30: The meeting

The following afternoon, Fadi called and said he was on his way to Berlin with Anja, his newly acquired girlfriend. Drugs was the real deal. Those teenagers back in Brandenburg would follow you if you were generous with weeds.

We scheduled to meet in the evening at the McDonalds. I told Jennifer to get ready. We were partying in the night.
At around 6pm, we met at the McDonalds. We ate chicken burger and sprite together. When we finished eating, we proceeded to a casino house where the Lebanese rat squandered his money. He was addicted to the machine and there was nothing he could even do about it.
We drank whiskey and watched him lose his money again and again.

At about 8pm, we walked into a quiet bar and talked. He said there was a rumour that he was the person who told the police about my drugs, he denied it. He said he was going to tell me that it wasn’t him but I disappeared. He asked if I would return to Brandenburg and I told him that I wouldn’t. I told him that since I dealt with Holland, he should be buying from me instead of me coming down to Brandenburg again. He was delighted that I wasn’t coming back to share his little kingdom. He even offered me €500 out of excitement, I took it as a truce settlement and to erase all suspicions from his mind. He was jittery and I knew he was guilty of snitching.

He wanted our business to start right away but I told him that I had supplied all my drugs. I promised to call him as soon as I returned from Amsterdam the following week. The reason was to give me enough time to move Jennifer to asylum Camp.

We Proceeded to Savana club and danced Salsha.

The following days followed quietly. Jennifer studied her stories daily. She had settled properly in Berlin and admitted that she would have loved it so much if we just made Berlin our home and started creating kids; the problem however was that she was not legally recognized in Germany.
I on the other hand could declare myself to the Police whenever I wanted. The worst they could do was to hold me in Prison and wait for a new court date. It would also mean that my asylum status would be reinstated.

One afternoon, I called a meeting of the Nigerians in Brandenburg. I called about four people and told them to meet up with me in Berlin.
We met at a cybercafe and talked about Brandenburg. They complained that things went bad as soon as I left. They all agreed on my proposal of taking the city back from the Arabs.
I told them to give me one week to come up with a plan on how to achieve that. They were all happy.
When they left, Bolaji, a Yoruba man called me back. He was one of the people who had just finished meeting with me. He wanted to be the main recipient of my drugs since I had decided not to show face in Brandenburg. He wanted to be the boss after we must have ousted the Arabs. He asked to meet with me again and I agreed. When we met again, he gave me €2000 as bribery. I had asked him Fadi’s room number and he had told me. He had also given me the phone number of the administrative office in the Brandenburg HEIM where they all lived. Since he was the only one who came forward, I accepted to make him the major supplier down there in Brandenburg.

Some days later, Jennifer moved to Camp. I had taken her near a Police station in the Mitte district of Berlin. He had walked into the station and declared that she was from Africa and was looking for the asylum Camp. I had seen her walked into the Police post and then I had disappeared. I wished her goodluck and I knew I was going to miss her so much. I flashed back to how we had met. I almost shared tears for letting her go but sometimes ” we must abandon what we want to do what is right”

The anger of Jennifer’s departure and the loneliness that followed had spured me into action. It was time to start executing my plans.

I bought two new phones and two sim cards. I called Nigeria and told my brother not to call me anytime soon. I told him that I would be calling him myself. If he had anything to tell me, he should go to the internet and send a mail.

I called Fadi the following day and told him that I had returned from Holland. I had called My old Supplier in Berlin and bought a Kilo of Hashes and Weeds. I was going to sell them to Fadi. I kept the drugs, and waited for him.

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