63: Our people

The following day was Monday. The Djokovic game was by 3pm. There was not much to do before the game, therefore I decided to go hunting for more drug dealers.

I entered a tram and bought a day ticket. I headed back to Westbanhof and stopped. I wanted to go back to the U-bahn where I had seen the four Africans the day before but on a second thought, I figured the cops would not be friendly if they controlled me once more. I also decided against going to the Florisdorf station because that was where the cops had followed me on Saturday Morning.

I entered another tram going to the SudBanhof Station.
It was a big station but not as large as Westbanhof. I entered the station and sat on a metal chair on the platform. As usual, Some Africans where loitering around.

I watched them from the seat for a while. A train came. Two of them entered and left while another three alighted from the train.
Observation 1: They moved around with trains too and whenever they came to a place where there were many people already, they would continue to another station.
I wondered how many Africans who were on the job, probably half of the asylum seekers since there was no other job for them.
I wondered if they also sold weeds. An idea came to me.
I got up and boldly walked to one of them and said.

”Guy, I know you are Igbo man. I came from Alanso ( Holland). I came to deliver some goods and I have them with me here. My contact’s number is not connecting. Do you know anybody who can buy the stuff” I said.

He looked at me and motioned me to follow him. I obeyed.

We walked down the staircases and out of the street. He stopped a taxi and we entered. We entered a small street and drove past a white man sitting inside a blue 406 peugeot car. I saw him from my side of the car but doubted if The guy with me saw him. We drove to a nearby apartment about 100 meters away from the 406 and stopped. The apartment belonged to Laz, the guy with me and his gangs. They were all Igbos.
He paid €5 taxi fare and we walked up to their first floor apartment.

They brought out milk and Okro soup from the fridge to help the drugs in my stomach to come out of my anus easily.
It had been long since I enjoyed Okro soup with Mangala fish, so I relaxed and ate to my satisfaction. I rejected the cold milk.

It was time to talk business.
”Umunne, Ofe a dikwa uto (this soup is sweet)” I said.
Chukwudi, The one who cooked the soup boasted of how he was the best cook in the entire neighbourhood as if he had tasted other people’s soup.

”How much do you people buy stuff that weighed kpom isaa (zero point 7) (0.7)” I asked.

Cocaine was priced based on its capacity after cooking it with Ammonia. The original stuff from South American countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru weighed as much as 1.1gram after cooking.

1.1 Meant that after cooking one gram of cocaine with Ammonia, it would become 1.1 Gram, which meant that it added 0.1 gram due to its power. Cocaine was a wonderful drug.

However, when the cocaine were brought to West Africa or Europe, people usually added some powdered white stuff to increase the quantity. One kilogram of original cocaine could be used to make 1.4 kilogram. That meant that 400 gram of the white substance had been added to it to increase the quantity and reduce its power.

What the above analysis meant was that stronger cocaine which weighed 1.1. After cooking it could be added 400 grams of white powder. The quantity will then increase to 1.4 kilogram. But the power capacity would be reduced from 1.1. to 0.7.

1000 grams = 1 kilogram.
1000 grams + 400 powder = 1400 grams.

However, since the white substance had no power whatsoever, it reduces the cocaine power by exactly 400 which was its original quantity.
Therefore a kilo of cocaine with 1.1. Original power now becomes 0.7 power.

1.1 Minus 0.4 ( 1100 minus 400) = 0.7.

The quantity remained 1.4 kilos but the powder reduced the power to 0.7.

( I learnt all this during my stay in Amsterdam between 2007 and 2010.
Meanwhile when I was dealing on weeds in Germany, I had heard about 1.1, 0.8, 0.7 etc.. That was what I capitalized on during my fake negotiations with Chukwudi, the Okro soup expert and his friends.)

”0.7 costs €70 for one gram” Laz said. He was the yellow one who brought me from the station.

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