38: Finding the Way

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“What is it?” The Camerounian asked.

“I want to know where people take asylum around here” I said.

My phone started ringing as soon as the Camerounian lady wanted to say something. I excused myself and picked the call. It was from Rose in Sweden.

“They gave me six months visa in my passport” she shouted excitedly.

I congratulated her and told her i will call back.

“Sorry for the interruption” I said to the lady standing with me.

“There is no asylum camp here. The closest is the one in Freiburg but the people who take asylum in Freiburg are usually posted to other far places. I did mine in Nurnberg and they posted me to Freiburg. Freiburg is not far from here” She said.

Of course i knew the nearest German city to Kehl was Freiburg in the State of Baden-Wurttemberg. I spent most of my time at the asylum camp studying Germany. While my friends were busy thinking about how to get out of camp and start making money, I was more interested in studying my new home country. It didn’t take me up to a week in camp to know that Germany has 16 states. I also knew all the state capitals and the largest cities in those states.

I knew long ago that the State of Baden-Wurttemberg hosted the cities of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Mannheim and Baden Baden. The state also had borders with Switzerland and France.

It was very easy for me to understand the state structure since i already knew a lot about it; besides when i was in Berlin, i had traveled to Mannheim and Kaiserslautern to buy large quantity of weeds.

“Thank you Very much Miss” I had said to the Camerounian lady whom  wasn’t interested in asking for her name. She was huge and very black and looked like a boxer. There was no need getting her name since i never wished to see her again.
One trail that followed me since i came to Europe in 2002 was that i never asked for names of people i didn’t like physically; such a bad idea.

There was no direct train to Stuttgart from Kehl. Kehl was a small town which meant that if i needed a direct train, I must have to cross over to Strasbourg central station before heading to Karlsruhe and then to Stuttgart. There were the regional trains which must stop and change at different other towns if i were to travel to Stuttgart without touching France again.
I was going to Stuttgart to find out more about the place and enquire about the asylum Process. I didn’t want the girls to stay close to the border since someone who knew them in Strasbourg could see them. I wanted them to take asylum in Stuttgart or go all the way to Berlin which was inside the State of Brandenburg at the extreme North East of the Country.

I took a cab back to Strasbourg and returned to the hotel.
Sure, the girls were there. They have really decided to stay behind and get help. I always did something to test the resolve of anybody i wanted to help. There were always small options to run away.

“I will be going to Stuttgart Germany this evening. I will return tomorrow evening. Like i said earlier, don’t go anywhere. As soon as i return, we will move to Germany but first of all, i want to make sure we know where we are going” I said as i handed them €20 each for their food.
I warned them not to venture out of the premises even when they wanted to buy foods.

“Stay close to this place and don’t worry about the hotel bill, i will pay them on my way out. Here is my phone number, call me if anything comes up” I said.

An hour later, i walked down to the hotel Gutenberg Reception and paid for extra two nights, then i went to the Gare du Strasbourg and took a fast train heading to Stuttgart.

We arrived in Stuttgart by 8pm. There were numerous hotels as one would expect. I had gotten out of the Stuttgart Hauptbanhof and Took a light yellow cab to a cheap hotel where i paid for a night.
I left the hotel and walked to the reception where i asked the receptionist where i could find black people in the city.

She directed me to a place called Bad Cannstatt which was within the City.

At Bad Cannstatt, I met a Nigerian Immigrant at a bar; his name was Eloka and he was Igbo.
I had approached him standing opposite a bar and told him i was new in town. I asked where i could take asylum and he told me the name of the place.

“Let us go inside and have some beer” I said to Eloka.

He followed me inside and told me more about the town where i was supposed to take asylum.


Fellbach was a town inside Stuttgart in Baden-Wurttemberg State of Germany.
It was situated in the North-East part of Stuttgart.
Eloka told me that most of new comers in the city usually took asylum there.

After gulping down the second bottle of beer each, i decided that it was enough for both of us.

“You can sleep in my place and go to the camp tomorrow” Eloka offered when i stood up to go.
He was actually from the same Enugu State as me but i lied to him that i was from Anambra. It wasn’t yet time to reveal anything about me; although i took his phone number.

I took a cab back to the Attimo Hotel where i lodged.

It was difficult to sleep; therefore i used the rest of the night to make phone calls. I spent a long time on the phone with Maria who wanted to know what i was doing in Germany.
I also called Nigeria and talked to my elder brother. I had a feeling that i was going to demand for money from Nigeria and it was good that i started talking about something else before then.

After making the calls, i lay on the bed and planned on how to cross the girls over to Germany without immigration issues. They had no papers whatsoever and it was easier to live that way in France. But in Germany, they would be very lucky to stay there for three weeks without being controlled by the authorities.
Somehow, sleep started to form in my brain and it was time to abandon every active plan. If i continued to think into the sleep, it would definitely turn to a dream which i believed was a result of an unfinished business while awake.

Tomorrow was still another day.

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