37: You can do without protection

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After spending time in the sitting room, we ate Garri together and went to the room. There was a Ludo board in the room, therefore we played until 11pm. Zainab was wearing one of my boxers with a Polo T shirt. She looked so sexy in them. She wore no Bra and no underwear pants. I was on boxers too and a white singlet.

She had won me 12 : 2 on the Ludo game. I wasn’t concentrating. Her continuous vibrating bosoms distracted me from begining to end. I didn’t even deserve the 2 games I had won.

When I couldn’t stand the vibration any longer, I quit the game and dived slowly on top of her. She anticipated that move since she knew I had been looking at her.

She laid on her back as I kissed and squeezed the bosoms softly. She was a perfect kisser. She would sometimes grab my tongue and twisted it inside her mouth. Her lips were so soft and succulent. She got tired of kissing and pushed me aside.
”Let me show you what I learnt from the TV” she said.
”I am all yours sweetie” I answered as she pulled off my singlet and boxers.

I laid there Unclad as she kissed her way from my neck down to the hard dicck via the belly button.

Her soft mouth engulfed my entire dicck and sucked on it like a new born baby who just discovered her Mother’s brreasts.
I kept letting out soft moans as the sucking catapulted my mind through a wormhole to the far Heavens where I met Uncle St Peter at the Heaven gates once more.

”Your time on earth is not yet over” St Peter said.

”I think my time has finished, check for my name on the book of life” I replied.

St Peter flipped through his large book in seconds and announced that my name wasn’t there.

”When was the last time you downloaded the latest names from earth” I ask him again.
St Peter jumped up with his sword and came after me as I bolted out on a hyperspeed.

A quick draw on my dicck brought me back to earth and to my bed room where Zainab was teaching me what she had learnt from TV.
She must have watched it on a HD turbo Samsung Television.

I slowly raised her head up from my dicck and removed her clothes.

I made her came down from the bed. She laid flat on her tummy, put one leg on the bed and the other leg on the floor. Her wet cunnt opened up slightly and smiled at me.

A look at it, I decided that going for a condom was a waste of time.
I mounted her from the back and drove my dicck inside her slowly.
The pleasure was far different from when I wore a condom.
I pumped her as she moaned loudly.

The little TV in the room was showing some hurricanes hitting a coastal city in the United states.
I didn’t care, it wasn’t my fight and even if the hurricane was hitting my house at that moment, I won’t stop the pleasure I was getting from Zainab’s soft cunnt.

I stopped, turned her around and raised her left leg up. I placed the leg up on my shoulder and inserted my dicck slowly into the open cunnt and pumped away again. She was almost crying with pleasure now.

”Dabby, you are killing me” she moaned softly as I increased my tempo.

Minutes later, she climaxed. The walls of her cunnt suddenly dried up and held my dicck firmly. She had placed a soft smile on her face as I pumped slowly until I felt my sperm surged down to the tips of my dicck, then I pulled out and splashed it all over her body.

I kissed her lips slowly as the pleasure gradually subsided.

I cleaned her up with my singlet and threw it on the floor, then we went to the bathroom and took our bath together.

We slept until 9am. The trailer horns and Danfo engines from the Badagry expressway had woken us up.

”Baby its past 9am. Get up and get ready to go to school” I said.

She got up slowly and started packing. I gave her a new tooth brush to clean her teeth.
After her bath and light make up, we went downstairs and drove off to Unilag.

”How often do you attend Mosques” I asked Zainab in the car.

”Not too often, maybe once in two months or so” she said.

Damn! I thought I was dealing with a fundamental Muslim Fanatic.

We got to Unilag around 10: 30am.

”Would you come and pick me up next weekend” She asked me as soon as she got down from the car.

”Sure baby, I will come for you my sweetie” I said.

I had decided not to offer Zainab any money. She had seen herself as a girlfriend and that was how I took her too. I knew she would eventually require money. It was inevitable.

I turned the vehicle and headed to a petrol station I had passed on my way to the school.
”Fill the tank for me” I said to the yellow attendant young girl.

”You have a nice car bros” she said as she pumped in the petrol into my tank.

”Do you like to be carried in it someday” I joked.

”Yes, now, who no like better thing” she said.

”Ok, give me your number” I will call you when I have more time” I said.

She called her number offhead as I registered it on my phone and saved it with ‘Fuel Girl’.

I paid for the petrol and left my N400 change for her as a tip.

If I was going to drag her to my house, it would be better to leave enough money for transport.

On my way back, I called Aisha.
”How are you Aisha” I said.

She said she was fine but was busy. I asked her to call me when she had more time.

I called Linda. She said she was already at the school and asked me to come pick her up in the afternoon.

Yea, the afternoon was just an hour away.

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