39: Alone On The Road – Man Must Survive

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The DPO didn’t ask me for money. I had hoped to at least spend 5000 at the police station but he had just walked out, delivered his message and returned to his office.

As i walked towards the LASTMA office, i watched every corner. I believed that the idiot driver who leaked the air from my tyres could hang somewhere waiting to pounce on me.
I knew he was still angry despite the slap i received from Mr Segun.
I wasn’t even scared if he would just give me his own slap. That would be fine for me if it would calm him down.
I preferred slaps to losing my money.
I was determined to protect every dime i had because i wasn’t sure how more money would come since my brother was still missing.

But then i was careful and watching because i didn’t know the kind of attack he would come with.
He could have decided to hit me with stone or metal. And no matter what the police commissioner would do, i would be carrying the wound or wounds from his attack.
That was why my primary objective was to protect myself.

I entered the compound without incident. I guessed that the idiot had gone out to hunt for other victims.

“Are you Mr Azubuike” One well dressed LASTMA officer asked.
He had seen me walking into the compound and had walked out from one of the offices.

“Yes Sir”.

“Which one is your vehicle?” He said as he pointed towards many seized vehicles.

I pointed to my car, “The black Sports car”.

“Jibril” He shouted at the man sitting not far from the gate, “Call the Vulcnizer to pump those tyres” he said to the man as he pointed at my car.

“Do you know the man with the key of the car?” He asked me.

“Yes Sir, his name is Segun” I said as i pointed towards Segun’s office.

I followed him to Segun’s office; he was sitting behind his desk, reading out crimes to a Danfo driver who had obviously became their victim.

As soon as Segun saw us, he stopped what he was reading, stood up and greeted the Officer with me.

“Where is this man’s key?”

“Its here sir” Segun said as he pulled out a drawer and picked my key.

He handed the key to Mr. Bode who in turn handed it over to me immediately.

“Thank you Mr. Segun” I said as i followed Bode out of the office.

“Jibril allow this man to go when the Vulcnizer finish”. Bode said when we got outside.

“Safe Journey to Enugu” He said to me before he turned  and went back into the building.

I walked to where the Vulcnizer was pumping air into my tyres.

“Oga na 800 for four of them” He said.

I didn’t say a word, i just waited until he finished pumping air into them and asked for money.

I brought out 200 Naira note from my pocket and stretched my hand to give him.
He refused.

“Did i call you to pump my tyres?” I asked.

He took one look at my face and took the money from me.

Inside the car, i checked the money i left under the carpet; it was still there.

I checked the one inside the pigeon hole, it was still there too.

I checked the time and it was 9:40am.

There was still enough time to go to the East, Therefore i started the engine and moved towards the Badagry Expressway.

Stephen Madu and his colleague were still there.
I stopped there and waved Stephen to come.

From my pocket, i counted 2000 Naira and gave it to him.
I felt that i needed to make some sacrifice before leaving the place.
The gods always loved sacrifices and as far as i was concerned, it didn’t matter if it was given to the LASTMA or the Police.

Stephen wished me safe Journey as i drove with enough speed to raise dust towards the Badagry highway.

Before i got to the road, i had decided that i was no longer picking up any passenger. I was going home alone.

I entered the expressway and climbed unto the Oshodi-Apapa Highway.

It was time to go home finally.

I selected a Gospel Song by Rev. Father Mbaka and raised the volume high.
The song boomed as i headed towards Oshodi.

One hour later, i was already on the Shagamu – Ore Highway.

I drove past several people waving me down to give them lift.
Whether they were prepared to pay or not was best known to them. What i had decided was that i was going home alone.

I fired up the engine and did between 120 and 160km/h depending on the state of the road where i was.

By Mid day, i had already finished eating at Ore and was heading down towards Edo State.

I bought petrol once more at Ore and by the time it was 4pm, I was already at Onitsha.
Since i had nothing to do there, i headed down to Enugu and to the Village.

I had managed to stop over at a cross junction called ‘4 Corners’ in Enugu.
I wanted to enter my village in the night; therefore i had stopped at the place and ate Grasscutter meat with Nkwu Ocha (Palm Wine).

It was true that there was a problem in my family and that i had returned to deal with it but i had to be washing my mouth with good delicacies while at it.
Human bodies needed food to survive and good food was good food everywhere.

It was already 9pm. When i entered my village.
Nobody knew that i was coming.
My mother was very happy to see me. At least he confirmed that nothing had happened to any of his remaining two sons.
It was impossible to measure the kind of pain the woman was going through.
I was a man and as a Hustler, i knew that casualties were to be recorded. What i didn’t know was how the women involved with my brother, were taking down the whole kidnapping thing.

I had seen my mother praying Rosary many times at small intervals, asking Virgin Mary to find her son for him.
A prayer that was not answered at the time and a prayer i wasn’t sure was going to be answered despite her dedication to the Catholic doctrine.

While i discussed with her that night, i reminded her that there was a possibility that we may never see him again.
It was time to start telling her the meaning of reality. I believed that the earlier the better and since i was with her, i had the opportunity to monitor her conditions.
It was possible that she could develop one thing or the other due to stress and over-worrying herself.

Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.

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  1. Aao

    You had much luck at the lastma office. Thanks to the commissioner. Oga zuby u too like good thing, see delicacy well washed down wt palmi. Chai. Nice update as usual. Hope UR mum doesn’t break down.

  2. Onyebuchi nwankwo

    Zuby u back to what carry u come home ,i wish u goodluck for all what u are going to face.

  3. ephraim

    Driving alone on the highway for a long distance journey is nt advisable. That’s not bravery but carelessness. Enjoying ur story man. More grease to ur pen

  4. solomon sly

    Zuby why must u tell ur mum that is possible that u may not see him again,its a fact but is very wrong to tell woman such word. U just have to continue to tell her what she will like to hear,like u belief ur brother will soon come back home etc. Pls don’t kill ur mum with the word that is coming out from ur mouth.

  5. gr8tstar

    And don’t sound negative and lost, your brother will soon surface am sure of that Zubby. Cheers!

  6. Konmight

    Thanks for the update Zuby.

    Pray that your brother shall be found.

    My instincts tells me his wife had hand in the disapperance.

    Still following.


  7. dejust

    so all those while in lagos , your uncle wife or the ipo incharge of the investigation did not call u to tell you any info or action taking for the release of your brother….

    that woman is not innocent. I Hope ur name and value is attach to the business document ur bros is managing here in nigeria. … make e no turn to things Wey u go drag with her

  8. Bonavi

    “Human beings needed good food to survive and good was good food everywhere. That was spot on. The LASTMA guys would have wished they collected the 10k earlier. I need to reconnect to all my police friends sharply, you never can tell when you need them. Well done boss.

  9. Evny

    Happy new month fellow runners.another dose of the addictive story line,ride on zuby

  10. Areekee

    Oga zuby always has his way, weldone sir. Mothers are irreplaceable, God bless our mothers…

  11. horlabiyi

    Well,I like the way you to told your mum about the reality of not seeing your missing brother again. Life is all about 2 things which are you either lose or win. 50\50

  12. ach4u

    Yes! it is better ur mother start seeing things that way than keeping hope alive. if she sees her son fine,if she didn’t, she can still survive the shock.
    Your big bros is alive anyway.

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