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Nnenna had insisted that we made love that night. She had missed me so much according to her.
The white guy was a coursemate at the University. I had wanted to know out of silly jealousy before I touched her.

She was not really sure if she was pregnant but she had missed her period and the date had passed by one week; it had never happened to her before, she had said.

At about 3am, she called a taxi for me since I insisted on going back to Afam’s HEIM. Afam could return anytime and it would be bad to keep him outside in the cold.

At 7am, a knock came on the door. I thought it was Afam but when I opened the door, I saw two young German police officers.
” Guten Morgen” They greeted me and asked for my Ausweiss. I left the door open and got my Identity card from my trousers pocket.
I put on my clothes as they examined my Ausweiss and said I wasn’t supposed to be in Essen.
They told me that my permit allowed me to stay only in The State of Brandenburg. ( Please note that Brandenburg is a state in East Germany.. Brandenburg an der Havel is a City Inside the State. Brandenburg an der Havel was the capital city of Brandenburg State but after the World war, 70% of the city was destroyed due to the concentration camp located there. As a result, the neighbouring city called Potsdam had taken over as the capital city).

The police officers wrote something on a piece of paper and gave me. They took my Ausweiss and said they would send it back to Brandenburg.
They asked me to leave the HEIM instantly and threatened to handcuffs me and send me back if they saw me there again when they return. They asked the HEIM keeper not to allow me inside again too.
I suspected Emeka, the room mate of Afam had called them but I had no evidence.
I asked the police officers to give me transport money since I had non, they turned away and left.

I stood there like someone who had lost his phone and thought about the next thing to do.
Going back to Nnenna wasn’t an option, not with her too much quest and concentration on pregnancy; nobody was going to tie me down in one place.

I called Afam and told him what had happened.
He called one of his friend Ugoo, a tall guy from Mbaise in Imo state, and told him to accommodate me until he return.
I met Ugoo at the Essen Delving mini train station and we went to another HEIM.

Ugoo was living in the same room with a Benin (Edo) young man. I forgot his name.

In the afternoon, Ugoo left to hustle outside. He didn’t tell the Benin guy that I was going to hang in there until evening.
When the Benin guy wanted to go out, he asked me to go outside. I tried to explain to him that I was Afam’s cousin but he insisted on me staying out in the cold. (he knew Afam too).

I called Afam again and told him what had happened. He was furious on the phone. He called Ugoo and told him. Ugoo called one young lady from Zambia or Zimbabwe who lived in the same HEIM with them. She came and took me out from the cold and we went back inside her own room. She was very upset at how they handled me. She made hot coffee and gave me.
We got talking about things in general. I told her how it had been so far. She advised that I go back to my HEIM and find out what was happening there first. Towards the evening, she made some Rhodesia food and we ate.
It was a little cold inside, she didn’t put the electric heater on, she said she didn’t like it much.
She noticed that I was feeling cold and asked me to lie on the bed and cover myself, I did. Twenty minutes later, she got tired of sitting and wanted to lie down too, so she crept into the bed and laid beside me. I covered her with the same blanket and some moments under the blanket, our lips magically found each other…..

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