40: Girls in Trouble

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I slowly brought out my international passport and handed it over to him at the same time the other officer was asking Ini about her own Passport.
Ini was telling him that she had none and he had turned and asked the same question to Sandra who also shook her head indicating that she had no passport as well.

“Please follow me” he said to the two girls as the other officer examined my passport with a kind of telescopic lens.
After checking the passport data page, he started with the resident permit card inside the passport.

I wasn’t looking directly at him, i had been in that situation several times to know that i didn’t need to even change the expression on my face.

Immigration: What are you going to do in Germany?

Me: Visit.

Immigration: Where in Germany are you going?

Me: Stuttgart.

Immigration: Are those girls with you?

Me: Nope.

Immigration: How long do you plan to stay in Germany?

Me: One week.

Immigration: Do you have any luggage with you?

Me: Sure.

I pulled down my samsonite bag and kept it on the chair opposite me; then i opened it.

“I didn’t ask you to open it Sir” He said.

“Why else would you ask if i have a luggage with me if not to search it Sir? I have been in this situation before and i know what you are looking for. I am not a drug dealer because i hate drugs. Besides i won’t be foolish enough to carry drugs with me” I said.

He looked at me for a few moments and yet proceeded to search my bag.

One thing with the German officials was that nomatter how much you try to sweet-tongue them, they will still do what they came for.

After searching the bag, he asked me to close and put it back where it was.

Mr. Immigration Officer handed my documents to me and left.

From the glass window of my coach, i could see the other four officers and three black people standing on the platform; two of them were Sandra and Ini.
They were ordered out of the train and i didn’t know where they were going to be taken to.

I didn’t know the third person they arrested but he looked Nigerian too. I believed he was just another guy migrating from France to Germany or maybe he was just a guy transporting drugs into the country.

After the control, our train continued its Journey to Stuttgart. It was painful to watch the girls standing there on the platform as our train slowly crawled past them and into the dark night.

It was true that i was only trying to help the girls but i was partially the reason why they were arrested. If i had made traveling documents for them through George, they would have easily scaled through the immigration; or maybe not but i felt i should have toed that path.

I would have also taken them through the Ponte l’europe bride across to Kehl and perhaps found our way through buses to stuttgart even if it was going to take us far longer time than we wanted.
There was an Igbo Proverb that says “Akwuru oto gwujie Ji Odu, Anoro ani gwuputa Odu ya” which loosely translated to “If you stand up and Cut the tail of the Yam while harvesting it, you must sit down to dig out the tail from the ground”.

I, the Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin have just cut the tail of the Yam while standing up. The only option left was to sit down and dig out the tail.

The reason why i decided to give the family name ‘Togar’ to the girls was to locate them easily. I knew the police or immigration was going to start by asking their names and their ages. It usually helped the authorities to determine how to treat the individual.

As our train drove towards Stuttgart, i brought out my  Nokia phone and opened Google search. In the search box, i keyed in ‘Distance between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart’ and pressed ‘Search’.
The fast internet returned 84 Kilometres. That was a long distance based on what i wanted to do. I wanted to continue my Journey and then operate from Stuttgart but that was going to be costing me an hour each day i wanted to come to Karlsruhe concerning the arrests of the two girls. I needed to stay close to Karlsruhe to save time and cost.

On my map, i saw that there was another train station in Karlsruhe called Durlach. Our night train was going to stop there. It was already past midnight but i knew that i could always find my way at any time of the night anywhere in Europe. There wasn’t much to fear anyway except the Eastern European and Arabic thugs who usually snatch the bags and phones if one happened to go near an isolated area.

I stopped at the Karlsruhe Durlach Station and asked a cab to take me to a cheap hotel.

At the hotel, i dropped my bag and went straight for the bed. There was nothing i could do that night except think. There was nothing else to do because locating the girls was the only thing i could do and that wasn’t going to be that very night.

There were different scenarios that was going to play out over the arrest of the girls.
As i lay on the bed, i tried to structure them in my mind.

First was that the authorities were going to find out the names of the girls, then their country of origin and their ages. After that, they would be handed over to another department whose job was either to depot them to France or send them to asylum camp. Sending them to France was going to be complicated since they were not documented in France. Such things usually caused rifts between the two governments; therefore since they were arrested within the German territory, The Germans were going to take the responsibilities of doing whatever they wanted to do with the girls.

On that note, i believed that they would be kept inside Germany; probably within Baden-wurtemberg.
Before the sleep swallowed me up, i decided to consult an Immigration lawyer the next day. If we were lucky, the girls will be documented and keyed into the general database of the illegal Immigrants in Germany which only the lawyers were allowed to access with special assigned codes by the government.

It was time to sleep. The Bible told us that ‘Tomorrow will take care of itself’

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  1. Zacchaeus

    Na wao! Those girls are in hot soup but i believe the savior(zuby) will rescue them.

  2. Aces

    On the contrary,they would be conducted to the Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung,ZEA local to that area,it’s a kind of processing facility where their initial story would be recorded and the process begins,the main thing in Germany is to be identifiable and tagged to a particular address and in the central computer database,they should have gone to Marseille Zubby,less drama.

  3. GhanaBabe

    I love this Zuby guy. Extremely Intelligent and versatile.

  4. nnanna

    I feel for Ini and her friend.Hope it turns out good for them.

  5. Anonymous

    the girls are really in trouble,hope ozoigbondo 1 of Berlin rescue them.
    ride on zuby

  6. achi4u

    it will surely turns out for good to dem,my fear is their madam may call dem anytime.

  7. Obinoral

    I love that verse so much. Tommorow will take care of himself.

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