39: The Prayers

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Chapter 39: The Prayers.

The following Saturday, i went through the lecture session by Maria. She told me how i was going to locate the brothels and the ghetto areas where the girls lived in Tripoli.
”As soon as you clear immigration in the airport, take a taxi to Tajura. When you get to Tajura, call this man, he knows you are coming” She said as she handed me a phone number written on a piece of white paper.
Then she continued, ”After checking out the girls He will show to you, don’t make any quick decision. Tell him that you are traveling to Misratah to check out other girls. He will be forced to reduce some money for you. I trust that you can tell the ages of the girls. Remember some of them will apply beauty make-ups to make them look younger”.
”Don’t worry baby, if i am not convinced on the age of any girl, i will try her out in a private room” i said and started laughing.
”I will kill you with my own hands if you try that” she said and started laughing too.
We needed the laughter, the atmosphere was becoming too rigid.
I was to travel the following day. Time was almost against me because i needed to make the final arrangement with the two teenage girls. I knew that Maria would like to see me off at the airport but she can only go as far as the departure hall.
”I heard the the weather over there is usually hot, i think i will need a pair of sandals. Can you go to Via Domitiana and buy me the sandals”? I said to Maria. She agreed after a short protest. I had convinced her that i hated going out each time i was about to travel by air. According to me, air travel still remained a mysterious venture since God didn’t want us to fly, otherwise He would have given us wings.

When she left to buy the sandals, i called the two girls into the sitting room. I told them to give me the spare cloths and shoes they were going to travel with. I opened my already packed bag and put their items at the bottom of the bag, then i filled the bags with my clothes again.
”Now pay attention, this is the final review of our travel plan. I will be going to the airport in the morning. I will take Maria along with me. As soon as we left, get yourselves ready and go to the Castel Volturno train station. Prepare like you are going to the Church. Wear decent cloths. Take the train to Formia Central station and wait for me there. Formia is not very far from here. I need your phone numbers, give them to me now” I said.
They both called out their phone numbers, i saved them in my phone memory.

”As soon as Maria leaves the airport, i will come out and take a Taxi to Formia. I will be calling you from a new simcard which i will buy at the airport. If a strange number call you, pick it up. If it is Maria, tell her that you went to the Church and that you will be back soon” i said.
I saw some looks of fear in their eyes.
”If i dont see two of you in Formia, i will go to Amsterdam and that will be the advent of your slave lives”
I turned to Ngozi and said in  Igbo language, ”If you like stay here, if you like follow me. The events of tomorrow will determine your future. I know you are scared but staying here means that you are going to start sleeping with men until you become useless”.

When Maria returned, she defrozed some soup and made food for everybody. After eating, we went to the room and made love. She claimed that she wanted to show me some styles she had learnt from watching adult videos. I didn’t care where she learnt what as long as i was going to be worked on. I lay naked on the bed while she played every known tricks with my hard manhood.

In the evening, we walked to the local Church to Pray. It was Maria’s idea. She wanted God to grant me a safe journey to Tripoli to conduct my business. She had knelt down in front of the altar and prayed fervently, speaking strange languages on the process. I had also knelt beside her with my eyes closed. While she prayed, i was asking God some questions inside my mind.
‘Father almighty, why do you allow this kind of people in your presence?, why not use cane or cable to beat the hell out of them? Why do you keep quiet while your Children are being bought and sold in Africa? Why did you turn your back on Africa anyway? Why do you bring me face to face with evil people? Why do you allow my People to suffer while others laugh at them? Aren’t we Africans the biggest worshippers of you? Does it mean that you don’t answer our prayers? Does it mean that you don’t even exist? Yes, maybe you don’t even exist. We could be wasting our time here in the Church. If you know that you exist, do something about this evil woman kneeling beside me” as i went through the above thoughts in my mind, i suddenly opened my eyes and saw Maria speaking a strange language.
Yes, God had finally confused her. She didn’t know what she was spewing. Thank You God for confusing Maria.
I was going to take his children out of Napoli without much trouble.

Since God already confused Maria through speaking an unrecognized language, it was a clear sign that He Liveth. I closed my eyes and apologized for doubting his existence. I should have believed without doubt as we were told in childhood. I should have known long ago that He existed. He just allowed evil on earth so that his children will learn from it.
Thank you lord. I will never doubt you again as long as Maria remained confused for the rest of her life. She had brought home over €15000 the previous day. I would find where she kept it and took it to solve my transport and resettlement problems for the girls i was going to take to a better land.
God, as long as Maria remained confused, i will return to Napoli and destroy all the Human trafficking organisations.
However when i was about to step out of the Church, Maria walked up to me and said, ”God will be with you, just make sure you select beautiful and young girls”

Damn! She was still sane. God didn’t do anything to her. The lives of poor African girls were still in danger.

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