37: The Set Up

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Chapter 37: The set up.

Heroine was not an expensive drug; at least not as expensive as Cocaine. It was a class B drug produced mostly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries of that Region. It was a product of Opium, smuggled mostly through the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf into Turkey and some Eastern European seas. Iranians and Turks were known to be the major dealers of Heroin.
Heroin was not as expensive as Cocaine. It was sold at €4/gram.
With €400, one could buy 100 grams of heroine which was enough to land someone into prison for the minimum of one and half years.

The Dutch government didn’t allow Heroine business to flow as cocaine. The reason was political. The United States of America were at war with Afghan rebels known as Talibans. The Talibans were the major producers of Opium which was used to produce heroine.
The Americans had accused some countries of promoting the Talibans by buying their drugs. As a result, some European countries had placed bans on products coming out of Afghanistan.

The kingdom of Netherlands were almost seized by the Nazi Germany during the second World war. It was the United States and the allied forces that rescued the Netherlands from Hitler. As a result, the Dutch government obeyed the rules set by the US.
Since the United States declared that nobody did business with the Talibans, the Dutch were forced to respect the law.

I had purchased 100 grams of opium with my €400, then i compressed it to make it look like it was posted to me from Islamabad. I had purchased a brown envelope and wrote an address in Breda Holland as the place the drug was posted.
Then i had called Ikenna and told him that my goods had arrived from Pakistan.
Ikenna had asked where we will meet and i had told him that i will bring the drugs to his place.
When i got to his place, we had opened the envelop and removed the carefully packaged heroine from it. We had broken the heroine in pieces and measured it.
It weighed 99.5 gram. Some dust must have escaped while packaging and unpacking it.

I excused myself and went to a corner of the house where they could hear my voice, then i made a call to nobody.

I had switched off my phone and said on it:
”Ugoo, the something is 99 and half, not up to 100” i said.
I listened for some moments and then returned to them.

”I am going. The owner said that it is 100 grams. I am going to convince him before we can sell it. I will take the drugs with me unless you want to keep it here but don’t sell it yet” i said.

For the fear that the drugs might not get to him again, Ikenna had said that he will keep the drugs with him.

As soon as i went out, I blocked my phone and called the Police number i find on the internet.

”Do you speak English Sir” i had said to the Police man on the phone.
He said he did.

”I have some information for you about heroine. I know a man who had imported large quantity from Afghanistan. His home address is No 66 **** Straffe in Gein.
”Sir, could you please tell me your name and where you are calling from” the silly Police man had asked.
I cut off the line and removed the battery, then i walked to a small canal beside Kikenstein and threw the phone and the simcard inside.
It wasn’t a registered phone anyway, i believed they might not be able to trace me but i hate taking chances. I was a celebrity in Amsterdam and it would be a bad news to hear that i was arrested for drug related offence.

I went back to Bulewijk and carried my little baby. He had started opening his eyes very well and was staring at me as if to say ”I like what you just did”.

I played with him for several minutes before he fell asleep, then i handed him over to his mother and walked out to the gossip bar in Amsterdamse Poort, that was where every news came first.
With a bottle of Guinness stout, i waited and waited until news came that a house had knocked in Gein. According to the news, police had found a bag of heroine in the apartment and two people were arrested. The news carrier didn’t know the names of the people that was arrested but they said one of them was tall and black with ear rings. It was Ikenna.

Before i started the operation, i knew that it could backfire. Therefore i had removed everything incriminating in the apartment in Bulewijk. Ikenna knew the place, he could squeal under pressure.  The police was definitely going to ask him where he got the drugs. The police could also tell him that someone had tipped them off. Ikenna, no matter how dumb he was, could have put one and one together and come up with the conclusion that i was behind the set up. For that reason, i told Mama Samson that i wasn’t coming to the house for three days.
I also told her that The Police could come to the house looking for me.

”If they come, tell them that you haven’t seen me for three days.

A day after the arrests, news had it that it was a setup and tip off from somebody. Nobody knew who tipped the corpse off. The police had intentionally leaked that information. It was their style.
Robin knew Ikenna and knew what happened. The news had become clearer by the following day. It was Robin who told me that Ikenna was arrested in Gein.
”Good for him” i had said and walked away to the kitchen.
”There is also news that it was a Nigerian who tipped the police off” Robin said again.
”Have they found the person who tipped the Police off” i asked.
”Not yet but they said Ikenna knew the person” he said.

”Then we will have to wait until Ikenna comes out of the Police cell” i said.

”Comes out when, we are talking about Heroine. He is not coming out until atleast two years” he said.

”Good for him. He locked me up for Ten months. Let him stay there for ten years for all i care” i said.

The Way Robin looked at me suggested that he knew i was the snitch.

”Tell me you didn’t do this” he said.

”Robin, did you cook anything, I am hungry” i said.
”Oh No no” was his last words.

” A lifetime isn’t
forever, so take the
first chance, don’t
wait for the second
one! Because
sometimes, there
aren’t second
chances! And if it
turns out to be a
mistake? So what!
This is life! A
whole bunch of
mistakes! But if
you never get a
second chance at
something you
didn’t take a first
chance at? That’s
true failure”

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  1. zini zara

    u wuld soon send Robin running 4rm u……dat guy must b xo scared 2 cross ur path

  2. lari03

    I remember a comment from a novel I read in the past, I cannot quote it correctly but it talks about a little fear being good to keep a man from trouble, If Ikenna had remembered all that he did to Zuby and how Zuby got all his money back from them, he would have stayed away from Zuby for ever.

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