38: The Sahara Desert Travels.

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“We are at home now. She is here with two beautiful girls” It was a message i received from Maria.

I wanted to reply and shout at her; i warned her earlier not to contact me if the situation wasn’t extremely important but it seemed she was excited at seeing that our plans were already in motion. Replying the text message could start continuous exchange of messages; therefore i deleted the message and put my phone back in my pocket.

On my way from the Central Station Cafe, i stopped over at a phone shop and bought a Nokia E71. It was a symbian OS phone and browsed the internet faster than all the phones i used in the past. The purpose of buying the phone was that i needed the internet to keep me busy at the hotel since my apartment was occupied. I also went to a network office and subscribed for a month internet access. The phone started browsing instantly.

I got home and opened the Nokia store, downloaded Opera Mini Browser and started searching with the Google search engine. I searched for the African prostitution areas in Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. I found nothing in Helsinki but Oslo and Copenhagen were two bustling cities that haboured such business in large scales. It was only a matter of time before my boat sailed towards that directioon.


During the night, i took walk to the Dobelnsgatan and fortunately found Rose; the Edo girl we met the night before, she was standing at the same point we met her before. She asked about my wife and the new girls we wanted to introduce into the business.

“I am staying in a hotel very close to this place; lets go there and talk, i will pay for your time” I said.

She reluctantly followed me to the major road where the hotel was located.

When we arrived in the room, i unzipped her winter coat and pulled it out of her body; then i hung it on the hotel door.

“You are such a caring man” She said with a smile.

“And you are such a beautiful girl, How old are you?” I asked trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Rose said she was 20 years. She brought out a pack of Marlboro and offered me a stick.

“No, i quit smoking sometime ago when i lived in Amsterdam” I said.

She lighted a stick and said between a puff, “You lived in Amsterdam?”.

“Yes, i lived there for long. How did you come to Europe in the first place?” I asked.

“My brother it’s a long story. Do you know that i nearly died in the desert. Two of my group members died and the worst thing was that we left them there in the sand without even burying them” She said.

“Where did they die?” I asked pretending that i didn’t understand what she said.

“In the Desert, it was in the middle of nowhere. We left Nigeria from Kano and got to Niger Republic. We were 11 of us, including 2 men who took us from Nigeria. The men were also from Edo State. They came to Benin City one night and met with one of our friend in a night club. They told her that they send people from Libya to Italy. The following day, we were contacted at the hostel where we lived off campus. We were 9 in numbers. The girl they contacted at the club took us to the hotel where they lodged. They were sitting near a large swimming pool when we came. They treated us With fishes and drinks until we got tipsy, then they started telling us how they were going to send us to Italy to make money. They said they have sent many people there already and that the money they spend at the hotel was even sent to them by the last girl they sent to Italy. Out of stupidity and Ignorance, we agreed when they said we will go and take oath of secrecy the next day. It was like they charmed us because non of us resisted their offer. We were taken to one Baba who administered the oath the following night. Less than two weeks later, we found ourselves in the very hot desert and by the time we realised that we should go back, it was already too late because we have covered many days in the desert. Our truck broke down and we left it there and walked. There was no track road, we just walked towards one direction and hoped that we will find civilization. It was when Linda collapsed and died that we know we were in danger. There was no need to cry because we needed our strength. Do you know that we drank Our own Urine and ate Lizard? It was horrible. For days, we walked day and night and rested for a few hours at a time. It was after one of the resting that Rita said she was tired and couldn’t walk anymore. Do you know that we left her there and continued our Journey? I am sure she died there Brother. Rita died there; She was my best friend” Rose said and started crying.

“It is Ok, you can stop telling me now; maybe we will continue later” I said as i held her shivering body tightly.

Her body was soft, as soft as the body of Esther. Her boobs were still standing; it was obvious that many hands had touched it even right from Nigeria but they were still firm. Her long back was good and smooth while her smooth laps were well oiled. I was tempted to go for it but her state of mind was not right.


It was a pity that the girls go to work everyday with bad memories ranging from how some European men treated them to what they went through during their journeys to Europe through different Countries. I had flown from Europe and Libya down to Nigeria, it was so easy to see the mountains and the deserts in North Africa; it was dangerous to even fly past the those dusty and lifeless mountains let alone walking or driving past them. The flight route to Europe from Nigeria crossed through Algeria, Libya and Morroco depending on some factors such as the airline and time.

The first air turbulence i witnessed was on a KLM from Amsterdam to Lagos. We were on the North African airspace when the flight began to vibrate and shake in the air. I thought we were going to crash as people started shouting Jesus all over the place. It was when an announcement was made about the turbulence by the pilot that i knew it was normal.

Those where the dangerous terrain where our teenage girls had to pass through in a quest to go and sell their bodies in Europe.


“Let us go out and have a drink, you will continue to tell me your experience in the desert when we return later” I said.

“Am i going to stay here for the whole night?” She asked.


“Yes Rose, you are no longer a prostitute” i said and laughed.


“There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them.
But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.”

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  1. Toonday

    Heartless people. don’t know if any of them will allow his/her sisters or relatives to get involve in such trade all in the name of trying to get money

  2. godson chikelue

    I must commend ur effort towards exposing the ills of prostitution,more elbow grease to ur effort.It is also important that i point out that ur write up is gradually loosing dept.

    • lekan21

      You are right, unlike when we started running, we now have one action par chapter. And that is making the chapter less intruging, making me feel unsatisfied, and hungry for more. Uncle Zubby knows what he is doing, i’m sure at this pace, we may run till 4 d next 2 years. *my opinion*

  3. Cheliz

    Omg. What a horrible experience. She will always be traumatized each time she remembers what she went through and how Linda and Rita died in d desert.

    Zubby may continue to bless and protect u. I will the entire Nigerian and Africans will discover this site

  4. Zacchaeus

    The most annoying thing is that this trend may still persist now and zubby must have retired.

  5. bashman

    another soldier of d lord on d way to the monastry may the lord save her soul.

  6. mark10

    Sahara desert!!! Can still remember vividly in 1994 when my elder brother came back looking like someone with full blown AIDS with a clothed plastic kettle. I was just a young teenager then, to us how people died and how there truck got spoiled on the desert. Nobody wanna help or assist you, how they fed on lizard and drank urine just to survive. Funny enough he still went thru that rout to lybia the next year. Zubby, just like you, he likes traveling and has toured the whole Europe, he’s married to an Italian lady.

  7. horlabiyi

    OMG is this what our teenage girls are passing through??? We Need Change

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