thread! Pls increase it to 2 or 3 update a day, to make it lively……..

  9. mark10

    Nice one Zuby, as for the divide and rule tactics, where did you get or read the principles from? Would like to be educated on that.
    Just like everyone or most of us are saying, you need to increase the updates to 3. Not our faults, we are now espistle readers and also addicted to your …blogNovel! Smiles

  10. inspired

    sharon no do anything wrong o. remember u were a stranger to her till maria came back. You could have indeed been an intruder so pardon the poor gurl abet.
    Whenever u put quote, abet put the name of the writer, if not na “Plagiarism ” be dat bro….

  11. prugged

    Hmm we have a full house now. U were not suppose to bring rose with u to d house,not until u might have told maria first(no mater say na u b d man of d house oo). As for sharon and peace I didn’t c any thing rung they were just being conscious• Pls about d 3 update for a day,is a wlcom development

  12. nooz5

    Make una no too blame her , though , she no get respect but , she never know boss as boss nah . *smiles*

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