62: Ozoigbondu

At 4pm, the tennis game started. Many people were supporting Federer, it may be because he was from the neighbouring Switzerland as one could see the white flags with red crosses flying everywhere.

I joined the few who were supporting Tsonga, probably because he was half African.
I believed that Federer would win the game. Federer was a more established name in the tennis World. I had placed a bet on him too.

First set was already going on. Tsonga was serving.
Damn! Federer took it.

Tsonga 0
Federer 1.

Federer served and won too. In just eight minutes, Federer was up 2:0.

The game continued. Tsonga served and won. We the Team Tsonga roared and cheered. Half of my mind was with my betting though.

Fifty minutes later, the set finished. Roger Federer had won 6:4.

The second set started two minutes later.

After five serves, Federer had broken Tsonga once more. He was leading 3:2 and it was his services, It was obvious that Federer was going to win. My Tsonga was going to lose but I was going to be €17 richer from the bets.

The game ended at ten minutes before 6pm. Federer had won as I expected. It was an exciting game. From what I had seen, Tsonga was going to improve and become a world class player. He could even win the grand slam in the coming years. I was happy that the Africans were coming up, although Tsonga was a French citizen.

I decided not to go to the betting house to collect my money. Henin had also won. Djokovic would play the next day. I would go there after the Djokovic game.

On my way out of the Stadhalle, Jennifer called. She had gone to her HEIM in Achim. It wasn’t like Bremen or Berlin. She was almost crying. According to her, she couldn’t stay there. She said that people were leaving the HEIM.

”Jennifer, I am in Austria and I have my keys here. It means that you can’t go to Berlin because you will not see me. You will sleep in Achim tonight and Tomorrow night. Come to Berlin on Tuesday, I will be in Berlin on Tuesday evening” I said and cut off the line.
I didn’t want anybody to cry on the phone for me. It could mean that I left Austria that night and I was not going to do that. I had placed some bets which I was yet to redeem, Djokovic was still going to play on Monday evening.

I knew how much she wanted to return to Berlin and to my warm embrace but there was nothing I could do.
I could have allowed her to go to Berlin and sleep with Joe in the ‘Hospital’ apartment since the Drugs there had been sold out but that would have been a recipe for temptation. They could be tempted to have a go at sexx. They were humans, vulnerable to urges and temptations like everyone else. Therefore it was better that she slept back there in Achim no matter how bad the HEIM was.

I took a cab back to my hotel and showered. There was a tetris game in my phone, I played it until sleep knocked me down. I slept and waited for the next day.

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