40: Take care

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Chapter 40: Take care of him.

”You just returned and carried Samson without even talking to me, i hope everything is alright” Ify had said.

”I have told you to stop living on the edge. Stop scrutinizing every action i take. Nothing is wrong, relax” i said.

She didn’t believe me. She knew that i was acting weird. I usually washed my hand and asked for food before carrying little Sammy but i had just busted into their Room and picked him up without saying a word.

As i looked into his eyes, i got assurance that the spirit of the little boy would stay with me throughout whatever that was going to happen between me and the Four uncordinated thugs. I knew that i was going to start the war against them before they even knew it.
In wars, casualties were required from both sides. Since i didn’t know how i was going to end up, i needed to carry my baby once more. I needed to have a fond memory of him before i start the fight.

After eating the yam Ify cooked, i took a Shower and slept.

The following morning, i went up to the bus station and bought a one way bus ticket to Portugal.
I also waited for buses coming to Amsterdam from the Iberia Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).
After over an hour of waiting, the bus from Portugal arrived. I watched as the people alighted, then i approached an Angolan man who had come with the bus.
”Do you speak English Sir” i asked him.
He nodded.

I told him that i live in Portugal but had been in Amsterdam for weeks. He asked how he was connected to that.

”I need your ticket. The one you used in coming here. I need it because i will spend another one month here. I told him that i needed to present it to the cops if they controlled me.

We were still talking when i saw a woman dropped her own ticket on the ground, then i rushed and picked it up.
”Don’t worry sir, this one will do” i said to him as i smiled and walked away.

The duplicate ticket had a name on it. It was the name of the woman who dropped it. Since the ticket was the duplicate, it was easy to strike out the names with dirt. That was what i did as soon as i returned to Amsterdam.

That night, i slept in Krainest with Robin. I didn’t talk to him for the entire night. He knew that i was up to something. He was at the meeting when i complained about those four people. He had tried to assure me that they were making empty threats but i wasn’t interested in discussing anything with him. I didn’t want anybody to talk me down from taking actions. I wasn’t going to wait and see if they would do something or not. I needed to act first and that was exactly what i was going to do.

The following morning, i bought a new simcard and phone. Then i went to Madam’s house in Weesp.

Madam was a Dutch woman who used Cocaine. I had met with her in the man-made beach in Gasperdam. She had approached me and asked if I knew where she could be getting small quantities of raw cocaine. I had told her that i could be getting it for her. As a result, we had started Trading. She didn’t buy much. She bought the maximum of 20 grams at a time. At a stage, i encouraged her to start selling to some other people around Weesp which she did. She had increased from 20 to 50 grams. Small monies were coming out from her angle occasionally.

On that day, i had called her and told her that i wanted to visit. She said she still had some stuff but i told her that it was for another business.
She had instead opted that we meet at a different place in Weesp. She was scared i could be coming with the Police.

”Madam, i need you to do something for me. Some People took my documents last week. I can not come to Give you stuff here again if i don’t get the papers back. I am going to meet with them tomorrow afternoon. I want you to call the police and give them this address when i beeped your phone. As from 12pm, tomorrow, stay with your phone. If you see my beep on your phone, use this phone to call the police. Speak Dutch to them and tell them that some thieves are breaking the doors of your neighbours’ apartment. They will ask for the address. Call this address to them. If they ask for your name, tell them a fake name and then hang up” i said as i handed the new Nokia torch and a piece of paper containing Oga Joe’s apartment address.
When i finished, she totally understood me. She was suspicious initially but after listening to me, she knew that there was no way she could be implicated. She wasn’t going to make the call with her phone. She didn’t live near the address i had given her. She was also going to find a new supplier if she didn’t do what i asked her to do.

That Night, i called Oga Joe. He wanted us to meet that night but i told him that i was out of town.
”We will meet tomorrow afternoon. The lawyer called me now and told me to come to his office in the morning. After visiting him, i will come and tell you what he said” i said and hung up.

I called Nando. He didn’t have my number. He had asked who it was but when i told him it was me, he started ranting.
I told him that the lawyer had found where Ikenna was taken and that he wanted me to come the next day. I told him to meet me in Joe’s house by 12pm the next day.

I called Ezenwa too. He said he would come.
I didn’t have the number of the fat Slob called Willie. I called Oga Joe back and told him to tell others. I didn’t tell him that i already called them, i wanted him to call them as well.

By 12pm, the next day, i was already in Oga Joe’s house. I went there with my Portuguese resident permit and the tickets i got from the station. I had slightly washed the ticket i got from the woman so that nobody can read the names on it.

Right there in Joe’s house were:
Joe himself, Ezenwa, Willie, Nando, Chigbo and three people whom i didn’t know.

I beeped Madam twice as soon as i sat down.

”Why the crowd Joe”? I asked.
”You told me to call others” he said”
”I meant Nando, Willie and Ezenwa” i said.

One of the new guys named Clement got up and slapped me.

” Tact is the ability to
describe others as
they see

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  1. Obinoral

    So the police will come and raid all of you but will release you since u hvae your porguese documentt………. That dt slap you must pay for it just as the police oficer paid with is job.

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