37: The Second Merchant of Venice.

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“I am leaving the house as soon as Aunty Joy calls from the airport. Since i don’t know how long she will stay here, i better take my bag along. I am sure she will be sleeping in our room with you; she could open my bag one day and become suspicious” I said.

“She will never open your bag, aunty Joy is not like that” Maria said.

“She is not like that huh? Isn’t she the woman you said took money that belonged to a business man In Venice and pushed him inside the sea? I have told you before that human brains are too large and is capable of doing anything anytime. I know why you don’t want me to take my bag or even leave the apartment; you believe that I will leave you here and run. Listen Maria, you are not holding me here. If I wasn’t to leave you ang go somewhere else, I can do that without your permission. Now you can see that I can leave as I wish. I would have loved to return to our old apartment since the payment still counts but i will need to buy a new mattress and cooking items. I am going to a hotel to stay. I hope Alice doesn’t know Aunty Joy” i said.

Maria said Alice didn’t know Joy.


We talked about different things until Aunty Joy called and said they have cleared the Immigration at the airport. She was with her two girls who arrived in Sweden to start street work.

“Take a Taxi and come to the Central Station, i will be there before you arrive” Maria had told Joy on the phone.

As soon as they finished talking, I picked my bag and followed Maria outside. We went to the train station together where we boarded the train heading to the Stockholm Central Station. It was around 2pm in the afternoon.

Right inside the train, I gave Maria Kr5000. “This is for the food you people will be eating until she leaves town. I am never going to call you but you can call me anytime you are in a secured place. Make sure you delete the dialed call logs anytime we finish talking. Aunty Joy may not be suspecting anything but you must never underestimate the power of any adult” I said.

Our train arrived at the Central Station fifteen minutes later; i picked my bag and exited the station without saying a single word to Maria. I walked out of the station and stopped a taxi driver.

“Do you know any cheap hotel around Dobelnsgatan?” I asked. He said he knew. He took me to a semi standard hotel where the lady receptionist was hostile. The redhead was probably a racist but i wasn’t there to fight racial discrimination; I was on a different mission in Sweden.

“I need a cheap room” I had said to her.

“We don’t have a cheap room. You say good afternoon first before making any request” she said.

“Good afternoon, i need a cheap room” I repeated.

She handed the price list sheet and i searched for the rooms i wanted. The cheapest room in the hotel was €42 per night; i went for that one.


After settling down, i walked outside and took the bus to the Central Station. There was a cybercafe located opposite the entrance of the station; i walked in there and bought an hour voucher.

I logged on to my Yahoomail account and found numerous e mails in my inbox.

The first one was from a lady who said she found my name miraculously online  while searching for a life partner. According to her, it was the most high God that gave her my e mail address.

I clicked the reply button and typed into the input box. My message said, “Tell the same God to give you my phone number because i don’t check my emails regularly”. I clicked ‘Send’ and opened the second email; it was from a company in Berlin that manufactured men’s shoes. I used to buy shoes from them while i was living there and while i was in Amsterdam. There were the shoes i sent to my uncle in Enugu which he sold and never returned any money. Their message read “We have reduced our prices by 50%. You can now pay €15 for each pair of shoe which usually cost €29.99. We are looking forward to seeing you again”

I replied them with a message that said ” i guess the Chinese people have woken you Europeans up from your slumbers. We have €5 worth of shoes in Africa now and we are living with them. Let me know when your prices go down to €5, then we can start our business again” I sent the message and opened the next mail; it was from My ex girlfriend Agnes.

She said that there were rumours circulating in Berlin that i was killed in Italy by a Benin woman. She said she never believed the story because the God she served will never allow anybody to kill me. I sent her a mail telling her that i was still alive and that i was in Iceland. “Don’t listen to people like that. I hope you, Victor and Sam are fine” I wrote to her as well and send it.

The next on the inbox was from Efuah in London. She said my phone number has not been connecting. I wondered which number she meant since i have also lost counts of my numbers. I sent her a mail, telling her that i traveled to Sweden and that i will call her before the weekend.

The other mails were from some companies i had sent business proposals. I didn’t open any of them since i wasn’t in the mood to discuss business.

The last mail was from a rich Prince from Dakar Senegal whose dead Father had left five million dollars in a foreign account for. He begged me to provide my bank details, phone number, and home address to enable the foreign bank transfer the money to me since he was in an asylum camp. After reading that one, i decided that it was time to engage the scammers. I opened the message input box and wrote,

“My dear prince, Sorry for the death of your rich father. Africa is such a terrible place. I will like to know you more before i send my account to you. Please scan your international passport and send to me because the foreign bank will require such information before paying the money to my account. I am from Germany but I am in Sweden now. If you send me the passport on time, i will start the process of retrieving the money for you immediately from Sweden here. When i have the passport, we will discuss how much you will pay me before and after we have the money. I will also use the passport to apply for a German Visa for you so that you can come out of the terrible asylum camp. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. My phone number is +46………….”.

I reviewed the mail before sending it to him.

The rest of the mails were junk which i moved to the spam box.

It was time to go home but unfortunately, my home was being occupied by Human trafficking forces from Italy. I lived with one already and another one just arrived from Italy with two teenagers. It was good that I stayed away from them until I come up with a good plan.


“Nothing, Everything, Anything, Something: If you have nothing, then you have everything, because you have the freedom to do anything, without the fear of losing something.”

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  1. obumsway

    1st to comment …….!!!! Nice on there Zubby !! Indeed the house has been occupied by traffickers under the watch nose of a lion !!

    • obumsway

      hahaha……. The antelops sleeps under the arm of a lion !!

  2. mark10

    Interesting, I really like the way your mind work. We kinda think alike.

    • lekan21

      This is getting interesting once more.. I believe d nxt update will make my heart beat fast as i read through.

  3. Manshyne

    i guess ur quote means when you re down, ur re not afraid of fallin’. nice one Zubby… Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  4. phapi

    Your home fast becoming home of mighty Sex TRADERS…..I guess they will all pay for the shelter and feeding they made you incurs for them sake?

    Ride on ZUBBY with this thriller story

  5. achi4u

    Very soon cash will start flowing like river Benue and Maria will be very very happy. lol

  6. jonnyanichi

    Good response to the scam mail.I think i will borrow a leaf from that.

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    Tanx 4 de “likes” and “dislikes” botton, it make’s this forum a lively and charty website. I appreciate your hard work on this website……

  8. DaVinci

    Guess Aunty Joy z smart.
    Tank u 4 giving me a cue on all diz scammers n dat one luking 4 hubby.


    Joy ! Joy !! Joy !!! How many times did I called you ? By the time Zuby will finished with you , your name will turn to Sorrow .

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