40: Know what you came for

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”Why are you men so impatient, something you could have for the rest of your lives, yet you want it now now now” Linda said.

What the heck was she talking about? Really? So she had already decided that I would have her for the rest of my life.
( Oburu Ogwu, ogaghi ere )…

”Linda, you are a such a home trained girl and you are beautiful. Any man who stays in the same house with you for one hour without trying to touch you must be out of his mind” I said, trying to apply some old tricks in the book.

”I know how you feel but you saw how I discharged a small girl that visited me just because I have started to like you so much. It is not every girl who can come to a house and clean it like you did….. If you don’t want us to do this, its ok. I won’t mind” I said, knowing that my sweet tone would eventually melt her into submission.

She had already started playing with my downstairs but I wanted her not to feel that I had my way on her against her own wish.
It had always been better under mutual consent.

She had now tangled my legs with hers and was rubbing my Unclad chest with one hand.

”I have not paid my school fees and I would need the money. Would you help me Azubuike” she said quietly.

”Is that why you are rubbing my chest? Do I look like a sugar daddy or politician to you Linda” I fired back.

I wonder where those girls learnt that every man melts easily under sex or romance.

”No, no. I am just telling you my problems and I need the money” she said in defense.

Linda must have been thinking that I was a money bag. It was time to teach her some street lessons. Unfortunately for her, whenever I activated my street senses, I treated everything as a potential threat, thereby planning ahead.

”Fine, how much are we looking at here Linda” I asked. I had started adding her name at the end of even question and that only happened when I became suspicious of something.

”It is N81,000 only” she said.

Only! I hated that word when dealing with money.

A quick mental exchange rate revealed that N81,000 was €420. That was some serious money anywhere in the world.

”We will go to Lasu tomorrow and pay the money to the bursary” I said.

She kept quiet for a while.

I expected that. If she truly wanted the money for school fees, she would have jumped up and hugged me but I figured out that she was thinking of the next line of lies to tell me.

”There are some forms I need to fill before we paid the money. If you can just give me the money, I will save you the stress of running around” she said.

One problem I had always had with some of Anambra people was that they believed every other Igbo states were inferior to them both in terms of thinking, trading, education, etc. I witnessed that in Europe and even back in Onitsha when I was a spare parts dealer.
That attitude pissed me off regularly.

What the heck was Linda talking about? She wanted to save me the stress of running around with money in Lagos.

As a result of that insult on my intelligence, I decided to dance the songs she was singing.

”Fine, I will go to the bank tomorrow and send you the money. Do you account number in Diamond or Zenith Bank” I asked. She said she had in Diamond.

”Send me the number to my phone before you leave tomorrow. Don’t forget it.” I said.

She had relaxed a bit and initiated the sexx for the night. I didn’t enjoy the sex but I Fvcked her anyway. I had a feeling that there was going to be trouble.

We woke up in the morning and she prepared to go. She asked if she would follow me to the bank but I refused. I told her I was going to Idumota and that I would transfer the money from there.

She left with Okada to the Badagry expressway.

When she left, I called Zainab. I told her that I met her friend at the front of Lasu gate on my way from Badagry and that we talked and exchanged numbers. I assured her that nothing was going on between us. I also told her that Linda had asked that I give her money. Zainab was very angry but I told her not to ask Linda. I told her we were going to confront her together.

Over an hour later, Linda sent me the account number.

”Dear Azubuike, here is the account number. Linda Nwosu. DiamondBank A/c no… 00010532********’ please help me pay it before the end of the day so I can pay the school fees. God will bless you”.

I finished reading the message and switched my phone off.

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