38: Linda

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I drove to Lasu along the Badagry expressway and picked Linda up around 2pm. The traffic hold up was light on that road compared to what I saw the last time I drove to Okokomaiko.

She was well dressed for the occasion.
”I am famished” she said as soon as I picked her up.

These Igbo girls didn’t have time for dull moments. Most of them believed in what they ate and what they got out of every date. I hated such girls.

Going to eat was good though but some of them usually took the eating to a different level.
I recalled a girl I took out in Enugu one certain time. She ate rice, meat, fish, Breadfruit, juice. All in one stomach at the same time. She even washed them down with two bottles of guinness stout. I later reminded her that she was just killing herself. Anyway, lets see where Linda was heading.

”What do you wanna eat” I had asked her. ”There is a Tantalizer at the Abule Ado area of Ojo near the road that led to the Archangel Catholic Church in Satellite town” she said.

I asked if she knew the road and she nodded. There was no cause for alarm.
I had not even spent more than N20, 000. From the last money I withdrew from the bank. The N150,000 I put in the pigeon hole of the dash board was still intact.

She pointed the way as we drove past Trade fair complex and branched at the Abule Ado bus stop. The Tantalizer was along the road. I packed my car in front of it and we entered inside. As usual, we were confronted with Over-priced foods.
We went to the counter and ordered for foods. I ordered a chicken leg and orange juice while She ordered for Fried rice, chicken meat, Orange juice and water.

Great! She didn’t order too much. The problem however was that she drank from my own juice and packaged hers for take-away. It was funny but I didn’t laugh. I wanted to tell her to drink it and pick some more up when we wanted to leave but on a second thought, I decided to be strict with finances.

We finished eating and drove to my house. on our way to the house, she asked if I was really dating Zainab like she claimed.

That was a dangerous question. If she had asked after we must have finished whatever business we had, I would have outrightly said Yes, because Zainab was prettier and more homely than her. But saying yes at that stage could jeopardize any chance of tapping into that a.rse.
Nonetheless, the question required a tactical answer.

”Linda, I just met Zainab. We don’t know each other well yet. We need to know each other before deciding if we could date each other” I said.

She kept quiet for a while before the second Statement.

”Zainab has a boyfriend, so you must be careful with her” she said and looked away from my gaze.

”A girl her age should have a boyfriend and the same applies to you. If you don’t have a boyfriend, that means you don’t like men” I said.

”I like men but my former boyfriend, traveled to South Africa. Since then he stopped calling me” she said.

I already knew where she was driving at and as a result, I decided to help her out.

”If he stopped calling you, that means he have another girlfriend. You must forget him and move on with your life. Find another boyfriend who can be taking care of you” I concluded.

She was happy as I could see some inner smile forming around her mouth.

Alleluya! Her net had caught a big fish and it was only a matter of time before she absorbed Ozoigbondu 1.
Only if she knew how many fish nets I had escaped from in the past.

We got to my house around 4pm, and went upstairs.

”Do you live alone here” she asked.

I told her that my cousin lived there too but he trades on ladies shoes at the Balogun market.

The temperature was hot, therefore I decided to take a shower.

As soon as I went to The bathrooms, Linda went to The kitchen.
By the time I returned from the bathroom, she had found the broom and sweeped everywhere.
The whole plates in the kitchen had been thrown back into the sink to be rewashed.
”You must be a very homely girl” I told her. She smiled and continued what she was doing.

I ignored her and her antics and sat in the sitting room.

When she finished reorganizing the whole place, she came and sat with me.
I told her to go to The bathroom and take a shower.

I went into the bedroom and brought out a sports track trousers and a T shirt for her.

She finished her bath, wore the new cloths and brought out her juice to drink in the sitting room.

”What are you doing with all those whiskey and wine in the fridge” she asked.
”what else if not for drinking” I said.

The electricity came on and disrupted the topic of whiskey.

I scrambled out of the chair and put the video machine on. I was watching the stargate commando SG-1 I had brought back from Germany.
As usual, Colonel Jack o’neil and Samatha Carter together with T’ealc were searching for Daniel Jackson who had been captured by some alien Group.

Linda didn’t understand what it was, therefore I removed it and put the familiar face of Ini Edo who had fallen in love with Desmond Elliot. As we watched, I wondered if Ini Edo ever acted anything different from falling in love.

At about 5:20 pm, I decided to play out my normal script. I dropped the remote control and held Linda. She removed my hand.

I tried to cross my hand on her shoulder but she removed it again.

”What’s the matter baby” I asked.

”Nothing. We can’t do it today. Its our first time to meet.” she said.

”Linda we met at the beach, this is our second time to meet” I said, knowing that it was just an exaggerated attempt at trying to get what I wanted.

She insisted that nothing was going to happen.

I gave up.

However a knock came on the door ten minutes later. I didn’t move. I knew it was either the Little Amaka or her brother. If it was her brother, fine. I owed him N20 and he may have needed it for something. But if it was that Amaka, I was going to turn her back.

I walked to the front and opened the door.
Standing there and looking at me was Amaka Eze, my tormentor-in-chief.

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