64: How much do you buy

I had been thinking on how to announce to them that I had no drugs with me. I knew it would be such a devastating news after all the reception and foods they had given me.

”€70 is not a good price. Is it because I didn’t see Amechi who I had come to deliver the goods to” I said.
I brought out my phone and tried calling Amechi again, it was still switched off. They heard the phone said it themselves.
My story was becoming convincing.

”The price is €100 for 0.7. I had taken the risk of bringing it here to Austria by myself. If you don’t want to buy it that amount, I will go to the station and look for someone else” I said with a serious tone.

They looked at each other in surprise. Laz was first to speak.
He threatened that I would pay for the food and milk they gave me if I didn’t sell to them.
Chukwudi was trying to be calm on the issue. He tried to beg me to sell it to them at €80 per gram.

One other guy whom I never got his name spoke. He had been quiet since I arrived. He wanted to play the hardman and the boss. He threatened to deal with me if I didn’t sell it to them.

The angle was becoming tight for me. It was time to act.

”Alright gentlemen. It is true that we are all Igbo boys but I cannot lose money on this deal. My friend who drove me from Holland to Austria is still here in Austria. Infact he is in this street now because he followed us from the station. He followed me around because he wanted his money. Amechi whose number had been switched off was supposed to pay him for driving me all the way to Austria.
He is down in this street with a blue 406. We need to finalize this deal and give him his money or I will go down. I am sure that he will come up here anytime if he didn’t see me” I concluded.

They looked surprised that I had brought a white man to their apartment. They had started panicking and Chukwudi, who was a new comer in Europe and didn’t want to end up in Prison was almost ready to run.

I told them not to worry about my driver. ”He has been driving me to many cities” I said.
Chukwudi had looked outside the window and had confirmed that there was a blue 406 Packed in the street. None of them wanted to look out again for the fear of being spotted by my driver or even the cops. I guessed they lived in an illegal apartment.

Since they were jittery, it was time to make a move.
I stood up, brought out €40 Euro bill and dropped it on the table.
”This will cover your expenses and buy a bottle of whiskey for you too. If any of you know Amechi From Awgu area of Enugu State, please tell him that someone is looking for him. Here is my phone number, I am going to a hotel to bring out the stuff. When you people are ready to pay €100, you can call me” I said. I called out my number to Laz and left the apartment.

I walked towards the blue 406 when I got to it, I held it and looked inside. There was nobody in it. I pointed ahead as if I was telling the driver to turn around and follow me. Then I walked another ten meters and started running out of the street to the major road where I could find a taxi. I believed they must have been looking out of the window. They were Igbo boys and they always wanted to see the end of everything.
As soon as I entered a taxi, my phone rang. It was Laz. He wanted to know if I would sell it for €90. I asked why he didn’t say it when I was there.
” I will call you back when I get to a hotel” I said.
I directed the taxi towards the Stadhalle where Djokovic was going to play. I wanted to stay close to that area until the game.

I saw a group of serbian supporters flying their national flag and joined them. I believed that they supported Djokovic or whoever he was going to play.
Whichever one it was, I was among them as we drank beer, smiled and laughed. I was the only black man among them. My fellow Africans in Austria didn’t care about tennis. They cared more about making money.
Some of them had more money than me, some had less money too but I was non of them. As a result, I was living my life at my own pace.

The game came up three hours later. We strolled into the tennis court and watched as Novak Djokovic demolished the unseeded opponent 6:1, 6:1.

I had made €17 From Federer, €27 from Djokovic and €19 from Henin in betting. That was over €60, enough to cover my transportation in the city of Austria for the three days I was there.

After the game, I took the tram to the betting house and picked the money. I went from there to the hotel and picked my bag.

It was goodbye Vienna as I took a cab to the Wien westbanhof station where I would take a train back to Berlin.

It was time to welcome Jennifer properly.

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