39: One Week

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Chapter 39.

Willie was a fat slob who couldn’t stir himself freely from his chair.

”Allow him to talk first” shouted Oga Joe to Willie the fat.
I continued.

”Ikenna even stole my drugs over ten months ago and i didn’t do anything to him. How could i call police for him when i didn’t call police when he stole my One Kilo of Colombian stuff with my money. They are things you people didn’t know about Ikenna and I, we knew each other long time ago. This is the last time i will be discussing this issue with anybody else. I am here because i promised Oga Joe that i will come. If you people want me to help find a good lawyer for Ikenna, You can give me your phone numbers. If i hear anything, i will let you know first” I said and sat down again.

Nando and Ezenwa gave me their numbers. I already had that of Oga Joe while The fat slob didn’t blink.

When i finished talking, i made a mental list of the names of all of them.
Oga Joe topped the list. He was the oldest. Ezenwa was the second oldest after Joe. Then Chigbo, Willie and Nando, the one who would conspire with either the Dutch immigration department or The Amsterdam guns to chase me out of town.

When we left them, we walked straight to a bar opposite Gazenhoef shopping mall called ’embassy’ and took some drinks.

The war against Ezenwa, Joe, Nando, Chigbo and Willie had been declared, their problem was that they didn’t know yet but it was their own problem.

Our society was upside down. While i risked deportation and went to present the problems of Africa in far away Eindhoven, a certain brat called Nando had the guts to tell me that he would chase me out of Amsterdam. I knew he could be bluffing but whatever ideas a man conceived must be watched. I hated surprises.
It was never a good idea to boast of what you were not willing to do.

After our drinks at the embassy, i took a cab and drove to Bulewijk. My little boy was growing. He had turned into a Breast sucking machine who wouldn’t allow Ify to rest.
I asked Ify if the police came again but they didn’t. I decided to sleep with them that night. She had complained of needing some help.
The following morning, i bought them foodstuffs and other things they needed, then i took a train to  Utrecht.
Before i left for Utrecht, i called Oga Joe and told him that i was going to see a lawyer. He didn’t say much about it, he just asked me to call him if i found out anything.

There was a carnival going on in Utrecht. Some Circus groups were there. I needed to leave Amsterdam for a day or two. Utrecht was just some 30 minutes from Amsterdam.
When i got to Utrecht, i bought beer and sat under a tree. Then i saw him. Nando came to Utrecht too. I had told Joe that I was going to see a lawyer. Nando was with another guy whom i didn’t know. They spotted me and came to the tree where i sat alone.

”All those things that you told us were lies. It was you who set Ikenna up. Your luck is that Oga Joe told us to give you one week. After the one week,
If you don’t show us where Ikenna is, Amsterdam will not contain all of us. Wawa boy, you want to claim tough” Ikenna said.
They were standing directly opposite me, blocking me from Checking out one beautiful girl i had been admiring.

”Mr Man, you are blocking my view. Let us wait until the one week is over” I said.
He was tempted to drag me up and beat me but Police were seen walking around the place.
They eventually left me and walked away.

One week huh!
I had been given one week behind my back to find Ikenna or admit that i set him up Or face whatever they planned to do to me.

The following day was the meeting of the Enugu people in Amsterdam. I went to the meeting.
Before the meeting was over, i told them that some people were threatening me. I gave their names as Oga Joe, Chigbo, Nando, Willie and Ezenwa. They were all well known in Bijlmer. I told them that i had been given one week to provide Ikenna or face whatever they planned for me.
The Enugu Chairman, Mr Billy, assured me that nothing would happen. He promised to meet with Joe before the next weekend. Some other members of the Enugu meeting also assured me not to be afraid of them.

It was true that i had reported the four to the Enugu people but i wasn’t going to wait for anybody. I had done that just to make sure some people were behind me if my plan backfired. I also doubted if whatever plan i would eventually come up with, will backfire.
Bijlmer was small. I already knew where Oga Joe lived. I needed to track down the other people.

The day after reporting them to the meeting, i started the tracking game. First on the list was Nando. He seemed to be the most aggressive among them.
There was a daily mobile market in Bijlmer. Things were usually sold very cheap in the market. The market usually moved from one place to another daily. On Monday, they traded in Krainest metro station, Tuesdays were in Amsterdamse poort, Wednesdays were in Gein. On Thursdays, they would return to Krainest. They moved around daily. That was where most Nigerians bought their foodstuffs.

On the Monday after the meeting, i sat across the Krainest metro watching the entrance of the market. I was with Nduka, the dread haired friend of mine. We had waited patiently for hours until we spotted Nando and the fat Willie. They had entered the Market and bought things. When they came out, we hired a Snoda to follow them. Nando lived in a large house near Amsterdamse Poort while Joe lived in Venserpolder.
The cab they took dropped off Nando first. We watched him entered the house, then we followed the cab down to Venserpolder where we Watched Joe entered.

It remained two. I saw Ezenwa on the following Tuesday at Gazenhoef. He had purchased some foodstuff at the Ada-Ide shop and walked towards a house called Gooioord. I followed him on foot until i watched him entered the house, then i drove to Bulewijk to see my Family.

As i carried little Samson and kissed him, Ify knew that something was going to happen.

” The only point in
having enemies is
so you can defeat
them, kill them,
brush them aside.”
“Or give them a
chance to redeem

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